Basement Salon

2/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Basement Salon
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Most Recent Reviews

Khaimah B.
4.0 Stars

My hair is relatively straight, despite the absence of hair treatment. However, it is on the bushy side (hindi daw ako sanay magsuklay!) and my hair strands are thick. Because there are quite a number of events that I need to attend, I decided to have my hair treated with keratherapy.

The treatment lasted for almost two hours, which is a surprise for me. The last time I underwent keratin treatment (plus hair color) in another salon, it took the stylist only one and a half hour to finish all services! My stylist, Eric, said that it is normal to undergo two hours of treatment so that the solution will be fully absorbed by my hair. I have to commend Eric and his assistants- they were very accommodating and fun to talk to!

As expected, my hair became straight (but with volume) after the service. Hoping that this manageable hair will last for at least two months! 128539

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Gina C.
5.0 Stars

Came as a walk in. I travel here once every other month and I left home needing a haircut and color. Walked in at 6:30 pm asked for a great stylist and I was fortunate enough to get Freddie!

The cut was awesome. I will plan on using him again!

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Arianna K.
5.0 Stars

I've been going to Basement salon (this branch & otherwise) since I was eleven years old and was old enough for my "big girl" hair cut.

I used to go to Stefan (who now is in shangrila) and he is amazing! Seriously. Amazing.

I now go to Freddie just cos I normally go with my family and they go to this branch.

Their stylists are really good. I always find that I have the best results when I don't tell them what to do. These people are experts, give them free rein and you will not be sorry.

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Krisella V.
4.0 Stars

I have a love-hate relationship with my new haircut. I seriously do.

128077 The length of time it took me to wash my butt-length hair has shortened considerably!
128077 Presko all the time errrtime.
128077 People say it makes me look less tired and more mature (but younger at the same time) so they prefer this. Ano daw!? Defying the rules of nature! Chos!
128077 I love how my hair doesn't make its way into every dish I attempt to eat now.
128077 It feels so healthy and shiny!
128077 I love the smell of the hair products they use. Very sosyal and clean-smelling. Obvious na bagong parlor after you head out haha!
128077 Delicious free drinks and the chocnut at the front desk!

128077 Although I know my hair will grow back, this wasn't the length I asked for initially. The stylist literally cut off 14 inches from my hair without me being emotionally ready when I asked for only 6 inches off (aka trim lang).
128077 It wouldn't cooperate at first, and when I went to a different salon for a blowdry they said that "mali yung pagkagupit" so I'll have difficulty when it comes to managing it (plus the regrowth isn't going to be pretty).
128077 The guy who washed my hair massaged my entire head too vigorously and gave me a slight headache. That and he accidentally put shampoo and sprayed water on my face (although I think this is kind of unavoidable).

I also had my hair colored by Manfred the following day. What can I say, he's super professional and he definitely knows his stuff! He told me he didn't want to put an unnatural looking color on Asian me, and I agreed. I let him work his magic na lang and went from dark brown to light brown with highlights. It's lightening even more with each passing day, but I love it! I'm definitely keeping him as my colorist. 128522

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Anne L.
4.0 Stars

My go-to place whenever I need some me-time. Jun takes care of my hair, he just knows what to do to fix my dry and over treated strands. He also follows instructions well when it comes to trimming my hair, unlike those who chops of foot of your mane when you only said "trim." Oh, and by the way, I like their lemonade!

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Jamie G.
5.0 Stars

I always come here for their waxing services, never for hair. This time, I came with my mom to get her roots fixed (and threading and Kerastase treatment for myself) because Emphasis salon's job made her hair too dry. Well, it was dry to start with, but it's drier than ever now.

Threading wasn't so good. Expensive at P300, no pre-threading preps, biglang sugod nalang si Ate. NOT EVEN BABY POWDER. :/ Job was okay, OR SO I THOUGHT. I was wondering why she didn't pluck baby-baby hair afterwards, I thought, wow, swabe. I checked in their mirror and it was good. Pero pagdating ko sa bahay...NYAY, ang daming babies!!!:/ I guess sira lang talaga mata ko, saka may kakulangan ren sa utak si aketch. That, was fail.

Hair treatment was okay. I don't see any difference after. We'll see.

Mom's hair was DABOMB! Ayan, o, diba, BEAUTY SI MADAMME!! Her normal look is...ayaw ko na magsalita, gago ka ba? Nanay ko yan!!:)) ANYWAY, for that alone, 5 stars!

Love their lemonade, BTW! Fresh na fresh!!

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Charlene N.
4.0 Stars

I had the whole second floor for all by myself!! So exclusive!! The air conditioner was really really cold. Brr. But I didn't complain since I liked it.

I had a manicure in a pinky nude shade which had a cost around Php 300, if I remember that right.

Aimee, the lady who did my nails, apparently was an expert at her job, she was skillful in applying coats of the shade, making sure that it would not end up streaky or too thick.

We all need some pampering once in a while. Yes, even guy looloers, you guys are not an exception! 128133128134

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Gene C.
4.0 Stars

Look for Jun for a haircut! He gave my hair some overdue cut that it has been asking me for. I like the way he cut my hair and follows the contour of my hair's natural growth. I asked for a wash and wear cut and truly believes that he has delivered.

I have to say though, it is expensive to get cuts from them but if you are like me who only go for haircuts 4x a year (max!) then it is all worth it. :)

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Patricia M.
2.0 Stars

I've visited Basement salon a grand total of three times - twice to have my haircut and once for hair and makeup. Although I was generally happy with the outcome, I disliked a few things.

The service here is quite good - the ladies who shampoo and do the manis/pedis are courteous and personable. But I really didn't like the ones who manned reception and the actual stylists. There is a sense of snobbishness about them - almost as if they wouldn't give you the time of day if you weren't a paying customer. How disappointing since they work in a service industry.

I've heard great things about this place and I'm sad I can't rave about it like them. I've been to other salons where I've been treated better. Even the Basement Salon at Shang is much, much more enjoyable a visit than this.

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Reg A.
4.0 Stars

I like their ambiance. It's hip and laid back with an industrial twist to it.

Hair cut services are above average. I have yet to try getting my hair colored at Basement - I hear that hair coloring is their specialty.

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