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Most Recent Reviews

Robert B.
4.0 Stars

With the few places along Pasong Tamo extension, this place with ample parking, stylish interiors, is the place for upper management working in this area. Second time in this place, ordered Pad Thai, Shrimp Cakes, and Chicken w/ Cashew. Everything was ok to good. No misses, good serving sizes, a bit pricey for the regular office lunch but a treat for the occasional office lunch splurge. The food was good for three although might look "kawawa" with only three dishes in front of you. Total bill was P1,600+. I would definitely go back, as it wouldn't disappoint.

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Bibien T.
3.0 Stars

I loved the interiors of Basil both in Katipunan ext. and in Chino Roces. Everything was just beautifully made, hence the +1 star.

My colleague and I ordered their Emerald Chicken, which was just Pandan Chicken. Pandan Chicken is such a simple dish, which shouldn't have been too hard to pull off but unfortunately, they failed.128528 The chicken was very very dry, and the pandan taste was not that evident.

Too bad, because I liked the food in Basil Katipunan, but that was such a long time ago. Maybe I should stick to their Pad Thai next time.

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Jianne J.
1.0 Stars

Service was bad. Waited for more than an hour. Food was cold. Only good thing was the interior and the Tom Yum. Oh, the only thing that got served quickly was the bill.

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Luisa E.
4.0 Stars

Had a must see my best friend dinner here last Friday and it was good just a bit expensive.

We got Tom Yum at php298, it rained that day so soup was a must. It was good but didn't go down smoothly, like some tom yum residue hung on to your throat.

Pad thai at php325 it was yummy, al dente glass noodles in nutty saucy goodness.

Chicken cashew nuts at php295 crispy tender sweet and nutty.

For dessert Thai staple, sticky rice with mangoes, beautiful presentation the rice was soft sweet and sticky plus refreshing mangoes.

All these were good for 2 128109

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Cindy A.
3.0 Stars

Walking in basil is like walking into a thai spa with very strong scent of citronella.

Ambience-wise it can be a good date place.

However the food was unremarkable.

Papaya salad - taste is reminiscent of the ones I eat in bangkok. This is the only dish I liked. Although when I asked it to be less spicy, they completely removed the spice which was disappointing. I still wanted it to have a little spice.

Pork with honey - basically melt in your mouth hamonado. Couldn't taste any thai-ness to it.

Pad thai - i liked the chewy noodles but tasted a bit bland for my taste.

Pineapple fried rice - basic fried rice with pineapple. Again no thai-ness to it.

Chicken pandan (emerald chicken) - smallest pandan chicken i've ever had. Juicy despite its tiny size. Sesame dip is surprisingly complementing to the chicken.

Mango sticky rice - it's so-so. The mango was also sour.

Would I come back? I don't think so.

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Jojo S.
3.0 Stars

Beef Red Curry - could be better. The beef pieces were very few which means this is s pricey dish,

Shrimp Fried Rice - loved it! A little greasy but ok.

Thai Money Bag - wifey loved it but I wasn't too enthused. It's like fried siomai basically.

Thai Iced Tea - still prefer Som's

Service was good. The server always poured water in my glass everytime he sees it half full.

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Monique A.
3.0 Stars

Place is like a sanctuary ... ambience lighting , lots of greens (very Thai) complete with indoor water features... Feels like ur walking in a luxurious tropical Balinese home . Tables are far apart, very spacious, high ceiling , ambient music...very calming. But citronella scent was too strong ... I'm sure they drove off all the mosquitos & maybe some of the patrons too... Lol

Fresh spring rolls tasted good but it had a very strong leafy taste to it. Imagine randomly picking some leaf and eating it... Hahaha... it almost tasted bitter at one point . I need to add a generous amount of sauce to overpower the bitter taste.

Prawn cake ... dry .. A tad over cooked

Thai spicy seafood soup (tom yum)... not rich or creamy enough , too tangy for my taste & not spicy enough... Just tasted wrong

Chicken green curry & bagoong rice were nothing to write home about

Wagyu spicy beef.. Tender ... Sweet & spicy, only dish good to come back for

Chicken panda(emerald chix) was the smallest I've seen ..smaller than my spoon.. Definitely not value for money (pic on the middle)

Soft shell crab was battered and deep fried to a crisp topped with chilli & salt... I would have preferred the sauce to have more acidity since it's deep fried to lessen the umami effect

Service was okay.. Buy it's only just a few tables when I visited .. A little more smile would be nice & they did forget to serve us our drinks & so we cancelled

I think I'm okay with having tried it once

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Theresa E.
5.0 Stars

After three unsuccessful attempts, Basil's Thai food finally landed my palate. And how I liked it!!!

I have always been saying my taste for Thai food is acquired that's why It's so discriminating compared to my taste for Filipino or Italian food that I seem to have been born with. I am always on the lookout for best tasting Thai food and when Basil was introduced to me through word of mouth, I just had to mark it in my "Must Try" list.

So we did order Pad Thai, soft shell crab, beef green curry and prawns in garlic and pepper. For desserts, we had the customary sticky rice with mango and Thai halo-halo (funny how they call it halo-halo). It was the kind of meal that we colloquially say "walang itatapon". My favorite though is the prawns in garlic and pepper. It has that sweetness and saltiness that is just so perfectly balanced and one that leaves a wonderful after-taste in your mouth. The crunchiness is perfect but it seems like there is no hint of grease in it. This is the best Thai cuisine that I have tasted in a long time.

The ambience I must say is nice. It has cozy interiors and even though it's tucked away in what looks like a warehouse type of building in Pasong Tamo, you would never feel the hollowness and humidity. It's kind of well ventilated because of the high ceilings and it's wide enough that there is not that claustrophobia-inducing feeling you get from the usual hole-in-the wall Thai restaurants.

But I must say it is really the food that so excites me. When I told my eldest son who is my regular food buddy about it, he demanded that I must take him there. So I will go .... again and again!

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Christina M.
4.0 Stars

I didn't know this place existed in Makati! It's really a hidden gem given the good food and the fact that it's BEHIND another building, so you really won't see it at all passing along Pasong Tamo. There was a decent crowd when we got there, so I'm guessing word of mouth is making this place popular.

First thing I noticed is the aesthetic of Basil. The interiors are so so pretty! Really well designed. Good date place!

Onto the food:
- Shrimp cakes: these were standard. Nothing to write home about.
- Chicken green curry: this was drowning in sweet curry sauce, which is exactly how I like my curry!
- Thai sisig: quite tasty, but it was too spicy for my liking.
- Crispy fish with three-flavored sauce: winner! This is the best fish! I forgot my table manners, I really dissected the fish to eat every last bit of it (including scraping it down). It's crunchy and sweet! So yummy.
- Sticky rice w/ mango: this was also standard. But then again I'm not really a fan of this dessert anywhere.
- Thai halo-halo: omg! I didn't think id like this dessert as much as I did! Creamy and refreshing. Yum!
- Thai iced tea: this was awesome also. Similar to Som's in taste (which has my favorite Thai iced tea), but this is served as a slush.

Basically, if you order the right dishes, this is a great place! Wonderful ambiance!

Btw if Pasong Tamo is too far, I heard that they also have a branch in White Plains.

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Bunny C.
4.0 Stars

When I found out I was going to be a mother, I was sure of 2 things: I will teach my son to love reading and I will help him expand his palette.

My little boy is 7 now and last month, I decided to introduce him to Thai food. So we headed over to the newly-opened Basil in Makati and ordered the shrimp fried rice, chicken Pandan and beef ribs. (Also had some spicy Tom yum for myself)

And it was a success! He liked everything! And I liked everything!

Thank you, Basil!

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