Bay's Inn

Buton St., Baler, Aurora

Bay's Inn
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Mon V.
2.0 Stars

Visited Baler for the first time and this is the very first restaurant we went to because some of my friends have mentioned that this place is good. Not! I think i'm not the only one here who was told by their crew that for an ala carte order it would take around 45mins to an hour, an hour! It was only 11AM on a Saturday and there were only around 4 tables occupied out of i think 20-25 tables max. We just left and transferred to Baler Surfers Grill who served food a lot faster (not even 15 mins) and the food there was great!

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Jackie S.
2.0 Stars

If you search online the places you should eat at Baler, Bay's Inn Restaurant would definitely be there.

We ordered their spicy seafood pizza, garlic friend chicken and beef with broccoli.

The interior design of the place was fantastic but Service was bad. We were told by the waiter that waiting time for the food we ordered was 1 hour and 30 minutes even if the place wasn't full.

I hoped that the wait would be worth it but only the chicken was good and there wasn't really anything special about it. It was just good tasting, crunchy, fried chicken.

I wouldn't recommend this place to my friends.

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Grace R.
1.0 Stars

HOTEL - Dilapidated rooms, cockroach everywhere, not accommodating.. DINNER TIME - when we placed our order we felt the waiter didnt want us to dine there by telling us we are 9th table to be served and it will take awhile for our order to be served. Finally, after an hour or so, my friends orders came out EXCEPT mine. When I confronted the waiter he said he didn't recall such order. Grabe! Next... We were not told that the crispy pata is spicy.. Yet we never heard them apologize for all their mistakes.... BREAKFAST - our very simple cornsilog took them 1.5 hours to cook to think they are aware of 100% occupancy that weekend.... I found that they only have 2 cooks... Hayyy!!!! CHECKING OUT - I paid using credit card. When I got my payment slip and card they OVERCHARGED me by Php 1,000!!! We drove 6 hours expecting to experience a stress free long weekend but it turned out the other way...
Seriously, this hotel needs 110% overhaul else they should close down!!!! Seriously!

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Drea H.
3.0 Stars

It has been two years since I visited Baler and a lot has changed. I still remember the first time we got here every place we go to they serve Buffet and for 150 pesos only you are so full. Bay's Inn at that time is just a simple shack. Now, it's good to know they have improved the ambiance but sad to say their food is just so so plus we waited an hour and a half for it. We just ordered their Silog dish and for 105 hmm nothing special.

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Carlo C.
1.0 Stars

This was what our table looked like after 2 hours of waiting. Foodless. In a half full resto on a monday night. If youre hungry, dont eat here.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Enjoyed staying here! Loved the breakfast of tocino and eggs, great after, ummm, water sports! I did not surf, haha, not yet anyway (may balak!)... 128563128513128523
Nice enough rooms, good overall ambience and good food! Not a bad stay indeed!128077

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Fatzimuh G.
4.0 Stars

Nice Ambiance!!
Food's great!
I love their foooood! Big portions, tasty, reasonably priced!

Sauteed Squid
Blue Marlin in Gata
Lechong Kawali
Pork Sinigang
Crispy Fried Chicken

Cheesy Omelet (best cheese 0melet I ever had)

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Jennie V.
4.0 Stars

Everyone always recommends Bay's Inn for buffet breakfast when going to Baler. There was rice, bread, eggs, corned beef, longganisa, tocino, fish steak, french toast, veggies, fruits this morning. Pretty good for P170. Better to eat here when you're famished after surfing!

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