Batad Rice Terraces

Batad Trail, Batad, Banaue, Ifugao

Batad Rice Terraces
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Mc S.
5.0 Stars

Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

Famously known as the Banaue Rice Terraces and became one of the 8th wonders of the world. It was my first time visiting Banaue since i was born. I only see it in Books and Pictures. And now it is right infront of me I can smell the freshness of the air and feel it. I did not miss the chance to take as much photo as i can. I can’t explain how happy i am to see the perfectly man-made rice terraces. I learned from the locals that these rice fields were passed through generations to generations. And they also practice Organic farming which makes their products so special and healthy. It was an extraordinary experience indeed. I would definitely go back and recommend it with my friends and fellow travellers.


Famoso conocido como las terrazas de arroz de Banaue y se convirtió en una de las octavas maravillas del mundo. Era mi primera vez visitando Banaue desde que nací. Sólo lo veo en libros y fotos. Y ahora está justo enfrente de mí puedo oler la frescura del aire y sentirlo. No me perdí la oportunidad de tomar tanta foto como puedo. No puedo explicar lo feliz que estoy de ver las perfectamente hechas por el hombre terrazas de arroz. Aprendí de los lugareños que estos campos de arroz pasaron de generación en generación. Y también practican la agricultura ecológica que hace sus productos tan especiales y saludables. Fue una experiencia extraordinaria. Sin duda volveré y lo recomiendo con mis amigos y compañeros de viaje.

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Alana B.
5.0 Stars

This place is an absolute must go if you come to the Philippines. .. totally worth taking the night bus from manila to be here and be in the moment of the beauty that this place has to offer. From the accommodation that I was staying at I booked at or where the driver will take you to the entrance of where the path begins to do the Rice Terrace Trek. There's a gorgeous waterfall that you should reach after 1 hour and a half of hiking down the Rice Terraces. In town you can enjoy all of the delicious and cheap local food. Also I was able to hire a lady to come to my room and give me a massage and it was so wonderful.

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John S.
4.0 Stars

Batad - Barlig Reverse Traverse our trail going to Mt.Amuyao. 2000 years in the making, before i only read it on books but now im walking on the so called "pilapil". UNESCO World Heritage 128525

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Mitzi B.
5.0 Stars

They say it's the best among the 5 rice terraces included in the Unesco World Heritage Site because of it's ampitheatre like structure.
After 8.5 hrs bus ride to Banaue, we toploaded a jeep going to Batad for 1 hour. We arrived at the new saddle point (maybe 1 km down the old one), registered, rented a walking stick (must!) and off we go for a 45 mins downhill walk to Batad town. Our guide said we are lucky because we had good weather that day. The sun peeked out after it rained the past 5 days. That explains the muddy trail. It was an exercise just to reach our homestay. Downhill stairs and boulders. Mud. I cringed at the thought of going uphill at these trail tomorrow when we go back.

We stayed at Ramon's homestay and after putting down our things we are set to trek the terrace best view deck and nearby Tappiyah Falls. Balancing yourself walking around the terraces was definitely not easy. The walking stick was the best 10 pesos I've spent. We spent 3.5 hours trek roundtrip to our homestay.

*Php1715 per pax inclusive of jeep transpo from Banaue to Batad, Guide Fee, overnight stay at Ramon's Homestay, Batad tourist fee, van from Batad to Sagada (drop off only).

**Batad is out of coverage area for any mobile network.

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Sheena D.
5.0 Stars

I celebrated the big 3-0 in Batad! Yes, not in any fancy place, nor in any of my favorite beaches, but in the mountain. Guys, Batad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Nevermind that we had to take the bus for nine hours, and trek from Batad Saddle to Mang Ramon's Homestay for almost two hours, it was worth it. Seriously. It wouldn't be everyday that you'd get to wake up and see the rice terraces up close.

When we arrived in the homestay, we decided to rest and visit the Tappiyah Falls the following morning. With the amazing view of the rice terraces, we trekked to Tappiyah Falls. It wasn't easy, no kidding. It was an up and down on steep and uneven steps. But the view will be worth it. Promise.

The following morning, we visited the best view deck, which was an easy trail as compared to the one going to the falls. This was on the day of my birthday. It was like being one with nature.

Batad is a wonderful place, away from the disturbance of the modern world. Auhm, there is no cellular signal in Batad, so it was social media break for us, and saying hello to human interaction again. Thanks Batad for the superb memories of my 30th!

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Jay R.
5.0 Stars

Batad Rice Terraces is an hour away from the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. From Banaue, you can rent a jeepney, a van or a tricycle going to Batad. From the jumpoff point, there will be a 30-minute walk going to the terraces. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the friendly locals. There are restaurants in area so don't worry about the food.

The view is just breathtaking. You have the option to go around the terraces as long as you have a tour guide. You can also visit Tappiya Falls which is roughly an hour away from the viewing deck. I have to warn you though, the trek will be difficult so make sure you're in good condition prior to the hike. Fill up your water bottles!

Batad Rice Terraces for me is the best among the terraces in Mountain province with its amphitheater-like form. I visited the place twice and it never failed to amaze me on each of my visits. The place will make you feel proud as a Filipino because these terraces were made by our ancestors without the influence of the Spaniard, Japanese and American colonizers. This place, I can say, is truly ours. Tatak Pinoy!

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Kathleen T.
5.0 Stars

Banaue Rice Terraces is quite popular as it is one of our country's pride, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a former contributor to the Seven Wonders of the World. Some Filipinos even call it as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and beyond this terraces are many more rice terraces in Banaue, Ifugao. What's in the photo is the Batad Rice Terraces, it's not as popular as Banaue, but some locals say it's more magestic than the Banaue Rice Terraces.

Last week, we went to Batad to finally unleash and explore its unpopular beauty, and yes, we were not disappointed, unluckily, we came after the harvest season which made our visit kinda muddy and we were not also able to see much greens as the crops were already harvested. Tip: do some reasearch regarding Batad Rice Terraces in its greenest because that's when it's advised to go here! :)

Although muddy, it's still beautiful! What more during its planting season? We trekked an hour to reach the highest point of the terraces and the reaaaallly exhausting way up was really worth it. It's such a great escape to Manila's urban jungle, all you can feel at this place are nothing but fresh air, the calming sound of mother nature, really nice locals and a piece of paradise. We even got the chance to watch the locals do their cultural dance and their music when they're serenading or celebrating a certain occasion in their traditional Ifugao clothes. You'll also be amazed with how hardworking the Ifugao's are. I've met an old lady there who is already 66 years old and she can tirelessly trek for hours everyday, plant a bunch of crops, offer a massage to tourists, be a housewife and even perform a cultural show (she's one of the performers I have witnessed)

Batad is a humble yet magnificent place to be at. If you have an obsession with nature, this shouldn't be missed in your bucket list! And oh, there's a beautiful waterfall here! Check my first review for that ;)

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