Barkingham Pet Cafe

1321 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Barkingham Pet Cafe
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Brunch, Lunch, Dessert

Most Recent Reviews

Pam L.
5.0 Stars

I visited this place with my dog, Mr. Chewy to meet Ms. Em D. and her dogs, Ms. Chewy and Ms. Tootsie for a grooming and brunch date. Yes, our dogs (male and female) are both named Chewy. 128557128514

The cafe, located beside Stone House Bed and Breakfast, is actually a cool concept. You can have coffee and snacks in the cafe area while waiting for your dog to get groomed, instead of just sitting down or leaving your dog to kill time somewhere else. The grooming area is visible from the cafe area. They also sell a lot of pet stuff like clothes, food and toiletries. Aside from the full groom, I also ended up buying dog cologne and a new collar for Mr. Chewy. 128054

Ms. Chewy and Ms. Tootsie were already done grooming by the time we arrived. Ms. Em D. and I shared a choco caramel woofle 128557 while waiting for Mr. Chewy to finish grooming. The woofle was delicious! I also ordered a cappuccino as my beverage, which was okay.

There were free snacks for doggos to try. They had dog-friendly spaghetti, which Mr. Chewy didn't like. Ms. Tootsie was the one who finished it instead. Take note that it was her third serving already. #growingpupper

I love Mr. Chewy's new look, the groomer trimmed the fur on his head to make it rounder. The fur around his paws was also trimmed and made rounder. So so cute! 128149 They really pay attention to detail when grooming. 20/10! 10084

We also had a mini photoshoot before leaving LOL. We first took photos of Mr. Chewy and Ms. Tootsie. Then it was Ms. Tootsie and Ms. Chewy's turn. But as you can see, Ms. Chewy was already sulking because we ignored her. 128557 She was also very moody that day and was barking at other dogs. #palaban

This is not super near my house but I will come back for my dog's next grooming session. 128522

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

My mom and I took all of 4 our dogs (3 Yorkies named Blue, Chewy and Tootsie, and 1 minipin named Bubbly) to Barkingham Pet Cafe this morning and LOVED IT! KAGULO DOE?!?

I was a bit worried because two of our doggos are siga and like barking at dogs who aren't doing anything to them and since it's a weekend, I was sure that there would be a lot of dogs, owners and no parking! 128547 When we arrived, there was only one slot left so I went down the car to check if there were still tables available for our group. I went back and got the dogs with my mom and everyone as in EVERYONE from the guard, staff, groomers and dog owners welcomed us and our doggos!!! 10084️ They were mostly qiqil with Blue, our borderline obese Yorkie (see 3rd photo) and his daughter with Chewy named Tootsie. I don't know how they were able to hold and hug Blue 'cause he usually runs away from me when I do that after he gets a bath. 128557

We couldn't settle down because they were all excited and two of the siga dogs were barking AF 🙄. The staff probably noticed and took out a small cage for us (see 7th photo) to put the siga dogs in so they would calm down. I actually thought the small cage belonged to one of the dog owners but it was actually just for us. Thank you Barkingham for that! 10084

I got their toasted hamwich with an iced mocha, which were both pretty decent! We got our dogs pupper patties, which was mixed with some other dog food with gravy. All the dogs liked it but Tootsie, the 3-month old puppy, kept going around the other bowls and eating. 128529 TAKAW TUTA!

I got to see their dog hotel and day care, which had an Akita, a French bulldog, a schnauzer and a couple of kittens they rescued. It was nice 'cause the room was air conditioned and was complete with food, water and toys for the animals. Plus their grooming area looked really clean and their groomers handle the animals with love. Shoutout to Geyzel for being such a sweet host! She gave our doggos samples of the dog food they sell and their homemade treats, which were both a hit. 128525 13/10 would recommend!!!

PS they sell a lot of dog accessories. We ended up buying 4 dog bandanas from Skarf PH, dog cologne and ribbons. 128547128547128547128547 ALSO they host birthday parties for dogs!!! May pa-buffet sila and loot bags for dogs. Anyone wanna split expenses and have a dog party????? 128557128557128557 Or how about a looloo doog party? Charot! ALSO, if you're wondering why Bubbly looks weird, she was actually just sitting pretty. If you tell her to sit pretty, she will do that (6th photo) 128557128557128557

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