Ball Pit Manila

2/F Campos Rueda Bldg., 101 Urban Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Ball Pit Manila
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Most Recent Reviews

Arvee L.
3.0 Stars

What I liked: It’s instagrammable, it helped me to destress, the pool of balls is clean and it made me feel like a kid again.

What I disliked: When I booked for reservation, the receptionist is not so accommodating, the place is so small, we were not able to claim the free drinks, no wide selection of food on their menu, the other balls are deflated, I find it pricey for Php 299/hr.

By the way,
They say they are about to move to a new location.
Not just sure if where will it be.

But anyway,
I enjoyed taking pictures. lols

Fun factor: ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
Place: ⚪️⚪️⚪️
Value for money: ⚪️⚪️

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Gracielle R.
3.0 Stars

Bought a Metrodeal voucher for P199.00.
> Moved booking due to maintenance
> We were offered an unli drinks option due to rebooking
> Drinks were Iced Tea and Coffee - both were 3in1

Place was great for photos but food and drinks were mediocre. Bring a good camera with you to make the time worthwhile.

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Surprisingly fun. We took most of our time finding the best shots. Ahaha!

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Maye D.
5.0 Stars

An adult playground within the business district. Perfect for after-work de-stressing! Though my friends and I went on a Saturday morning since they were already fully booked last Friday night. So make sure you reserve on their website before going.

For Php 299/head you get to play in the ball pit and get a complimentary cup of coffee or iced tea. I guess the only downside is the time limit. I'm okay with the 1 hour limit in the ball pit since we were already exhausted about 30 minutes in, but they only allow you to stay about 30-40 minutes in the cafe area after getting out of the ball pit. Not really enough time to chat and play card games when catching up with friends, though I understand that the space is quite small so they need to do crowd control. And I also think they could use some music in the room.

Extra tip: Bring socks, else you'll have to buy one there.

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4.0 Stars

We got our vouchers to Ball Pit Manila at Metrodeal for discounts. For Php299.00 we enjoy playing with the thousands of white balls. We swam, crawled and doved. But before we did that... throwing all the balls and taking pictures of each other, we were reminded that we need to bring fresh socks to preserved the cleanliness. They also sells socks if you don't have one, I think Php70.00 per pair.

Thinking of how they clean and sanitized all the thousands of balls. LOL 128514

The vouchers include free iced tea that you can pair with the displayed pastries at the counter after losing calories inside the ball pit.

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Marc G.
5.0 Stars

I say one of coolest playground in the metro! Revisit your childhood experience at Jollibee’s Kiddie Land or McDonald's Playland in this 20 square meters pop-up installation filled with white plastic balls.

You can do whatever you want. You can swim, dive, create different poses and take lots of photos.

This adult playground (Only 16-year-old and above can enter) can accommodate maximum of 20 people at once. You can invite your friends and change your usual bonding time from just roaming around the mall, watching movies or chilling in coffee shops.

Entrance fee is PHP299/hour inclusive of 1 round of iced tea or coffee. Promo: If you buy two pastries, your iced tea/coffee will be unlimited.

As far as I know, they don't allow walk-ins, so be sure to book in in advance on their website. You will receive an email confirmation from them once you’ve successfully booked and settled the amount.

Payment Options are the following: Bank or Online Banking, LBC Padala or Cebuana Lhullier and Paypal. I paid using Paypal, which is very convenient.

Just a reminder, there are some rules to follow in BPM (They will also email you the list of Terms and conditions and the instruction on how to go there) such us:

- You need bring freshly cleaned socks to use in ball pit. (They also sell socks if you forgot to bring one)
- Remove accessories in your body like watch, earrings, etc.
- Increase the volume of your mobile phone. In case you drop it, it will be easy to find.

What else? Ummm, the place is easy to locate. Since I work nearby, I didn’t have a hard time finding BPM. It’s relaxing. You can just lie down enjoy the balls! Haha Once you get tired, you can stay in their cafe area. They have card games you can play with your friends while resting.

Overall, it was such an amazeball experience!

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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

This place is fun. Would've been better if they let less people in at a time. 128515

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Rachel T.
5.0 Stars

This place is really good for those who are kids at 10084. You get to reminisce the good old days when you were still young spending time in the Mcdo playground or in Kids at Work. Having fun and not worrying about anything like being an adult.

We booked/reserved a slot via online. Online, the price for an hour stay was 299 pesos per head. We had to reschedule our first reservation. We ended up paying additional 50 pesos per head for the re-scheduling.

When we arrived, we were asked to login and sign individually a waiver form. No shoes is allowed inside except only the reception area. Also, new socks is required prior you enter the ball pit. Socks worn prior is not allowed. The package we availed is inclusive of 1 round of coffee/iced tea.

The whole experience was very relaxing and fun. Lying on the white balls was very relieving. Although, it was a bit hard to move once you get sucked into the ball pit.

According to the receptionist, there are 80,000 white balls inside the pit. There is also an area where you can sit on the floor mats and chat with your friends after consuming your 1 hour at the ball pit.

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

Heard about Ball Pit Manila from a workmate saying that it’s a good medium to destress from work. Saw that they have this promotion via Metrodeal so I gladly asked my high school friends if they are interested. They were game, so here we are one hot Sunday morning.

They are located somewhere near Makati Med Hospital, at the second floor of an old looking building. It’s just like a condo unit with couches surrounding this pool of white balls. 

The ball pool I think can accommodate only a maximum of 20 people. Don’t wish there are twenty people though because it won’t be fun. Very cramped space if ever. There were only less than 10 people during our schedule. 

You have to book a reservation for time slots available. They limit people per hour to make the experience more enjoyable.

It was indeed a relaxing experience! Fun to feel like a child again. As I work as an occupational therapist in the pediatric setting, I always see my patients enjoy playing in our clinic’s ball pool, and I wonder they enjoy it that much. Now I know. Where did my childhood go, that I forgot how this pool felt like? LOL.

The Metrodeal voucher we got was 299 bucks per person, originally around 500 or more, I think. Entrance came with a free drink by the way. They also sell cookies and some snacks in their reception. WiFi available. 128077🏻

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Marco L.
5.0 Stars

When I first heard about ballpit, I was friggin excited to go, no hesitations! Luckily, Our company was totally down for the activity and the whole team got to go and enjoy Ballpit.

Coming in felt like I was living my childhood all over again, on a larger scale, of course!

The Ball pit was big enough to accomodate up to 30 people and there are different games to choose from, all you have to do os ask the caretaker and they'll facilitate that game.

The game we played was where we had to look for 5 colored balls in the pit and it almost took us 20 mins. before we could find it.

I totally recommend coming to this place in big groups (family, barkada, team mates, etc..) It's something you shouldn't miss! 128588128588128588

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Monarica M.
5.0 Stars

Went there the first week of March
It is a small haven for big kids!
Met the couple who made pitball manila happen. They were nice!

One hour is enough for all the selfies, playtime and after that you can rest on their mats while you drink iced tea which is already included in the fee.
They also serve pastries. We haven't tried it yet though.

Oh and you have to bring clean socks aside from the socks you are wearing. 128515

Instagram worthy 128077128077128077128077

P.s. downside... we had a hard time looking for a parking space. So we checked in to the hotel beside ballpit to have a slot for parking. 128513

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Have you heard of the giant ball pit for adults craze? it’s already taken over New York and London, now it's here in Manila!! Ball Pit Manila is the COOLEST ADULT PLAYGROUND in the city. It combines two things adulthood needs coffee and play featuring 80,000 balls to play with.

The ballpit can accommodate up to 20pax. Bring your whole barkada to make it more fun! If you're looking for an instagrammable place, this best suits your cravings! 128513

Hourly rates start at P499; book now for a limited time offer of P299. They also accept walk-ins 128522

  • No. of Comments: 6
Donna B.
4.0 Stars

A place where you can experience being a kid again. The place was good it has a nice ambiance where you can relax and when it's your time to play you may do so.

I just recommend upgrading the place to a bigger one with a bigger area and then having a longer time in playing 128522 since only 1 hour may be used to play in the ballpit area.

But all in all the experience was fantastic and it's nice to go back in being a kid again.

Just a few remainders bring socks a new clean sock sonce they won't allow you to use the one you are wearing, either you bring one and if ever you forgot one you can buy one in to them.

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