Bang's Tony & Jackey

G/F Gateway Centre, Pres. Sergio Osmeña Highway, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati, Metro Manila

Bang's Tony & Jackey
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Dan F.
5.0 Stars

I love how these Korean hairstylists get the haircut right every time!

My hairstylist ever since is Hera and she always makes sure that my hair is at its best!
My haircut procedure usually lasts around 30 minutes to an hour.


Before haircut:

They would offer you complimentary iced tea!
So basically, they shampoo your hair first (they even ask you if you want warm/cold water for your hair, I always choose warm coz it's relaxing 128514) then the hairstylist asks you what haircut you want. You can show them a picture, or you can ask for their tablet/album of haircut choices!

During haircut:

After choosing a hairstyle of choice, the hairstylist begins doing the magic! I find it awesome how the assistants wipe the fallen hair of my face & neck with a sponge 128514128514

One thing I also noticed about the way these Korean hairstylist (or my hairstylist to be exact), is how they're exact about cutting the hair. Like, everything is precise. But this definitely doesn't stop them from doing the job quickly.

After haircut:

Shampoo again. Then after shampooing, the hairstylist checks the hair again to see if the haircut would end up the way you want it after showering. If not, the hairstylist makes the necessary changes.

I usually get my haircut before events so I go there wearing my going-out clothes 128514 so Hera would ask me if I would like to put wax to style it, and I always say yes. 128514128514128514


Another thing I like about this place is how the hairstylist tells you how to style it at home. Like they would say "Okay, always make sure you hair is dry before putting wax, and put this much only" and they would tell you how to put it on your hair!

Yes, the price isn't cheap, but you do get your money's worth!!!

I would definitely go back, and I have no plans on changing hairstylist in the mere future!


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Hazel S.
5.0 Stars

Efficient staff and amazing Korean stylists! 128077

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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

Finally got a haircut after two months! As always, I showed them a picture of the haircut I wanted and tadaaaah! It was done with ease! And for that, I would like to thank Gerald Anderson for my new hairdo. LOL! 128514

I found out that my original stylist is back from Korea but she was now transferred to Nakpil branch. I might just brave the traffic to Malate next month so she can make me look awesome again. 128522

****I also met-up with Kirby G to get my Speculoos order. Thank you Kirbs! 128077

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Pat L.
4.0 Stars

I went here after my shift and arrived at around 8pm, fortunately they still accepted me even if their salon is up to 9pm only. I had root coloring and haircut. They were really fast in coloring my hair and they were generous on the coloring product. My stylist was really bubbly. I was entertained while she was doing my hair. I only showed her a picture of the style that I want and then she made some suggestions so I wouldn't have a hard time when I fix it all by myself. It only took her a couple of minutes to style my hair. I was really amazed at how fast and efficient she was with her job while trying also to make conversation with me. :)

Stylist: Paulina
Root Color Price: 700 (Promo)
Haircut Price: 500

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Vianca Polac C.
3.0 Stars

For my last visit I was a bit off 128542 as the assistant who made my hair is like she-doesn't-know-what-she-was-doing, I practically have to tell her what to do (I have a course in hairdressing so I am prone in observing wether the hair dresser doing it right). The Korean hair dresser are really good no doubt about that but the assistant, who usually handling all the treatment seems like its their first time working with hair. I like the place because they will offer you a water or ice tea for free!...and the use of their computer aside from wifi which I find it very "high-teches", 128076the mirror in front of you act as a monitor screen and they will give you a wireless mini keyboard to search or do your Facebook-ing. Cool! Their apparatus is so high-tech than any other salon I been. This supposed to be 4star just minus 1 start for the service of the assistant. 128532

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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

I've been a frequent customer of Tony & Jackey since 2008. Great customer service and awesome haircutting skills from their korean stylists. I normally just show a picture of the haircut I wanted and the stylist will get it done perfectly. They can also be hesistant & will advise you right away if your preferred haircut will not look great on you. If you're interested to try this salon, look for their senior stylist Mikah.


P300 (Men's haircut)
P500 (Women's haircut)

For Girls, you might like the promos they have this month:

128135AQUA PERM/REBOND w/ Hair Manicure, Keratin Treatment & Haircut from 3,000 NOW 2,100

128135*LOREAL PERM/REBOND w/ Hair Manicure, Keratin Treatment & Haircut from 5,000 NOW 3,500

128135*HAIR BLESSING PERM/REBOND w/ Black Class, Hair Treatment & Haircut from 7,000 NOW ONLY 4,900

UNTIL FEB 28, 2013
Available in 17 branches
For reservation pls call 02-5261965/66 or visit

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Sherbeth F.
5.0 Stars

The Korean hairstylist was very precise and adept with her scissors and movement. Look for Paulina :)

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