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Paul G.
5.0 Stars

Thanks to our friends, we finally got to visit this Paradise Island.

Day 1
Plane ride was faster than the waiting time at the hangar. We were lucky we got an early morning schedule that departed from Manila and not Clark. Brunch was at Balesin Clubhouse where they serve buffet breakfast.

Our villa was at Balesin Village and we loved that it was near the main clubhouse and the beach. Our afternoon was spent swimming at the Balesin Clubhouse pool and beach.

We had dinner with our hosts at Bali. The Indonesian Style Grilled Pork Liempo was super yummy! We traded stories, and jokes and after a while, we went back to our villa to rest.

Day 2
Best place to have brunch was at St. Tropez, if you love eggs benedict & ham and cheese. Colorful buildings provided the perfect backdrop while we were swimming at the pool.

Lunch was at Toscana Village where we were treated to delicious Italian dishes while being serenaded by a Trio singing to the tune of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World".

We transferred to Mykonos which I think has the best pool in the island. It's as if we were in Santorini Greece. In the vicinity was the Aegle Wellness Center where vacationists can avail of its wellness programs.

Costa del Sol offers a more laid back atmosphere, perfect if you just wanted to swim and bond with family. There was a party that night at the basement but we were craving for Japanese food so we transferred to Balesin Clubhouse and finally got to try the Edo-san Maki, one of the Island's famous signature dishes. Man it was good!

Managed to play billiards and ping pong with the kids and drink a can of beer before retreating to our villa.

Day 3
Was supposed to visit Phuket Village but we got a slot for an early flight which lands in Manila so we grabbed the opportunity instead.

If there was one thing that I enjoyed the most, it's privacy. There were moments when we practically had the pool to ourselves :D

What a very memorable experience! Grateful to our hosts and the officers and staff of Balesin for making our stay an awesome one!

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Serena M.
4.0 Stars

This island ⛱ is so amazing.... oh so breathtaking! No words can describe such awesomeness!!! 128077🏻
Fell in love 128525 with this resort the moment I step here!

Balesin is a 500 hectare tropical 127796 island paradise which is located in Polillo, Quezon Province. It's a 30-minute plane 9992️ ride from Clark.

There are 7 themed villages for you to choose from:

1. Balesin - where the main pavilion and clubhouse are located. Check-in and check-out of rooms are all done in this village. It has the largest pool, cleanest and longest beachfront 127754

2. Phuket - we stayed here for 2 nights. Room is quite spacious and huge enough for a family. Their bathroom is so nice! It spanned the whole width of the room. It has 2 sinks... the shower 128703 room is also big and there's a jacuzzi outside it. Too bad we saw a centipede swimming in our jacuzzi that's why we were hesitant to use it! 128542 There's also a beach 127754 outside our room but not as nice as the main beach in Balesn island.
Food in Phuket is yummy but service is slow! 128078🏻

3. Mykonos - my favorite village! Love the combination of those blue and white colors! 128153 I feel like I'm in Greece! 🇬🇷 Super WOW!! This place is IG worthy! Everything here is so bright and beautiful!! 128525
They named some of their places with Greek Mythology name... Poseidon, where their pool is located has fresh cool breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean 127754. They also have lots of outdoor jacuzzis beside their Taverna! Love their food! Taste authentic!128153

4. Bali - has the best sunset 127749 The rooms are similar to Phuket's...But they have high ceilings here. Great to take picture in this village. Saw some girls taking their pre-nuptial shots 128112🏻128112🏽

5. St. Tropez - this French inspired village has the most colorful structure and rooms. There's even mirror above the bed! 128525
Best to order their crepe here!

6. Toscana - love the facade of this village! Seems like I'm in the olden times with medieval dreamscape 128156

7. Costa del Sol - Spanish inspired village! This is my least favorite village. I don't like the dim effect of the rooms.. looks gloomy for me 128529 their pools are not nice too.. very plain and rectangular pool 127946🏻.
But love their foods! Their lengua, cochinillo and paella are great!!

Truly a great experience in this island! But one thing they should improve is their service!

128073🏻 Super delayed in our flight! From 8am to 1pm 128532 Then they changed our hangar from NAIA to Clark! Good thing they have free shuttle from Trinoma to Clark! So no need for us to bring a car all the way to Clark!

128073🏻 30-minutes waiting time for a golf cart to arrive at our village!

128073🏻 Poor intercom! No intercom to housekeeping and main pavilion.

128073🏻 Slow service in some of the dining area like Phuket, St. Tropez & Costa del Sol.

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Chris T.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Mica C.
5.0 Stars

So I have been saving Balesin as my 100th post like a chubby kid grasping a marshmallow in his grubby hands in a marshmallow test – waiting for the right time but its always on my mind.

So what is the price you are willing to pay for privacy? This has been ringing in my mind with every novel experience that comes with indulging in Alphaland’s members-only island <befit to host the grand wedding of the year and worthy enough to snatch a few entertainment and political headlines in the process. >

The experience starts with embarking on a private plane. The space allotted to each passenger is akin to an economy class seat. Surprisingly, the ride was not as bumpy as I expected and we arrived in approximately 20 minutes after.

We arrived mid-morning at 10am, perfect time for a brunch breakfast (about 600pesos each) at the Balesin Clubhouse. Expect to shell out about Php 500- Php 700 per meal. We settled in Mykonos, the Greek inspired area. A caveat though, you would need to take a 10 minute car/ tricycle ride from the main area. If I would have the chance to return, I would prefer to stay at the main clubhouse area for convenience. It has the best beachfront area and the biggest pool. With that said, in Mykonos, we have our own private Jacuzzi. Their ‘beachfront area’ leaves much to be desired as the shore is very rocky and there was hardly enough space to relax with the tide rising at the time.

One cool story. While waiting for our friends who got their massages at the Balesin Spa Pool (which offers both indoor and outdoor settings) we opted to walk to the “Phuket” inspired stilt houses which were clearly visible from where we are. That short, relaxing walk became a 45 minute adventure. And the whole time we did not see any soul at all! It was a bit unnerving but expected. But still, you felt like the only people left in this world and I guess that is what would propel some people to indulge in this feeling.

It was a surreal experience and surely one for the books. In my mind its best for proposals, weddings and family gatherings.

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Leen C.
5.0 Stars

Love the place, if only i could stay much longer.

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Shar C.
5.0 Stars

always a pleasure to spend a few days here especially when all you wanted to do is rest and relax. you wont get bored since you can do a little tour of the island plus swim in the many themed swimming pools that they have. you can also access the beach and enjoy kayaking and diving as you wish. because food there is abundant, you will get to eat and eat so make sure you dropby their sports complex and do some activities/exercise so you could maintain you weight. :)

do take note that because this is an island, payment mode is strictly card basis. their buffet meals lunch and dinner are around 1,350.00 + and breakfast buffet around 780.00+. ala carte meals are also available and averages from 600-800 depending on where you eat.

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Anj C.
4.0 Stars

Egg Omelette with Toast Bread, Salad with Salad dressing and Tomatoes of St. Tropez for breakfast in Balesin Island.The serving is big.Their dishes are good for sharing and free coffee.There is a nice beach view from the restaurant.

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Mara R.
5.0 Stars

Balesin is a member's only beach resort somewhere in Quezon province. The only means of transportation is via private plane that will cost you around 8K per trip. 128557 ONE WORD: BEAUTIFUL!! 128525 There's nothing like it in the country. It is an island divided into 7 themed villages, you'll feel like you're in a different country every time. I WANT TO STAY HERE FOREVER!!! 128151


1. Balesin Village - Filipino

- Outdoor personal jacuzzis included and has the best beach. STAY HERE if you like beaches. 128522

2. Mykonos Village - Greek

- Pool is the best here! It is visually appealing but since there's no shade in this area, it tends to be the hottest! 9728️ STAY HERE if you like your room to be nice.

3. Costa Del Sol Village - Spanish

- Nice place but you just feel like you're in someone's ancestral house. Hahaha 128514

4. Toscana Village - Italian

- One of the hottest areas as well. Has that hotel feel and the sadly, beach is not swimable.

5. St. Tropez Village - French

- Pool and beach aren't nice, but the place is lovely! HOT as hell here 128293 My least favorite village 128532

6. Bali Village - Thai

- Outdoor personal jacuzzis included and you have an option of staying in water villas. STAY HERE if you like your room to be nice. Farthest village though, long journey to the clubhouse.

7. Royal Villa - Continental?

- For groups/weddings and special occasions, I'm not entirely sure but I think you need to rent the whole place at around 250K per night 128148

** All the rooms are superb but I loved Mykonos and Bali the BEST. Also, you can call for a golf cart/jeep/van to transport you from village to village. 128661


1. Mykonos - Greek Food, dinner place, ORDER: lamb in advance
2. Costa - Spanish Food, dinner place, ORDER: lechon in advance and the paella
3. St. Tropez - French Food, merienda place, ORDER: crepes
4. Bali - Thai Food, ORDER: Green curry
5. Sakura - Japanese, located at the Balesin Clubhouse, dinner or lunch, ORDER: sushi is yummy!! 128525
6. Korean - located at the Balesin Clubhouse, value for your money
7. Rico's Hideaway - Mongolian eat all you can!
8. Balesin Sala - Filipino, ORDER: salpicao, not in the menu but soooo good! 128077🏼

** Expect around 500 per meal


IMPECCABLE!! The staff are well trained and very accommodating! 128516128516128516

Snorkeling, fishing, gym, horseback riding, tennis, archery, basketball, etc

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I have never been Balesin Island.I went there last September 2015.

For transportation, it will take you 20 minutes going to Balesin by private plane and 20 minutes coming back to Manila by private plane.

The Balesin Island will offer or require you to tour the whole Balesin Island by Balesin Jeep.The tour will take the whole afternoon.Before you tour the Balesin Island, you are require to book a tour.

For the food, there are many cuisines or restaurants in Balesin Island like Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Spanish, Italian and others.No will get bored in eating 1 restaurant in Balesin Island.

For transportation in Balesin Island, Balesin Island offers jeeps or golf cars for their customers or clients.They pick up at your villa and drop you off from one place to other place.

Balesin Island is very place for vacationers.It is very clean and private place for vacations or any events.It is safe place.The employees will call your villa for updates, reservations, any concerns or problems and if you need to pick up at your villa by their jeep.

There are different villas in Balesin Island.Balesin Island has 8 different villas like Mykonos, Phuket, Tuscano, Balesin Village, Bali village, Balesin royal villa, costa del sol village and St. Tropez Village.Some of villas are near the beach so they have own jacuzzi and beach bench to lie down.I love the architectural and design of every villa.It seems that you are living or vacationing in Europe or Asian country.

For payment, Balesin Island accepts any bank credit cards for rooms, villas, sports and food.But first you have to member of Balesin Island in order to use their facilities, beach and villas.

There are many sport facilities from tennis, table tennis, KTV, horse back riding, billiards, swimming pool, biking and other sports.

Payment fees of Balesin Island facilities and restaurants are not so expensive.

I recommend Balesin Island to anyone who loves the beach, scenery view, love to eat food in different cuisines, wants to explore the whole Balesin Island and wants a place for vacation.I will try to go back to Balesin Island next year.


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Albert T.
3.0 Stars

Definitely one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen! And since this happened in full view while I was getting the full Balesin Signature Massage by the beach fronting Balesin Spa, it is by far, the most relaxing one yet! Certainly 5 stars for the sunset and the massage.

But the rest of the Balesin experience, IMHO, was a let down. Starting with changing flight departures; from 6AM to 930AM, to 12Noon and finally to 1PM. And waiting on the tarmac in a fully packed plane with no airconditioning is not the way you want to start a vacation. We were literally breathing in each other's breath!!! The flight back wasn't any better!

While the food was good in Toscana and Mykonos, the service left a lot of room for improvement (and I am being kind with that statement)! It seems that for a long weekend, they were "slightly" understaffed.

Shuttles between my Bali villa and to other villages were infrequent and waiting times to get one were a tad bit longer than desirable.

My heart is torn though because the facilities were definitely A1. The villages were well thought of and so well done.

I do hope things change for when I get a chance to come back.

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Jialing H.
5.0 Stars

When in Balesin, try this Edo San Maki from Sakura restaurant in the Balesin Clubhouse. Super yummy maki that was filled with crabstick, mango, creamcheese then topped with eel! This was their house specialty that you can't find in any other japanese restaurants!

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Jialing H.
5.0 Stars

Super duper love this place!! Heaven on Earth! 128525
Among the 7 themed villages, Phuket was the best for me 127775127775127775127775127775 The pool was good, Thai food was great, Villa was nice also! 128513

Bali Village 127775127775127775127775 Only this village havewater villas, the water villa was nice, and best place to enjoy sunset 128521

Balesin Village 127775127775127775127775 Villa was nice here, and among all of the beach the one here was the most beautiful and popular.

Mykonos Village 127775127775127775127775 The most photogenic place! The combination of blue and white makes the whole place prettier. The pool here was the best, it was like the infinity pool in singapore. But rooms were not as nice as those in Asian countries.

Costa Del Sol 127775127775127775 Spanish themed village, churros was good 128523 And here they got 2 pools. One normal pool and one salt water pool.

Toscana Village 127775127775 Very rustic feels.

Saint Tropez 127775 The only good thing here was the crepe, rooms were small, colors were not that nice, ambiance was not great.

Royal Villa 127775127775127775127775127775 The most luxury of all. Super nice rooms. And they've got the best view and ambiance!

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Jeffrey S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jackie S.
5.0 Stars

Balesin is may favorite local hideaway. 9728

Besides not having Globe signal in the island, which means I get the PEACE and relaxation I deserve, it is so big that you barely feel the other guests in it.

It's an exclusive island in Quezon Province and currently has about 8 villages for use of the guests.

Mykonos, Bali and Phuket would be in my top 3.

Each village and villa was carefully designed and crafted to replicate the beautiful cities of the world.

I will never get tired of going back to the island. Never!

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Gretta L.
5.0 Stars


I love this place! Food is great, awesome customer service, and beautiful amenities! 128077 You will never get bored here! 128523

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Abigael Lizette L.
5.0 Stars

This private island was heavenly and relaxing from all the stress in the city! If only i could stay a bit longer.. Anyway, i'll definitely be going back here soon! 128077128525

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Trina H.
5.0 Stars


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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

My friend asked me to go with her because her boyfriend got another plan and he's in Boracay already.

FRIEND: Samahan mo naman ako sa Balesin.

ME: Di'ba for membership lang yun? Mahal dun bebenta ko muna kidney ko.

FRIEND: Ako na bahala. Matagal ko ng nabook yun surprise ko dapat kay Jay kaso nagbora sila ni kenneth di'ba. 128549

ME: Okay. Tatanggi pa ba ako. Hahaha!

So I don't have any idea about Balesin. Lol!

As we go to their private plane going there I was like ... Wow sosyal. Hahaha!

And *drumroll* This is amazing. I can die. Srsly! Super ganda and all. Priceless.

ME: Sinayang to ni Jay. Pinagpalit niya to para lang sa Boracay? 128563

FRIEND: Yeah. Kaya ikaw inaya ko kasi si kenneth kasama niya at alam kong bv ka din sa kanila. Hahaha!

We stayed in one of the Bali Villa. Bali memories. 128525 Looks like I'm in Bali really. 128525

But the one really caught my heart is the St. Tropez Village. Ugh! I wanna live in those kind of houses. Lol!

There are 7 villages here.

1. Balesin Village
2. Bali Village
3. Phuket Village
4. Mykonos Village
5. St. Tropez Village
6. Costa Del Sol Village
7. Toscana Village

I barely see people here. Nasa boracay ata lahat. Lol!

A while ago as we go to Mykonos Village, my friend was so aligaga. She keeps on texting and she doesn't want me to transfer village until 5pm. I can't do anything because it's her treat. Lol!

But the surprised was a bit busted. Lol!

PRE-BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION IT IS. WHAT A SURPRISE 128525128525128525128525128525


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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

Wow! Balesin wow! It's Boracay minus the people! It's Boracay minus the party! It's Boracay minus the 15 shots! It's Boracay minus all the hassle of the airport!

Love Balesin... It's private, clean, efficient! Customer service is amazing! Great rooms, white sand beaches (perfect)!

Spent Holy Week here with the family and the wife! Stayed at the clubhouse suite so right In front of the main beach.

As usual, ate a lot! The problem here was that since the island was at full capacity (900 people), all the outlets and restaurants served buffet! Sayang! Sakura, the Japanese restaurant, was excellent as usual. (Tip: for those who want to try Chef Edo San's cuisine, but could not go to Balesin, head over to alphaland in makati. He has a resto there too!). Actually, all the restos in Balesin where we ate in during this trip (Filipino @ Balesin, Italian @ Toscana, Greek @ Mykonos, French @ St. Tropez, Thai @ Phuket) were good, except the Spanish resto. The Spanish @ Costa del Sol was good the last time we ate there, which was last Christmas, but during this visit, it was not up to par. I would attribute this to the fact that food was served buffet style. Hence, food was cold. The cochinillo which was crunchy before was now soggy.

For families, barkadas or married couples looking to relax, or getting away from the crowd. Balesin is your beach! Unless of course you are looking to party and downing those 15 shots at cocomangas!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

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Allen Q.
5.0 Stars

For people who loves onions, try the pissaladiere, a french pizza topped with caramelized onions, anchovies and olives!
Moules au vin or duck salad with foie gras for appetizer! Duck confit, steak au poivre and seabass for your main course and have crepes anytime of the day!

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