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Bamba Bistro
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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Chuva choo choo
Chuva choo choo
Oh BAMBA inlab ako with you!!!

Lunch at BAMBA BISTRO last Saturday after xx years and I am so happy that my heart can’t stop singing this song. Also because this is truly how I feel about BAMBA BISTRO.

Despite not being able to eat here as often as we would want to, BB remains to be one of our favorite restaurant. We love the homey feel, the excellent customer service, and the good and yummy comfort food they serve.

Chuva choo choo
Chuva choo choo
O labs kita... forever I will love you!!!!

Our all time favorite and would forever be a favorite Bamba Bistro dish is MY MOM’S CANNELLONI. It’s so good that I am suggesting to change the name to RUTH AND ONY’s FAVORITE!!! 128155128155 There’s nothing really special about this dish, no complicated ingredient nor technique.. it’s simple yet so flavorful and tasty. I like how consistent the taste is — from the very first time we tried this up until now. Love the thick melted cheese and the sour tomato sauce on top, the tasty meat inside the pasta, and the not too thick pasta (not sure how they call this big flat pasta haha 128517). Basta they all just blend so well together that you’ll want to have more of this pasta. A really really yummy dish and a must try! 128076🏼

Chuva choo choo
Chuva choo choo
Tumataba ang puso ko!! 128061

Other good dishes are the Salmon Crostini, the Patatas Bravas, Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta (not sure w the name), and the Ravioli. 128521

Chuva choo choo
Chuva choo choo
Sana ikaw ang syota ko!

But just like all relationships, there are also not so good parts.. hello hits and misses... not so good dishes.. hello disappointments/frustrations. As much as I want to say that BB’s the best, (sadly) there are still some misses... some frustrating moments you just can’t avoid.

On our recent visit, 2 out of the 4 dishes were not that “okay”. 128533 Since the chicken burger was HUGE, we asked them to slice it so we can share, when my Mom pulled her piece, that’s when she saw hair in between. And while I was enjoying the last and BEST part of the huevos (the yolk part), I saw one strand again. 128563128563128563

*Chicken Burger/Sandwich was just okay. Nothing special or extraordinary about the taste. It’s not as tasty or as flavorful. Also, don’t like how they cooked the chicken. Parang undercooked but according to the server, it is really how it is supposed to be. 128533🤔

*But the Huevos was good! It was meaty and very tasty. Liked the egg (ugh the yolk!!!!) and the crunchy (but bitin) bread. Would be so much better with some chili too. 128518

But you know what’s good about Bamba? They value their customer so much. When we got home, received a message from Chef Tina about the incident.

Despite the incident, Bamba will still be a favorite and we’ll still come back here again. Giving Bamba Bistro 5 stars for the excellent customer service and for our forever favorite.. My Mom’s Cannelloni. 127775127775127775127775127775

But because of the “hair thing”, giving them an overall rating of 3. I know that this is just an “accident” and that their kitchen is clean (which our server guaranteed us). They replaced the chicken while the huevos, they just gave it as a complimentary dish. Also, they gave us 2 Strawberry Shaumetorte. Not sure what it is made of but imagine layers of vanilla ice cream + cream + sweet fresh strawberries + almond + meringue??. It was creamy and very sinful but oh so goood. For strawberries and all things creamy lovers, you’ll surely enjoy this dessert. 127827127847128525

OH WELL. Chuva choo choo. 128523


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Michelle T.
5.0 Stars

A must try mango shake, taste of real mango. 128525

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Michelle T.
5.0 Stars

Delicious food! Worth to wait their well prepared food. Must be patient & not too hungry when you visit this place. :)

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

I haven't been to Bamba Bistro in a while and each time we pass by the place in BF, I would tell myself that I'll set a date with hubby and the kids there very soon. Then my college buddies called in for a holiday get together and we decided to meet somewhere in BF. They asked where and I automatically suggested Bamba Bistro! Good thing they were G!

Monday holiday lunch for our last hurrah before it's back to school and back to work!

Went there around 12:30PM and the main dining area was full! We stayed outside since AC in the other dining area was broken. I told the wait staff that we will patiently wait until we get a table inside then we decided to order appetizers and pasta for the kids. We had a good 30mins or so to spare since we were still waiting for our friends.

If there is one thing that I don't like here, it's the cramped space. But then again the good food makes up for this.

I asked our server for any dish that's kids friendly from their pasta selection. Something not too sour. He suggested their CARBONARA which is off the menu. I got that for my daughters. The Carbonara was good for sharing! Al dente spaghetti in a thick and creamy sauce with generous serving of bacon and bits of ham. My daughters loved this and I loved it too!

Then we got our forever favorite salad - TINDAHAN NI MARIA. Chopped pechay, onions, tomatoes, pili nuts, salted egg, kesong puti, chorizo and the delicious guava vinaigrette that made this salad so special. So much good stuff here, my friends loved it too and we ended up ordering another one!

If there is one appetizer that you must order here, make it this one - MUSSELS IN CHORIZO CREAM! Perfectly cooked Mussels in an out of this world delicious Chorizo Cream Sauce that you would want to smother on anything! I paired this with their Bamba Bread - perfectly buttered and toasted with a good crunch and we ended up ordering 2 of this bread! Back to the sauce - it's creamy and salty and a little sweet and all things yummy! You can pair this with rice or maybe mashed potato or it can even be a sauce to a pasta dish. It is that good!

We also ordered Aimee A's favorite appetizer here - PATATAS FRITAS. A mountain of potatoes, fried, topped with chorizo crumbles, garlic aioli and finished off with a poached egg on top.

Then for our mains, we got the following ---

| Baby Back Ribs - served with rice, a simple side salad and sweet potatoes. This was tender but not fall off the bone, smothered with bbq sauce that hubby found too sweet.

| Lamb Adobo - I love lamb meat! Abe's Lamb Adobo is my favorite but this one from Bamba is good as well. Served with rice and some mint jelly, the chunks of meat were so tender. Perfectly cooked with the usual vinegar and soy sauce, this was a little on the sweet side but I loved it!

| Hangover Killer Bowl - if you like spicy food, this one's for you! I remembered the first time I tried this that it was super spicy but this time, it wasn't. It was tolerable and it was every bit delicious! Sriracha fried rice with shrimps, squid, chicken skin, poached egg, chicharo and tamarind sauce. You have to mix everything and enjoy!

For dessert, we got the Berry Schaumtorte. Everybody loved this too! It's not too sweet, light and delicious! Served parfait style, it was layered with whipped cream, meringue and fresh strawberries.

Everything we had was delicious! And as usual, service was top notch! Attentive servers, very friendly and helpful.

I love Bamba Bistro!

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Ivy R.
5.0 Stars

This bistro stands out among the slew of choices in foodie street Aguirre Avenue, BF. The food and service are both superb, and they use quality, fresh ingredients which I greatly appreciate. Dined with my family, and instead of getting mains, I got the Surf and Turf tacos, one taco with fish and shrimp in aioli and the other one steak with sriracha sauce. I gotta say that my favorite is definitely the turf taco because that sriracha sauce is the bomb!!
To start, we ordered a new salad on their menu, Tindahan ni Maria Salad. It was very, very good!
My dad ordered their Crispy Lapu Lapu, and I gotta say that my favorite thing about that dish is the lemon garlic aioli. My mom got pan fried salmon with risotto and creamed greens (don't quote me on the name because that's not the exact one). What's unforgettable about that dish is the creamy risotto and the creamed greens. All in all, a satisfying dining experience.

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

This quaint little resto will give you a nice and intimate ambiance reminiscent of home. Each dish that we ordered had remarkable presentation, which I think is as important as the taste. Now, for the dishes that I've tried...

Tomato Soup with mini Gouda Sandwiches 1108811088110881108811088
The soup was very flavorful with just the right tartness of tomatoes. Paired well with the cute little grilled cheese squares that you can easily dip into the soup. Yummy!

Sunday Salad 1108811088110881108811088
The poached egg adds creaminess to the salad without having to use fatty cream-based dressing. This one uses lemon vinaigrette but was suprisingly not too sour. Tasted like a healthy Caesar salad.

Skillet Brownie 110881108811088
Brownie was a little too dry. Could have been better if they made a fudgy batter.

Pizookie 110881108811088
Also found it too dry, although the salted caramel sauce made up for it. The mixture of ice cream, cookie, and caramel tasted like a deconstructed butterscotch bar.

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Isha S.
5.0 Stars

Took a trip with some friends to the south for a change! First stop since all of us were already famished from the commute was Bamba Bistro! I've been hearing a lot about this restaurant so I was glad to finally be able to try it out.

First impression upon seeing it was "ay, parang ang liit pala! 128558". But the ambiance was nice and homey. We were the only customers when we arrived and the staff didn't let us sit in the bigger area huhu.

Anyway, we were handed the menu and everyone decided to order something different. We had:

127830 Baby Back Ribs (P450) - this was served with rice. Meat was tender, sauce was flavorful.

128017 Lamb Adobo (P395) - served with rice as well. I actually liked this. This was the first time I tasted lamb in adobo form but it worked!

128037 Duck Ravioli (P495) - really good as well. So creamy and flavorful. Wanted to keep stealing bites from Roy T's plate hahaha.

127837 Capellini Seafood Aglio Olio (P360) - not too keen on olive oil-based pastas but I wanted seafood haha. This was quite spicy and had a bunch of shrimp, mussels and squid pieces thrown in so sulit!

127828 Bamba Burger (P250) - this was served with onion rings. Patty was thick and juicy and was a good deal for 250 pesos.

Great, quaint place to be with good food and big servings!

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

Our third Aguirre stop is a well-loved restaurant that is known to serve really good pasta and other comfort dishes. And I have to say this now (or forever hold my peace), this was my favorite stop in Aguirre.

Hello, Bamba Bistro!

The small restaurant has a very warm ambiance that reminded me of La Creperie. There are only a few tables inside and we had to wait for a group to bill out before being accommodated.

It took a bit of time though (and it was also humid outside) so I asked if we could take the two small tables by the window. The server tried to put the small tables together but given the tightness of the space, she struggled. We then just decided to wait for the table inside the main area but placed our orders beforehand so that we do not have to wait longer. We got Duck Ravioli (PHP495) and Huevos Flamencos (PHP210).

We were ushered to our table right after it was cleared and soon, our appetizer was served.

The Huevos Flamencos came in a small clay pot placed on a wooden plate. The chorizo, ham, ground beef, stewed tomatoes combination topped with egg was delicious. It went well with the buttered bread and the saltiness of the chorizo and ham were balanced by the tanginess of the tomatoes.

It was love at first bite for the duck ravioli.

Each ravioli was packed with duck meat and delicately wrapped in al dente pasta. It was well complemented by the saltiness of the ricotta cheese and the creaminess of the sauce while the porcini mushroom added bite to the dish. I could barely smell the truffle oil but it did wonders to the dish as it was superb! K loved the sauce so much that he slurped it like soup!

What made our stay in Bamba Bistro even more memorable is the place's noteworthy customer service. The guy who served our food is so friendly and took the initiative to help me with my food shots. He lifted the plates for me so that I could take photos of the dishes with nice backgrounds. I handed him a tip so that he didn’t have to share it with the others but I saw him put it in the tip box. Bravo! I hope that my food shots make you proud.

Will I go back? Definitely! I would visit weekly if only it’s closer to my area.

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Kristian P.
5.0 Stars

Bamba Bistro - 2015 Tatler Best Restaurants.

Ordered Duck Ravioli (Php495) - duck, porcini mushroom, truffle, ravioli and Huevos Flamencos (Php210) - ciabatta bread with spanish chorizo, poached egg and stewed tomatoes.

Both dishes were suburb as it clearly shows the taste of each main ingredient. The truffle of the ravioli wasn't that strong so you can still savour the duck meat. Some restaurants tend to just add truffle here and there with no reason at all but this clearly was a well executed dish. The Huevos Flamencos is something not special but it would be a good as an appetizer - I guess if paired with red wine and more meat would have been better.

Service is 4.75 out of 5.00 as the waiters were really nice.

Ambience is 4.50 out of 5.00.

If you're down south and craving for good quality food, go to Bamba Bistro.

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Earl Davis T.
5.0 Stars

Our 3rd Stop for our BF #FoodTrip was Bamba. It was recommended by my baby sister as one of the places to visit. Mary Love S also wanted to taste the food. And Kristian P will definitely dish out his eloquent review right after downloading the app. Hehe

Ambience: while the space was a bit tight for my size, I liked its overall design.

Service: the servers were very accommodating. One of them even helped Mary Love in her food documentation effort.

We ordered food to share so here they are:
1. Huevos Flamencos (P210) - I like the meat with tomatoes, toasted / grilled bread. It was my first time to eat this.

2. Duck Ravioli (P495) - I definitely liked this one. Creamy sauce on ravioli stuffed with minced duck was something worth tasting. None of its elements overpowered another.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

And the eating continues..

Of course, no BF food trip will be complete without trying out Bamba Bistro. Our forever favorite restaurant. 128525128076🏼

Being the Bamba lover I took charge in ordering for everyone. Ony and I have been here a lot of times already and in most of our visits, we cannot not order our all time favorite MY MOM'S CANNELLONI. Abd we always recommend this to our friends! It's simply the best!! You must order this!!! 128525128525128525128076🏼

Then of course, the HUEVOS RANCHEROS as our appetizer. The combination of chorizo, ground beef, stewed tomatoes, chili and egg worked really well. Imagine having an uber meaty tomato-y yummy and oh so tasty dip for your perfectly toasted bread! This is also a good starter. 128077🏼 But you can also get the Salmon or Artichoke Crostini. 128513

Then we also ordered the MORNING AFTER SANDWICH. I have always wanted to try this and was just a bit disappointed with the taste. I guess I expected too much. It was good, the bread was soft. The amount of cheese added was just enough. Hindi nakakaumay. The ham and runny egg was perfect. But it was the truffle oil and honey that were just weird. Hmm too much honey was added that the whole dish was too sweet already. Plus can't taste the "truffle". Would have been better if the honey was separated from the sandwich. 128530 If you like, you can order the Le Cochon Sliders or the Chicken Burger/Sandwich. 128077🏼

As always, service was excellent. Felt really comfortable and at home the entire time. The staffs are all nice, approachable and friendly. We really had a nice nice time here. 9786128077🏼

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

I was supposed to dine here last year but had to turn down the invitation due to a prior commitment. So after almost a year, finally got time to dine at this place. Time to do the Bamba Bistro dance 128131🏻

The place was really nice and cozy. It seems classy yet casual at the same time. As for the food, ughhh...GREAT! 128523

We had their French Fries Moderne as the starter. I didn't expect much from it. But when it was laid on our table, it was just so picture perfect! Tower of fries! This was drizzled with honey and topped with fried rosemary & feta cheese. The overall combination was good and perfect.

Next up, pasta. 127837 Their Capellini Seafood Aglio Olio really hits the spot. Though it was a little oily, the pasta was al dente and flavor was really good.

Their version of a tapsilog is an upscale one. They named it Steak ala Manila. This was paired with truffled eggs and garlic rice. I couldn't taste the truffle in the eggs but it was really fluffy and good. As for the steak, soooo gooooddd. 128523

My dish for the night was their Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. This was one of their new dishes and it wouldn't surprise me if it becomes one of their new faves. The Asian Chicken BBQ was very flavorful w/a slight sweetness to it. It paired well with curry rice and other components of this dish.

Yes, this resto got me dancing to their wonderful dishes! I hope I could go back soon to try the others. 128131🏻128523128131🏻

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

It's so good to be back! Finally, after almost a year.. Was able to eat here again with mommy for Mother's Day. Ony and I have eaten here a lot of times already but never with mommy. It's her first time here so I'm excited to let her try our forever favorite - My Mom's Canelloni.

SERVICE (5127775)

Called a week in advance just so we are sure to get a table since it's mother's day. And gladly, tables are still available. When we arrived, I was hoping we get the "sofa area" but since we're only 2, I'm not really expecting. But to my surprise, that's where they led us!!! Hihihi thanks, Bamba!!! 128536128536

As always, service was excellent. Felt at home and super comfortable. 128076🏼

FOOD (4127775)

Aside from THE BEST PASTA 128525128513128521, we ordered dishes I have never tried before. For our appetizer, we tried the Salmon Crostini and French Onion Soup.

Firstly, the salmon crostini was beautiful. 128525 So IG-worthy and just perfect!! Probably one of the prettiest meal I have ever seen and eaten. Salmon assembled to form like pretty little roses resting on top of a toasted crostini with cream cheese and then added with truffle honey sauce. So pretty and so good! If you like salmon, you have to try this! 128525128076🏼

The French Onion soup was good as well. Imagine enjoying your bowl of hot french onion soup with melted cheese! Why have I only ordered you just now???

Then they served us with our drinks -- the peach fruit shake tastes like mango. But still refreshing and not too sweet. Mommy and I both liked it. 127865

Then after around 15 minutes, they served us the best-est 128513128525, My Mom's Cannelloni 127837 and the Crispy Lapu-Lapu.

Of course, I immediately got a portion of the pasta and ate it right away. So good! I missed this and yayyy to finally eating it again. I let mommy try it and she liked it, as well! Yayyy!! 128077🏼 Best to eat right a way and enjoy this while still hot/warm. 128513

Mommy then tried the Lapu-Lapu and found the dish to be just okay. According to her, it was good but nothing extra special. I tasted it after and agreed that the dish was too plain? And ordinary.

For dessert, they were giving away mini strawberry tarts for free as a mother's day treat/gift. Instead of getting a dessert, we just ate this. It was just okay. The strawberries were sweet but the crust was too hard. But since it's free, bawal mag reklamo! 128517

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch. Order the salmon and my mom's cannelloni. Super worth it! And best to call in advance and reserve the sofa. 128521

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Jonie C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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5.0 Stars

Haven't been to bamba for a while and I'm glad bf finally decided on his own where we should just have dinner since it was past 9pm & I've really lost my appetite. Anyway, we had the usual mushroom ravioli, surf & turf tacos and lamb adobo. They were all delicious and consistently good even if we came in a few mins close to last call of orders, I appreciate they didn't rush our food at all.

We tried some of the holiday dishes that were still being offered, the tinapa croquettes, some dessert and the ultimate pizzookie which was our least fave. It was dry and nothing close the orig one. All these new ones we tried were a new experience in bamba but you can tell that it still has their signature touch of creativity and twists of flavors. The croquettes were breaded and rolled to perfection, loved it with the mango salsa the most. Wish I could remember the name of the dessert we had, it was meringue, almonds, cream and strawberries. Man, that was a delight!

I think the only thing worth considering here is the price. I mean I know she uses good ingredients but for two, we ended up with a bill of 2,300 or 2,700. We nay have ordered a bit too much? Hahaha So we Ended with coffee and tea and with a smile on our face and probably an additional 5lbs to our waist. Lol

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time i've been back. Eating here has always been a pleasant experience. Friendly service and great, great food! Indeed, not your average bistro by the corner.

As always, the duck ravioli and the french onion soup were awesome staples whenever i come back with family. But today's revelation were the salmon crostinis. The plating was done really well with the salmon folded and shaped to resemble flowers! It was a perfect harmony of salmon, cream cheese, honey, dill, and toasted crostini.

And just as noteworthy are the surf 'n turf soft tacos. 2 soft tacos - one with salpicao like beef cubes in chimichurri sauce and corn, the other with fish and shrimp in sriracha. Great, great spin on the surf-n-turf concept! 128512

I also found out the pizookie just spawned an evil brother, T.U.P. - the ultimate pizookie! 4 cookie flavors in 1 cookie - red velvet, brownie, m&m's, and oatmeal chocolate. Yummm. Though the traditionalist in me still prefers the classic pizookie 128512

Haha given how restaurants come and go along aguirre, i really do hope Bamba stays on foreverrrrrrrr.

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Irah C.
4.0 Stars

In terms of the quality of their food, it was superb! Everything tasted really good! But we waited for an hour just to get our food 128532 Maybe there were a lot of people during that time but I was really hungry already.

Also, I ordered a medium rare tenderloin and I got a well done one but as I've mentioned, I was too hungry already.

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

They serve quality food. Probably my fav resto in the area, aside from their @$# parking attendant, the food is worth the money. And dont forget to try the duck truffle ravioli. 9786

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James O.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

Last august 8 was a night to remember, one for the books kind of night! It took me awhile before I was able to write this review because I don't know how and where to begin. 128563128563

After XX number of days, we still can't get over how good and awesome each meal prepared for us were. I'm not saying this because we're supposed to say good things but because it's true!! It's hard to think of anything negative to say about Bamba Bistro. It will always and forever be our favorite restaurant! 128525 Any moment spent here is a good and awesome night! 128521128077🏼

But what does really make a restaurant good and awesome and a favorite? 128558

Small, quiet but a very beautiful and romantic place. Eating here feels like home and makes you feel good, relaxed, and happy. The frames on the walls, the kitchen/bar, the special "sofa area", the space outside, and of course, the oh so cute comfort room! 128525 Every corner is made and designed with love -- and so instragrammable! 128513128518 Clean and pretty restaurant that's ideal (perfect!!) for date nights, intimate lunch or dinner (or snack? 128518), family reunions, get-together with friends, celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, or just any day! You can spend it here! 9786️ It's definitely not just your ordinary neighborhood bistro. 128521

With the number of reviews already posted, I think, by now, you already have an idea how awesome this place is. If you're in BF, this is a MUST visit restaurant. I repeat, A MUST. 128522

Warm and excellent service! We've been here a lot of times already and never did we had a bad experience. Service is always 128077🏼. The staffs are all nice, they're very knowledgeable and approachable. They are very friendly, as well! No need to ask for water refill because they'll refill it even before you ask. 128521128077🏼

Not all the time do we get the chance to meet and to actually talk with the chef of our forever favorite restaurant. Not only that, she also personally prepared our dinner. To Chef Tina, thank you! Thank you for being super nice and for the awesome awesome dinner. Thank you, Lord for chefs like her. 128525 (sipsip? 128541)

We like to eat and to try new restaurants but this is actually our first time to try a degustation. 5 awesome meals in one night!!!! YAAASSS!! 128525128525128525

While waiting for our first meal, they served us with a glass of Sangria. It's our first time to try this type of drink and we liked it.127863

Who would have thought that a corn can be this awesome?! 128525 Dish 1 of 5 was Trio of Corn 127805 (see photo 128070🏼) : Grilled Corn w ricotta cheese and Sriracha, Popcorn w truffle and foie gras, and Corn Tempura w scallop 128513 The grilled corn with sriracha was the best!! Spicy corn ftw!!!! 128076🏼

"P*ta, ang sarap!!!" 128514 An expression I was not expecting (at all!!) from someone who HATES seafood! Anthony, being the seafood hater (he eats fish but just cream dory and tilapia 128527), I was surprised he liked this SO MUCH. His reaction when he tasted it was what surprised me the most. He finished all of it and even asked for my share! 128517 This is not your ordinary clam chowder! Rich and tasty soup with fresh and huge clams! Sarap!128076🏼

And yes, it keeps getting better! 128525 It may look simple and plain but this was really good! I remember wanting to try a simple ravioli dish before but what was given to us was this.. A HUGE RAVIOLI! Freshly made Raviolo with goat cheese and that sauce! OH MY! By this point we are already full hahaha! 128517128518 Why are you torturing us!!! 128557128529128518 I believe this is also available in the regular menu. You must try this! 128521

Tender and oh so tasty tenderloin steak wrapped with bacon! And that bone marrow on top! Wow! Uhm, yay to protein? (and hello highblood! 128514128517). The added bacon just made the whole dish even better and yummier! The sauce and the mashed potato and veggies on the side were all good and really worked so awesomely together! 128513128077🏼

Dessert time!!! First time to hear "schaum torte" but whatever it is, it's soooo good! Layers of banana, toblerone, nuts, meringue, and whipped cream! Creamy and aaaaahhhh, everything we love in a glass!!! 9786128557128077🏼

No good dining experience would be complete without you actually enjoying and loving the moment. We arrived at 630 and started eating at around 7pm and left the place at 10pm. 5 stars are not enough to express how awesome that night was. This is one of the many reasons why it is super fun to live. Because we get to eat and enjoy good food! 9786128518128076🏼

And lastly, before we went home we decided to leave a thank you note/letter. 9786

Dear Bamba,

We can't think of the right words to say to express how much we enjoyed every meal you prepared for us because they were all AWESOME. It's so hard to choose a favorite because we loved all equally -- the way a duck loves it's ducklings. 128518

It's sad to think that we will return to our "normal lives" because tonight was the highest point in our food lives. And in that moment, we swear we were infinite (well, our tummies were!!).

It's not you, it's us! You made letting go so hard! 128529 But as they say, don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened! 9786

RuthOny 10084


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