Greenhills Town Center, Granada St., Greenhills, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Kenrick C.
5.0 Stars

So my sister dragged me along to another Korean restaurant 128557 it's been two straight days that i have eaten korean food this week 128514 but i ain't even mad...

As we walk through an alley, i felt abit sketchy about this place. But good thing it was in broad daylight 128517 As you turn around the corner, you can see this little resto sitting there peacefully..

As I walk in their door, i noticed there are not much tables..which is good! I like intimate places because i know it will be peaceful(most of the time)128517

Since it was a korean restaurant, i ordered the obligatory BIBIMBAP which was only 99 Php. It was affordable because it came with egg soup 128513 me and my sister ordered Gimbap for 99 Php. Overall, the food tasted normal. But don't get me wrong. The local taste of korean food gets me everytime. I think it was also partly because of the ambience of the place. I felt so relaxed the whole time i was there. 128522

From what i also noticed, it was the owner of the resto who took charge of everything which i respected. And from the looks of it, he was the one preparing the food. 128074🏼 i like this place overall, your average local resto to hang out and eat 128513

You gotta try this place out if you're near the area 128513

P.S. korean ice creams available! 128513

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

As I have mentioned in my previous review, My cousin, Jill C recommends the best stuff!

She has been nagging me to come eat here because she said and I quote: "this korean couple are the ones cooking and serving the food. It's really good and they look so cute together" 127886 HAHA.

But too bad I cam here without Jill C. Sayang I wasnt able to ask which dishes to order but everything in the menu sounds so good that I want to order almost all the dishes. I got the Ramen and Gimbap at 99/order. That's super affordable! Love it!!

The ramen, i requested the spicyness to be just mild but i think it gotten too mild. Next time I'm going to order the non-mild. I think (and hope!) that I can handle it!

The Gimbap was good too! I didn't get to finish it because the serving was quite a lot (or maybe because I also have a big bowl of ramen, haha) but both was really super good and it was worth it!

The Korean owner came up to me and gave me a bowl of I think free soup. It wad delicious. It has so much vegetable in it. Its not like the free soup from fast food na literally soup only, no laman. 128514

Then later he came back and asked me "everything ok?" And I said yes, everything is very good! Then he panicked a little and said "oh, you like kimchi??" I said yes and he personally served me a small dish of kimchi. It was really good too.

After eating, I was super full but I cannot pass on the opportunity to get korean ice cream! I got the pangtoa. I use to eat this in college but its my first time to try the chocolate flavor. The one I use to eat was white cake with cookies and cream ice cream. This time it's chocolate cake with choco ice cream.

Super Loved it! Will definitely come back!

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Aurelio S.
5.0 Stars

If you like a simple, healthy, clean and authentic Korean dish well this is the place for you. It's small but neat. The owner Mr Bobby Yuon is hands on he's the cook with his lovely wife assisting him. I got my three nieces during lunch there and we ordered the following- Sundobu (Korean tofu spicy broth with seafoods such as mussels, shrimps and small crabs with egg), Sundae (Korean sausage), Bulgogi, Seafood Ramen, Japchae (Korean version of the pancit), Donkatsu (this their version of the Jap tonkatsu, fried pork or chicken in deep fried crumbs served with eggs rice and the staple kimchi). They have a mini store where you can buy Korean goodies, I buy there Ginseng Tea or the Aloe drink. Mr Bobby will give you extra kimchi if you like and he's a great guy to talk to especially if the topic is tennis, yes tennis for you tennisters out there. My nieces all gave their thumbs up after the sumptuous lunch. And the price is reasonable for Filipino standard 128077. That's why I gave this rating 🇰🇷🇵🇭🇰🇷🇵🇭🇰🇷Annsaeyo

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