B.A.R. Beauty and Rejuvenation

2/F One Amazing Place, 430 NS Amoranto Ave. cor. Speaker Perez St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

B.A.R. Beauty and Rejuvenation
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Mark U.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Anne L.
1.0 Stars

The nail tech who did my pedicure is obviously a newbie because she I even had to tell her that her semi-square is shaped like a square with all sharp corners instead of a, well, semi-square. Nicked my big toe with her nipper and now I won't be able to wear close shoes for the next 10 days. Polish was uneven and messy on the sides! Their footspa was so NOT relaxing at all.

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Shar C.
1.0 Stars

3 of us went to have our pedicure and all of us hated what happened.

Skills - inexperienced staff! My companion's foot got 4wounds! I don't think I need to explain more but not even saying sorry and not putting first aid ointment or cleaning the would - I think that's very unprofessional!
To think that she warned the staff that it already hurts, the staff didn't even listened to her.

My experience? A different staff attended but her hand were just heavy! (Mabigat ang kamay) so even though there were no wounds (I warned her that it was painful) I ended up being stressed instead of rejuvenated!

Equipments they used- i dunno if these were sterilized but they after finishing our pedicure they placed it back on their containers...

Restroom is not well-maintained to think that they only opened this September!

Exterior looks are deceiving but I'm definitely NOT going back!

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