Baste & Taste

Boxpark, 73 Blk. 2 Lot 28 Congressional Ave. Ext., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Baste & Taste
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Pauie P.
3.0 Stars

We ordered Pepperoni Pizza here for Php175 10" in size. Not so good either. We just wanted something to eat for sharing.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Finally had the chance to visit Box Park. Got there a little past 5 but the side street was already packed with cars so we had to park at the nearby establishment.

First stop was Baste and Taste. We ordered their Cheese Pizza, 6 slices. The taste was simple but I liked the nice crunch of the crust. I should be back to try their other offerings.

Service was just okay. I wish the staff would smile more. 128524

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

Chicken Béchamel (180pesos) The dough wasn't that good and the onions were too big. According to my sister who the Béchamel dishes was too sweet.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

I'm back!!!

Sorry, everyone! I know it has been a while since I've posted anything. I've been stuck in Baguio since August, and have not been able to go outside of my vicinity until yesterday. 128513

Cutting to the chase, and leaving out unimportant details, I managed to get away from The City of Pines and headed my way down to Manila. The first place I wanted to try out was Box Park.

Box Park is a community of food stalls that serve your palate cravings; food ranges from Thai, Japanese fusion, American, Mexican, Filipino and a few others. There are a couple of places I would like to speak on, but first, I would like to speak on a particular stall: Baste & Taste.

As a future restaurateur, I love speaking to owners and chefs to gain insights on running a restaurant, and if their passion for food is the same as mine.

Baste & Taste is owned and managed by a magnanimous couple who's mission it is to serve food that's authentic as it can possibly be from the experiences they've had traveling the world. I have to say the owners' experience and passion for food is grand. I was able to tell from our stories, exchanging recipes, and the enthusiasm they had when we [spoke] about food.

During our long conversation, I was chowing down on their Pesto Margherita and Peri-Peri chicken. Both dishes were delicious!

I'm sorry, but I would have to disagree with Jayson J on their pizza. Yes, the pizza's crust is not freshly made, but it is delicious nonetheless. It's not overwhelmed by cheese, sauce and toppings. By doing so, it helps compliment each other so we will be able to taste the different flavors that was put into the pizza, unlike Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and other well-known establishments. In authentic Italian pizza, ingredients are simple and not overpowered by toppings. When it comes to the crust, it was well-executed, even if it was not hand-tossed. The outer crust had a wonderful crunch, with a nice, chewy center.

What many have to account for, myself included, is the space that all food stalls in Box Park have to deal with. Each stall's area is not big. To have to make dough, finding space to raise the dough, toss dough in a small "box" is nearly impossible with the other dishes these stalls have to cook. But let's agree to disagree. 9996🏼128513

Their pièce de résistance, I would have say is their Peri-Peri chicken. The marinade they use is bold and full of flavor; and with it being flame grilled, the chicken remained juicy. 128513 Kudos to the management and staff!

Until next time, Baste & Taste!!

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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

What's inside the boxpark? This is the only pizza place inside. They serve round or rectangular pizza. We ordered the pepperoni which was the best seller.

Okay. That's why it's cheap cause it aint that “authentic” pizza. They use flat bread. As in flat na bread. The pepperoni were cool... Here goes.... The pizza powder taste. Really. That was some pizza powder i recognized from the shake shake fries ng mcdonalds. That aint gonna do the trick. Cheese is boring. Tomato sauce... Uhm.. Tasted like lotsa pizza for me.
Maybe next time i shouldnt order pizza.

I wonder.. Is it pronounced bas-te (possible nickname) or beist?

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Still part of my foodtrip with Kara G last week!128522

We decided to try as many places as we could when we were there... Tried the pork cracklings from Porkfolio, the cheese and bacon fries from The Fry Guys, and the carbonara from Baste and Taste... Kara's choice as she was craving for some pasta for a while and she found the perfect time to satisfy the craving...

I have to agree that the carbonara was nothing special, but still very filling... I liked the creaminess and of course, the bacon!10084️ For me, I would have wanted it to be a bit saltier, it was a bit bland to my palette, but I'm all for satisfying food cravings!128525 Glad you got to munch on some pasta cuz!128077

We were there pretty early, so we had no trouble finding seats... We partly watched the crowd, laughed and chatted til late... We were lucky to be there during a cool night, which was conducive to catching up al fresco style... We also wanted to try the churros but we were kind of full already, so best to reserve it for another time!128522

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Kara G.
4.0 Stars

Disclaimer: ung pasta lang ung galing sa Baste and Taste 128516

Had dinner here with the cousin after my OJT and thank God she's an authority on the best and cheapest places to eat, hence my first visit to Box Park.

I had been craving for pasta so I got the carbonara. Simple and usual carbonara, nothing special, but was very satisfying and really hit the spot. It wasn't too salty or bland, just the right amount of seasoning and sauce and bacon 1285239786

Apparently, the owners had the ingenius idea to use shipping containers as the foundations for the stalls, hence the name of the place. We got there at around 6PM on a weekday but the crowd started coming in shortly thereafter.

Can't wait to come back and taste all the other food!


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