Barracuda Lake

Coron, Palawan

Barracuda Lake
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Barracuda Lake is one of the major attractions in Coron, Palawan. We didn’t have a plan to visit this spot but our agency replaced our Kayangan Lake tour. That really made me sad thinking that I was going to miss that famous place. However, I wasn’t expecting that I actually enjoyed our unexpected trip to Barracuda Lake.

To reach the center of this attraction, we had to swim from the docking area. Our tour guides helped us one by one until we reach the shallow part where we hike up to the ladder. The pathway is stiff and slippery. There are big sharp rock formations all over the place that protects the lake, I guess. We finally reached the Baraccuda Lake after 15minutes of complaining about the passage. But, everything, every steps, were all worth when I saw the gorgeous lake with my own eyes.

A brief info: Barracuda Lake was named after the discovery of a huge barracuda skeleton inside the lake. They still believed that there are barracudas living underneath the water. No worries, the lake is relatively safe.

The black-ish color of the lake made me think twice to jump off. It was scary but I didn’t let my fear stopped me from enjoying the water. In fact, I enjoyed swimming
(with lifevest ON) because of the warm temperature of the water. The tour guides reminded us that bouyancy here is too difficult because this is less salty than the sea.

Underneath the lake, I couldn’t barely see sea creatures. Instead, I was in awe witnessing the amazing rock formations beneath the bottom of the lake. It is indeed a good site for scuba or free diving.

I was really happy seeing Barracuda Lake clean and well-maintained. I think almost all of tour guides in Coron are aware of policies that protect their natural resources. We, as a traveler, should also be responsible in every place that we visit not just in Coron.

127808 Friendly Tips:
1. Wear your vest all the time if you don’t know how to swim. The water level in this lake is too deep.
2. Wear aqua shoes for protection because you might step on poisonous fish and sharp stones.
3. Apply sunscreen all the time especially during hot days.
4. Be sure to be prepared with this kind of activity that requires a lot of energy.

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Next stop Barracuda Lake!

A short boat ride away from Kayangan Lake, a secluded lake practically right next to it.

We arrived at the dock with just 1 other boat in sight, which means less people. Again! YAY for Private Boat!

I read before that a there was a 30minute trek to get to the lake but fortunately they made it easier now by adding wooden planks to cross the rocky formations instead. But be very careful though, most of the planks aren't that stable and falling would prove to be fatal as you fall to very sharp rocks.

Aptly named Barracuda because of the shape of the rock formations that surround it that resembles a Barracuda's teeth. And also because legend has it that a large Barracuda lives in the lake. The first though is much more convincing.

After conquering the wooden planks, you will be greeted by emerald waters so clear you can see the rock formations underwater. So clean and clear!

As expected we had the place all to ourselves. The place where you can leave your things is quite small, that if a big group arrives there won't be enough room for everyone. Luckily it's just us two 128525 few people come here. Mostly divers with gear.

It's not as strict here, they even allowed me to jump and dive as much as I want 128513. They would even allow you to take off your life vests if you are confident enough of your swimming skills. It's deep though.

Over at the right, there is a rock formation wherein you can sit and take pictures of. Some shrimps and fish will come out of the rocks if you are gentle enough and they will frolic around your feet. "Nakaka-kiliti" 128514

We decided to leave because the Sun is beginning to scorch which means it's Lunch time and we have to find a beach spot to chill.

Off we go to our next destination: Smith Beach

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

I know I've said countless of times how Coron has left me breathless but Barracuda Lake even left me more speechless. Encapsulated by sharp limestone formations had kept me wondering where on earth is this lake that I couldn't see from the outside? 🤔 In between the sharp limestone edges, a steep flight of wooden stairs arose, about 40 steps. When I reached the other side of the stairs - low and behold the majestic beauty of the lake 128525🏝 Paradise was awaiting me on the other side of this limestone formations. It was 10084️ at first sight and I never want to leave the lake anymore 1285249728

The lake is also a fascinating place to go diving. The unusual water temperature of the lake called Thermocline can be experienced here. Thermocline is a mixture of two different bodies of water that meets in the middle of the lake, it likewise goes with the change of water temperature as well. The initial layers of the lake composes of fresh water and the temperature is between 27°C to 29°C. Another 5m going down is the salt water section of the lake. And the deeper you go down, you may experience an enormous Halocline and Thermocline mixture, the water temperature starts from 38°C. Asking those who have the experience, they said that its like a black hole with no visibility, the bottom feels like jelly-like texture. Despite the unusual scary experience, it is a must try for the brave souls, something that you will not find anywhere else in the world - the fun in swimming in between the hot and cold water surfaces and even see a line separating these different thermoclines. 972810052

Well, I didn't go diving here but did some snorkeling and swimming, for me, the lake is like a giant pool. So if you can swim without the vest, i suggest you do it and explore the underwater rock formations that got me really fascinated. (see pictures 128247).

At the far end corner, there is this high rock formation that you can climb and make a jump for it. All my friends who were with me, took a splash and jump a couple of times. Though there were other tourists in the area, most of us in the group knows how to swim, so we had that jumping rock all to our group. We had spent about 2 hours at the lake - jumping, free floating, and taking videos of the limestone formation under the lake. It was a work of art. 128524

There is no area to place your things unlike Kayangan Lake, so best to leave your unnecessary stuff at the boat (no one will be able to watch it at the lake as well). If you have a dry bag, then you can bring your valuables and place it in there. 128166

If you have nothing to bring, just snorkeling gear or life vest is a must whether you know how to swim or not. Wear aqua shoes because the rock formations are sharp.

Leave your worries behind and be inspired by the lake's beauty. 1277969728


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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Barracuda Lake was part of our Coron Itinerary.  The boatman mentioned that we have swim under limestone passageway to get to the lake.  Well,  i sat this one out.  Staying by the boat is an obvious choice for me as i do not know how to swim (oh,  the irony of life,  a person who likes the beach cant swim to save her cat). 

The rock formations and the crystal clear water is enough for me.  I am guessing the water in the lake sports the same hue and i am no geologist hence i cant fully appreciate the subtle nuances of sedimentary rocks.  The view from outside is enough for me,  the calm blue waters and the gentle humming of the wind make a perfect day spent. 


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Em D.
5.0 Stars

The Barracuda Lake was probably my favorite stop of our Coron Island Adventure tour. It wasn't as crowded as Kayangan Lake and the view under was just scary... In a good way! The limestone that was under the lake (check bottom left picture -- it seriously felt like I was getting sucked towards it while I took that pic underwater) was just hauntingly beautiful. It felt like beautiful siokoys would suddenly appear and sing Under the Sea to me! #medyonabaliw Are there even good-looking siokoys...

The walk going to the lake wasn't as tiring as the way to Kayangan Lake and the way there definitely felt safer. Also, the lake is called Barracuda Lake because apparently there are five barracudas swimming under the lake... Woohoo living on the edge yo! Haha! Our tour guide said barracuda bites were worse than shark bites... But somehow, that got us even more excited to jump in. #YOLO Them barracudas don't show up as often anyway. Hehe.

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Lito L.
5.0 Stars

not as wide as kayangan lake but much calmer and peaceful. there's less hiking to do to get to the lake as well. much less and on wooden planks! the board walk is narrow, though, and might not fit a big crowd. the barracuda was a no-show as well, but that's alright. a diver said that if it does show up that people shouldn't fear — it doesn't bite. after seeing his audience smile in relief however, he said, "it just swallows". haha!

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