Bar Pintxos

G/F Don Gesu Bldg., Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Bar Pintxos
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Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

A new discovery to satisfy cravings for Spanish cuisine. In photo: Chorizo burger and croquetas del dia 128077128077128077

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Was still super full from our lovely lunch at high street cafe but I wanted to grab a drink to salubong my birthday 127863 have heard of this place a number of times before but was always on the fence to try it cos #1 we're not really 'drinkers' per se and #2 I felt that the tapas won't make us full 128540 so I thought this is the perfect time to go since busog pa kme haha 128513
The place may be a little bit hard to find, just keep an eye out for the building with a pancake house out front, the bar is located in the back. Parking is available and since we went early, there were still a lot of available slots.
The owners welcomed us warmly and I readily ordered my sangria 128522 studied the menu and tried their kitiyama beef salpicao and croquetas.
Place is quite simple, not a lot of decor etc but it's well lit and AC is good as well. The menu is more basque I think and mainstream Spanish like Alba.
Pintxos are appetizers that is served on small pieces of bread much like bruschetta but with a lot more variety.
Orders arrived quickly and my sangria was delicious! Not too sweet or heady, it was really refreshing. Hubby ordered a dark beer that he also enjoyed. The salpicao was a bit pricey at 400+ but it's wort it! Super tender with the just the right amount of oil and garlic 128525 hubbybear loved the croquetas too.
Since pintxos are their specialty, we decided to try a few.
We got the Croquetas de jamon , Jamon-allioli and Lomo bacon. Each serving is just one piece so we had to split it. Pintxos are 70-180 ea I think depending on the topping. Sounds expensive but each of it was really heaped with meat or whatever topping and was very good! Not really versed in this type of cuisine but I thoroughly enjoyed it 128077ūüŹľ
Total bill was about 1400, ok Lang naman pa minsan minsan Lang 128522 by the time we went out though Wala ng parking so best to come early.

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

Went all the way to Alabang just to try this tapas place. Here's a tip: just order tapas and the other pinxtos - you can do away with the main dishes. Make sure to order the chopped prosciutto with mayo. TDF!!!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

The Alabang native invades Podium for Supermanly Eats.  They are known for their wicked tapas.  Sadly,  i missed their stall as I had my eye on Spicebird and Pepi Cubano. 

I visited their stall nonetheless for refreshments.  Sangria it is! I am no wine connoisseur,  i rely on my unsophisticated tastebuds when it comes to the fermented grape juice.

As per Wikipedia,  Sangria is a beverage, common in Spain and Portugal.  It normally consists of red wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of brandy. Chopped fruit can include orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwifruit and mango. A sweetener such as honey, sugar, syrup, or orange juice is added.  Instead of brandy, other liquids such as Seltzer or lemonade may be added. Sangria is steeped while chilled for as little as minutes or up to a few days.

Pinxtos' Sangria is has subtle hints of sweetness,  i guess they used Merlot.  Not sure if they added any type of sweetener though.  I didn't taste any brandy too.  Instead of seltzer,  they used good ole Sprite.  This was just okay,  biased opinion as i drink red sans the brandy et al.  It was refreshing nonetheless.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Another hole-in-the-wall discovery in the south! Really easy to miss because its found at the back of a building with no visible signage. To be honest, I only found out about it because of looloo haha! Family was in the mood for something light and Spanish so this really fit the bill.

Tried the salpicao which was really tender. Like, REALLY tender. Their fritata was good too. But the highlight was the pintxos. Had 2 variants featuring jamon iberico and it was fantastic. The tapas and pintxos went very well with their sangria. 127863

Will definitely be back to try the other tapas and pintxos on the menu! 128077

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Angeli A.
5.0 Stars

Sorry for the photo! The only photos I have of the food close up are up on my snapchat 128531 haha

So last night, I ate at Pintxos with my friend Carla. She had eaten there before and told me it was "the best". Turns out, she was right!

We had the Carilleras de Temera which is beef cheeks w/ mashed potato( P480), the mixed Paella (P270), and the Jamon Allioli (P50). And oh, we also had some sangria (P200/glass).

The beef cheeks were so good and tender! The explained to us that they only have this on the menu thrice a month! I am so glad we tried it.

I found the Paella good but.. A bit bitin? In terms of toppings.

The jamon allioli pintxo was awesome. I could eat like 5 of those.

Can't wait to go back and try the other pintxos (and sangria hehe)!

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Nino C.
5.0 Stars

The best secret Spanish/Barcelonian food in the metro. It is always full that you would need to reserve a week ahead. Amazing food from Miguel. I would certainly recommend it to all my friends. Looking forward to the next branch.

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Neil R.
5.0 Stars

For a first visit, I suggest that you veer away from the usual Spanish fare like salpicao, gambas and callos (their versions are quite good, from what I hear) and go all out on the pintxos (skewered finger food) instead. 

The interesting thing about this place is that the pintxos are offered per piece, giving you the freedom to try everything to your heart’s desire.

My favorites that evening were the Jamon-Allioli and the Piquillo-Brie-Jamon. But that last one was the main event, the star of this show.

As evidenced by the photo, it presented itself as a simple beauty yet you could feel a restrained elegance emanating from that plate. After that first bite, its spellbinding depth and character broke free. 

Translation? It was absurdly delicious!

Smoky and salty jamon, creamy and mild brie stuffed inside a bright and sweet piquillo pepper and placed atop a piece of bread. I can only shake my head in delight.

And, for my you-learn-something-new-every-day moment, Spanish pickle peppers actually give off very low heat, if at all.

Unfortunately, it would be foolhardy to have more than two of this masterpiece ‚ÄĒ more than its price, there are just too many other choices to try and appreciate.

A chalkboard at the bar outlines beer choices from all over, ranging from European to local to craft. For the ladies, sangria seemed like a popular choice.

As for the space, it’s small, cozy, quaint, simple. More than the interiors, it is the food that provides this establishment’s character.

The choices are still a bit limited (they did just open after all) but I understand that new creations will be populating their menu very soon.

My friend says that people start coming in as early as 5pm. So prepare to wait for a table, especially on weekends. But, I tell you, it will be worth the wait.

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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

New bar alert in the south! My friends own this place and the place is awesome. Owners are friendly and the vibe is great. Still on soft opening and the owners are aware of what to improve on.

Food as of the moments are limited to pintxos but according to the owners they will expand the menu.

Great food! Great beers! Great wine! Great friends equals great bar! Cheers!

To the owners: as an authentic pintxos bar, can we throw the napkins on the floor like in San Sebasti√°n?

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