Bauschmann Café

127 Congressional Ave. cor. Sta. Gertrudes St., Congressional, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Bauschmann Café
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BerryFaithy C.
4.0 Stars

This is our usual tambayan whenever we have biglaan sessions. It's near our place where you can drink beer or just eat deserts while chatting with barkada. You can stay inside the cafe which is airconditioned or outside if you have friends who needs to smoke. They even have videoke rooms if you feel like singing your heart out. Haha! Bbq, isaw na baboy at manok and pork sisg is our usual order here. They have crispy pata too.

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Dionne D.
3.0 Stars

This place is good for chill out. Booze talk the prices are so affordable a must try barbecues, tengga, isaw etc...

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Ah yes, this cafe. After all these years, I was finally able to try it. And boy, the long drive was worth it (5 mins away from home).

Been passing this place every day. My cousin and I were looking for a place to hangout near our area and then Bauschmann Cafe popped on looloo's Explore. We went here as soon as we can to relax and talk about random things.

WARNING: this is not a fancy place. BUT it's enough for people who just wanna relax and have a drink. Let's just say that this is more like Tides but in a smaller scale. They have all the must have lights of a bar and all the other stuff for it to be called a bar. Well, it's a cafe too. They have an air-conditioned area where you can try their ______ food. <sorry, but when we came here, the food shelf didn't have any food so I have no idea what the cafe sells>

The bar area is enough for me. A couple of tables, rnb music, xmas lights all over the place, etc. It's your typical inuman place.

I also liked their service. The server was very polite and helpful. He immediately recommended their best sellers like adobong goat, sisig, and tenga ng pig. We ordered the goat and man, it was awesome!

The meat was very tender. It tasted good too! For ____, it was all worth it. (I'm pretty sure it was cheap)

We also ordered a bucket of beer (210). They serve Lights, Pilsen, RH, and SMB Apple. We got 3 SMB Apples and 3 Lights (1 bucket). It was cold but it ain't below zero.

They also have cocktails like frozen margaritas, volcano, etc. They also have non-alcoholic drinks such as teas and shakes.

We also ordered pork isaw. It was good! I really liked how they grilled it. The seasoning mixed with it was well done. Awesome ang timpla!

We spent a total of 533. Not bad for 1 bucket of beer, 1 adobong kambing, 1 iced tea, and 5 pork isaws. They also have someone to guard your precious porsche!

Free parking here folks! But they can only accommodate 7 cars. It's a small place.

This is a hole in the wall folks! Try this place out when you're in the Project 8 area or if you're somewhere near congressional ave.

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Angelica T.
5.0 Stars

Good place to chill out. Everything is super affordable and please do try out their best seller adobong kambing128016. It's very flavorful and the toasted garlic in it was amazing. The other food to try is the isaw ng baboy128055. Sarap ng timpla. This place overall is super swak!128077128077128077128079128079128079

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