Barako Haus

President's Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Barako Haus
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Erick B.
4.0 Stars

Puto Bumbong kung ayaw mabugbog
Puto Bumbong, ikaw ay sumunod
Dahil pag ang buntis ay naglihi't nagutom
Puto Bumbong o ikaw ay bugbog


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Kaye B.
5.0 Stars

New hangout place!!! Unli Barako Coffee for the win! Plus, you can play "sungka" pa! Best part... there are two Pokestops near the coffee place :) Yey!!! This place is just too perfect!

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5.0 Stars

I'm not a coffee drinker but I occasionally sip from my bf's cup. He only drinks black, btw. When we went here, I tried his cold brew without knowing what he ordered and I immediately loved what he got. So I told him I liked it, he the. teased me on always having such expensive taste. I asked him how come, was it because the shop was over pricing or something but to my surprise, the coffee that I just loved and even wanted to order on my own was a freaking civet coffee!!!128561128558128559128563. So yeah, I just had poop coffee and liked it. Yeah, tell katy perry that. Could be much worst than just kissing a gal. Lol. As I slowly have come to terms with myself with this fact, I know I had no choice but to accept it. I mean I know the process of civet coffee long ago but I just didn't think I would ever try if or more so, enjoy it. It had a very clear taste and no acidic flavor at all. I'm no expert so I won't elaborate anymore. Anyway, I'd recommend this uraro (pic) they sell there, it's so delicious and it tastes like penoy. I'm guessing it's the egg they use, I always make sure I get a pack of this when we go there. Goes so well with the poop coffee hahaha

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