Batlag Falls

Batlag Trail, Tanay, Rizal

Batlag Falls
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SherieAnn O.
5.0 Stars

A 10 minute walk from Daranak is Batlag Falls.. But don't worry, the trek will be easy because of the trails.. Recommending to enjoy the trek with friends.. After 10 minutes of panting like a dog, we have reached this hidden gem.. this gem is way way way better than daranak.. peaceful, clear waters, clean and a perfect backdrop for your instagram wall.. unlike daranak, batlag falls is less crowded probably because of the higher price of entrance fee.. there were just a few people dipping in the waters.. entrance fee here is 100 pesos only..

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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

If you are looking for a quick nature trip near manila, I would recommend rizal 128524

I was able to visit 3 water falls all in 1 day.
Batlag Falls, Daranak Falls, and Hinulugang taktak.

I'll be making a separate reveiw for each falls, and I'll start with the best one.

Batlag Falls.

This falls is directly above Dranak falls. It has this virgin forest feels with 2 main water falls. Luckily the water was blue when we went. And I must say that this is one of the best waterfalls I've ever been to. 128525

It gave me a chance to appreciate nature to a higher extent, swimming through cold water with trees and vines above 128524

Entrance fee is 50 per head, you can also rent tables and cottages around, the price depends on your haggling skills. We got ours for free 128527

I recommend to come here as early as you can, we arrived at around 6:40am and we got our place by ourselves until around 8 128524

A hidden paradise indeed 128524

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4.0 Stars

From Daranak Falls, entrance going to Batlag is another Php 100.00 per head, mas mahal. Siguro mas Peaceful at mas Okay. 128540

Finally, nakakita na rin kami ng maayos na place. Mas peaceful nga, mas serene at MAS KAUNTING TAO... Not that CROWDED! 128515

I think this was the first falls I ever experienced way back in year 2005. Nandun pa rin yung Giant Trunk. Pero inalis na sa gitna. 128165

We had our lunch, few drinks and ang SARAP MALIGO sa Batlag Falls ng hindi masyadong crowded. 127946🏼 Feeling malinis paliguan. 128514 kasi kaunti tao. Hahaha

Batlag Falls is located at Tanay, Rizal

#Johnkulotadventure 12851510084️ #BatlagFalls

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I have been fastened to a pile of tasks to complete for several weeks. I was pining for a quick getaway but even a 2-day trip to a nearby beach was impossible. I was close to quitting social media with all the incessant posts of #unanghiritsataginit. A quick escape from work and the busy city was much needed so I asked help from travel blogs. I researched on quick getaways and the province of Rizal was mostly mentioned. I read a lot of posts about Tinipak river and Mount Daraitan but both did not give me that fire in the belly. Next in line were Daranak and Batlag Falls. These two neighboring waterfalls have mixed reviews. As I flipped through blog pages, some bloggers were insanely crazy about these falls while other's think that they are too crowded and littered. I scratched off the surface after all the reading and realized that it was all about timing. The real question is, "is timing relevant during summer?" No matter what day or time it is, people flock resorts and nearby holiday spots. After weighing things out, I decided to leave on a Wednesday morning, 8:00 AM, and it took me an hour from Pasig to get there.

Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls are 5 minutes apart from each other, by foot. You have to start with Daranak Falls because it is your only way to access Batlag. The place looked developed with canteens, souvenir shops and cottages surrounding Daranak. They charge PHP50 entrance fee for adults and PHP30 for children. To my surprise, Daranak Falls was already swarmed with people that early and on a weekday. I wanted to have the place for myself but my request was too impossible. I stayed at Daranak Falls for half an hour and moved to the next stop. (I will be reviewing Daranak separately).

Before you can even hike to Batlag Falls, another fee is required. They charge PHP100 for adults and PHP50 for kids. I already expected that after all the reading so no big deal, it was part of my budget. So I marched a few steps up and my prayers were answered, alone with nature. Weird! There's probably over a hundred people in Daranak and no one wants to shed 100 bucks to see this beauty.

Batlag Falls and Daranak have their own distinct feature. Batlag has two waterfalls found side by side with a crest separated by a trim of land and two plunge pools. One is about 4 feet deep while the other one is about 10 to 15 feet deep. The place was surrounded with high-reaching trees and the brisk gust of wind was very relaxing, it was time to breathe easy. I dipped in the cold, blue water and went to the base of the falls. The drop of water was not too heavy and the cascade was so smooth and unbending. I had the entire place all to myself for an hour and it was remarkable. Paying PHP100 extra was nothing compared to what I have seen and experienced. It's priceless.

I never expected to see something beautiful given it's proximity to the city. I will highly recommend visiting Batlag Falls only if you plan your trip very well. Again, it is all about timing. Also, if it rained the day before your trip, don't bother.

According to the management, the plunge pool's color is not always blue. So timing nga haha


There are passenger vans in Starmall, Mandaluyong bound for Tanay. You can get off either at Tanay Church or the main terminal. Fare is PHP70. From there, you can hire a trike going to Daranak Falls for PHP150.

Another option for you is to ride a passenger jeep or FX near Gateway Cubao bound for Antipolo. Fare is PHP40. From Antipolo, ride another jeep bound for Tanay. Fare is PHP30.

You can also bring your own car. I parked outside the resort and paid PHP30.

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Jonas R.
3.0 Stars

If you've been following the Enteng Kabisote series, Batlag Falls in Tanay, Rizal is the location shoot of the magical kingdom of Encantasia. The waterfalls is just few walks away from Daranak. But unlike Daranak, the entrance to Batlag costs as much as PhP 100

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