Banana Island

Coron, Palawan

Banana Island
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Khaimah B.
5.0 Stars

Banana Island is the second stop of our Island Escapade Tour. Similar to the other beaches in Coron, it is a pristine, white beach with fine sand. Unfortunately, we only stayed here for 20 minutes because of bad weather ☹️

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Second stop of our Island tour that day is at the Banana Island. This island is just 15 minutes away from Malcapuya Island. We’re fortunate enough that the weather was much better when we went there. 127774127774127774

We had our lunch first at one of their nipa hut cottages. Our food was cooked and prepared by our friendly and humurous boatmen. We had Grilled Unicorn fish, Chicken Adobo, Ensalada and some fruits like pineapple, bananas & slices of Mango + Apples with a well-deserved A+ grade for the hearty plating. 10084️ Nice one, kuyas! We just found out that hindi lang saging ang may puso! 12782010084

After having lunch, we went to the beach front for another round of beach bumming. There were some cottages near the beachfront and some duyans attached to the trees beside it. 128077🏼 The sand wasn’t that powdery like in Malcapuya but still smooth to the feet. There are also some kayaks near the shore that are free to use, if I recall that right.

We also played Volleyball in the rain! Didn’t know that I could still play volleyball but my arms were sore after the game. Lol.

Coron really is a beautiful paradise!!! 128525 And a single photo is not enough to show how beautiful it is!!!

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Cheska G.
5.0 Stars

White sand and blue water. Aaaah Coron is really a paradise. Our country is really beautiful!

Went here for lunch as part of our island hopping tour. Our bangkeros cooked our lunch 128077🏼 fresh fish, lobster and some fruits 128516

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Maureen L.
4.0 Stars

Had lunch here earlier today. The beach was nice, long stretch of white sand and clear blue water 128077

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Lito L.
5.0 Stars

there is an option to sleep over at this island and we should have taken it. love the sand and the water and just how secluded the place is from everything. you'll lose track of time napping at one of the hammocks and you will fail to count calories eating buko and fish in this island. might even forget your name! yup... it's that good!

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