Balestier Cuisine & Drinks

14 Nicanor Roxas St., San Roque, Marikina, Metro Manila

Balestier Cuisine & Drinks
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Most Recent Reviews

James B.
5.0 Stars

Balestier is located along Nicanor Roxas St., San Roque, Marikina. Maybe it’s not that noticeable when you pass by, but the moment you visit it, I’m sure it would make a mark. The interior has a simple and classy look. The dishes served were all awesome from plating to its taste. It was just perfect.

One of my personal favorites is the Zhenjiang Ribs; the mozzarella cheese compliments the tender and flavorful pork spareribs. How the meat was done is just perfect. You can easily separate the meat from the bone. Another favorite is the Salted Egg Wings; I really like its texture and how the chicken meat absorbed the well-balanced flavor.

I’m not a ramen person but how they presented their Laksa Tsukemen catched my interest. They served the noodles separate with the soup together with a guide how you’ll enjoy your “dry ramen”. You need to squeeze a lemon, then break the egg and mix it and dip the noodles to the soup. Did it get your interest? Try it. Surely worth it!
Potstickers – Php175 110881108811088
***Pulled beef/ Mozzarella/ Yakitori sauce/ Sesame salad.

Crispy Chili Beef Strips – Php310 11088110881108811088
***Beef strips/ Honey chili sauce/ Red bell pepper/ Onions.

Zhenjiang Ribs – Php375 1108811088110881108811088
***Pork spareribs/ Zhen jiang sauce/ Mozzarella.

Salted Egg Wings – Php250 1108811088110881108811088
Chicken wings/ Salted egg/ Chili/ Curry leaves.

Laksa Tsukemen – Php435 1108811088110881108811088
***Laksa broth/ Egg noodles/ Prawns/ Fish cake/ Lemongrass/ Bean sprouts/ Sous vida egg.

Hainanese Chicken – Php260 1108811088110881108811088
***Quarter hainanese chicken/ Chicken rice/ Ginger/ Dark soya sauce/ Chili.

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Jaymie P.
5.0 Stars

My 2nd time in Balestier and they did not disappoint! I loved everything we ordered. I also love the simple, cozy interiors. Will certainly be back!

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

Marikina is slowly emerging as a new destination for foodies, with restaurants and food park popping out in every corner of the city. I have a lot of those on my must-try list, which makes deciding on what to visit first extremely tedious each time we are around the area. It took me a lot of thinking before finally landing on Balestier.

Balestier is a new Singaporean restaurant within San Roque. We used waze to locate the restaurant, only to realize that I always pass by this place on my way home from this city!

Thankfully parking isn't a problem since the restaurant has their own parking space. The design of the restaurant was also pretty neat. It's composed mostly of the combination of brown and black shades, with glass windows and doors with black lining.

I asked a foodie friend about his experience, and that's how I decided to order their laksa tsukemen and hainanese chicken.

Laksa broth made with shrimp stock and shrimp paste, served with a separate bowl of egg noodles, prawns, fish cake, lemongrass, bean sprouts, and sous vide egg. I had the spice level of our laksa reduced, but leaving a mild kick is definitely a must to better enjoy their laksa. An order is also huge, and can be shared by two people. Eating just half of it made me feel so full that I almost skipped trying the hainanese chicken.

Chicken rice topped with a quarter Hainanese chicken, served with ginger, dark soya sauce, chili paste on the side. The Hainanese chicken goes so well with the soya sauce, and tasteless without it. The chicken rice had a gingery taste, and the trio (chicken, rice and soya) makes a great, classic combination.

What delighted me most about this visit, apart from the relaxing vibe of the restaurant's interiors and the delicious food, is the overall value for money. The pricing isn't that cheap, but the portioning is a good enough justification for it.

I'm very happy to have picked Balestier to be my "comeback" to Marikina after months of not being able to drop by for foodtrips. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.

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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

The dinner was supposed to be in BGC for that night, after a really heavy downpour - count on traffic to be a deal breaker! My friend was coming from Marikina so it would've took him 2 hours to get to BGC, our ETA to Marikina or BGC was the same so we just adjusted and looked for a new restaurant.

Some #looloo reviewers I follow have come across this place and it was enough to get the curiosity juices flowing!

The place is just a street perpendicular to Marcos Highway in Marikina, coming from Pasig Tiendesitas area, it only took 20mins with some light traffic. I'm assuming had it been a Sunday that it would only take 10mins!

Here's the rundown of what we ordered:

🦐 Laksa Tsukemen (Giving comments from my co-diners) 5/5 127775
The noodles itself was seasoned with spices, using thin Hong Kong style noodles. Prawns were cooked nicely and it had a sous-vide egg with sliced fish cake on the side. It's tsukemen style so they all had their own dipping bowl for the laksa. The laksa itself is rich with the coconut curry flavor, flavorful but not overpowering. This was the wife's favorite dish for the night!

🥚 Salted Egg Pasta 4/5 127775
The pasta was al-dente, sauce itself had some cream but very clear indication that they used real salted egg. Their version had tofu bits to go with curry leaves for extra flavor. Filling and tasty!

128061 Zhen Jiang Ribs 4/5 127775
Meat was tender, either this was slow roasted or it was used with a sous-vide again prior to the final cook, dish was served with mozzarella cheese on a hot plate! Glaze is on the sweet side which I prefer!

128020Hainanese Chicken 5/5 127775
This they got perfectly, chicken was juicy and tender. Rice itself tastes authentic, with tastes of ginger aside from the sauces. Ginger sauce was grated or maybe even food processed already as it was a little pasty but still really good! Presentation was nicely done, but more than any presentation - it has to taste good and they nailed this!

🦐 Cereal Prawns 5/5 127775
Since I did take my medication, I indulged myself to the cereal prawns. Cereal itself is similar to what you'd get in Singapore, buttery and crispy. The prawns were cooked nicely with the shells still easy to remove, indication that it's not old and frozen!

🦀 Chili Crab Bao Buns (Giving comments from my co-diners) 2/5 127775
This was the most underwhelming dish for the night, as all of them had the disappointed face with the bite. 9996 They even went to the point of saying that the bun is better than the actual chili-crab "garnish," since there wasn't enough to begin with.

Service was top notch but hard for them not to give good service since we were the only diners that night. Place is fresh and is vibrantly lighted on a high-ceiling area, they have a function room on the 2nd level / mezzanine but a very ceiling so that tells me sound will be an issue. It's an open kitchen so you can see them cooking the dishes for you. The restaurant is on a new commercial space, with about 6-8 slots out front.

Price wise, less than Php2000 for all the dishes we ordered for the night, reasonable for what you get. But I would choose to go back for lunch on another time since it does fill you up and you'd get to enjoy it more!

Count on us to go back!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Jaymie P.
4.0 Stars

Tried Balestier for dinner. They were still operating on soft opening so they're only accepting cash for the time being. I noticed a lot of Singaporean dishes on the menu. We got free sweet potato chips while waiting.

Ordered Hainanese and Salted Egg Pasta and Iced Tea "by the glass". Was surprised by the size of the "glass" as it was almost the size of a coffee cup but it's priced like a serving of bottomless iced tea at P85. It wasn't even anything special. I'm an Iced Tea girl so I know. Ayayay, tubong lugaw.

They had good tasting Hainanese Chicken. It came with the usual sauces. I especially like the spicy chili sauce. The Salted Egg Pasta can serve 2. It smelled like salted egg potato chips and tasted somewhat like one. Salty with a bit of sweetness. As it had chili and curry leaves, it was also a bit spicy. Noodles were al dente. It had crouton like garnish and halfway through the meal I started wishing that the croutons were Spam. The dish needed a bit of meat, else, nakakasuya after awhile.

Overall, I liked the ambiance. Hopefully they can also add desserts to the menu. Will be back. I know better than to order the iced tea again. 9996🏻

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