8 Mendiola St., Manila, Metro Manila

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Erycka S.
3.0 Stars

Affordable merienda buffet. Pancit and camote chips. 128077

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Xyberdoc M.
4.0 Stars

Excellent food at student-can-afford prices. pinoy food the right way

Bangus with salted egg cevichè P 280 good for 3 if youre too hungry

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Paula A.
3.0 Stars

Tried "Spanish Chicken", their best seller and it was good! 128076127860 Cakes are quite costly 128522

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Bea G.
4.0 Stars

One thing I love in our school is our resto 10084 It's so convenient to have great food near you with a student-friendly price.

It will only cost you a hundred or more to satisy your cravings. They serve Filipino cuisine and some Pastas too.

Their desserts are also a must-try.

The culinarians cook and serve guests. Advantage for us cos we know some of them and we get to get some free scoops of ice cream or a slice of cake and iced tea. :)

It got renovated last sem and it's now more spacey :) Minus star cos I always smell like the resto when I go back at class 128514

I love the entire menu. Lechon Kawali and Spanish Chicken is my fave :) Plus the servings are enough, and we have nice interiors btw (Filipino) :)

Students from other univ/colleges are welcome since it's not located inside the campus. :)

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Sef M.
5.0 Stars

Always loved chicken. Chicken. Chicken!

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Olive Y.
3.0 Stars

I opted for pasta and I was craving for white sauce. For that they only had carbonara because all the others come with red, so I ordered it. I got sad that their Pasta Epanolo wasn't available because the way the server described it, it sounded so sumptuous with that spanish sardines.

Anyway, the pasta didn't taste good at all, neither was it close to authentic carbonara. The noodles were rubbery and the sauce was plain milky. Not even a slice of bread was served with it. It was so lacking with seasonings. Good thing they were generous with the ham.

However, my friends enjoyed their sizzlers, New Yorker and Spanish Chicken. I got to taste a slice of the Spanish Chicken and it was so soft and tasty.

They also have a cake section but 170 for a tiny slice? No thanks. I'd rather get a slice from a real pastry shop.

Students around Mendiola are quite lucky to have this. Price ranges from 100 above. The staff were nice, and the place is huge. Probably the finest dining place around Mendiola. And my Bedan friends like hanging out here 128522

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