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Fitness Center
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Most Recent Reviews

Christina R.
5.0 Stars

This is intense!!!

I tried this last year and never came back128517128514128557

I love the work out. Really I do. Kaya 5 stars hehe. Trainers are very helpful too. My teacher checked up on me a couple of times and waa patient enough to male sure I was doing the forma correctly. Ive actually recommended this my yoga friends to try out.

But its talagang hard work, to the core talaga. I felt muscles I didn't know existed. I could barely walk days after.

I am just in awe with those that can keep coming back. Grabe, ang galing nyo!

Maybe when Im stronger I'll go back. Maybe128521

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Carolyn V.
5.0 Stars

I have been attending Barre3 even before my pregnancy (since June 2013 to be exact) and I got hooked ever since! I love the way they combined Pilates, yoga, & ballet movements in one whole work out with the use of a bar (like in a ballet studio), weights, ball, mat, & sometimes straps. It's challenging and excellent to improve one's balance or stability and core without any possible injury of a high impact work out! And I definitely saw results in a few weeks.

I am 5 months pregnant now and still quite active with Barre3 (with an approved medical certificate from my doctor ofcourse!). The instructors are quite nice and helpful in showing me the correct poses that are safe for me (pregnancy options). And it definitely soothes my lower back pains and improves my circulation.

Highly recommended! 1108811088110881108811088

Grazie Mille!



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Tara C.
5.0 Stars

Much better than Plana Forma. Mix of yoga, Pilates and yoga 9786

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Marie H.
5.0 Stars

I've been doing barre3 on and off for 3 years now. I started with the program to relieve my back pain, and I was surprised to find myself stronger and more centered. A busy work schedule kept me away for months, but a lingering flu made me realize just how weak my body has become and how much I've missed doing barre3. Hence, I've recently resumed attending barre3 sessions.

I love the stretches and the ballet-inspired exercises (which remind me of ballet classes taken during childhood). The core work is punishing and I'm still learning to embrace the 'shakes' and smile while I'm at it. But more than these physical challenges, I love how they remind us to honor our bodies and be true to ourselves. At the end of each session, my body (and parts heretofore undiscovered) may ache, but my mind is stronger.

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Adrienne S.
5.0 Stars

It's "a hard habit to break."
That's what Barre3 has become for me.

I first started attending Barre3 in 2010. I was intrigued about how it's a combination of Pilates, yoga, and ballet (since it uses a barre as a tool to aid one's balance). And as a new Mom at the time, I was longing for some "me-time" that could also help me get fit. And BARRE3 fit like a glove.

The atmosphere at Barre3 is friendly and encouraging. Most of the instructors have become not just teachers, but friends.

The workout is centered on strengthening the core so expect yoga poses, standing on tippy- toes, knitting your ribs together, and staying in "primary posture." You'll learn how to incorporate the poses even in your daily activities. I found myself being more conscious about straightening up instead of slouching, and proper breathing exercises that make strenuous chores a tad easier to bear.

I still find myself being aligned or corrected by my instructor, even if I've been attending for quite some time. When you give your best (just with practically ANYTHING in life, haha!), expect evident results. You can lose some weight but more than just whittling a waistline, you feel stronger, leaner, more "centered" and relaxed. Hello, endorphins!

Barre3 is challenging and fun and I appreciate the clean shower and restroom and lockers that don't smell like your average musty gym locker.

And I feel like a dancer doing such graceful stretches. I think it also satisfies the "little ballerina" inside when we use that barre.

It takes more than a plié to get fit, but it sure begins with a sure, determined step. Glad I made my way to Barre3. :)

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