B&B Burgers and Brewskies

Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

B&B Burgers and Brewskies
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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

I went here quite a while back now. I visited my Cebuana friend who was transferred to Shangri-La at the Fort Manila and she asked me to take her around. Typically, this was also my chance to try new places in BGC. 128568 We had dinner in Applebee's and then we wanted to cap off the night just right. We were supposed to go to my favorite pub, Rue Bourbon in Burgos Circle but it was full. 128575 So we decided to go to B&B: Burgers and Brewskies.

We were so full from dinner that even though the B&B food menu looked so good, we just went for the drinks. J went for Brew Kettle and I had my usual Stella Artois. Both were served nice and chilled so we didn't even ask for beer mugs. I really enjoyed my pilsner right from the bottle. 127867

My guest ordered from their B&B Signature cocktails menu and boy was I glad that she did because I got to try the beverage too. 128568 She had the Calamansi Pie Martini and it was delicious! 127864On the menu it said it was tangy and creamy with graham crumbs on the rim of the glass, a perfect end to a heavy meal. It really was just that! It was very refreshing and at the same time not cloying. I really liked this lady's drink!

I would really come back to try their food and more from the bar menu! 128568

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4.0 Stars

After our lunch at Gringo The Fort, I went to B&B Burgers and Brewskies to avail the Buy One Take One Promo every Tuesday.

I got Half Dozen (each) Buffalo Wings served with Bleu Cheese and Salt and Pepper Wings served with Seasoned Vinegar for Php235.00, paired with Kettle Brew for Php75.00.

Both wings are thick and flavorful, especially the Buffalo Wings.

Buffalo Wings - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Salt and Pepper Wings - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Credit to the servers who helped and assisted me outside their restaurant to have a nice photos.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Emma Jane C.
4.0 Stars

Love their tuesday wings promo :) service was great considering when we were here it was lunch time.

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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

Their Kandi burger is really good! Ambience is nice. Service was efficient and fast. 128076🏼127828128523

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Ochie P.
5.0 Stars

Love their Kandi burger.. I've also tried Call the Nurse and it's pretty good too.

B&B is one of my favorite places to go to :)

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Anjec N.
4.0 Stars

We went there on a whim. We were supposed to go home but my friend just thought of burgers so supposedly we will go to another burger joint and we went to this other store but well, light bulb! If we want to splurge for a burger then why not try Burgers and Brewskies?

It's located at the heart of the Burgos Circle, a very much high-end part of BGC where a lot of really nice restaurants come together. Don't worry, judging by how big their signage is, you'll have no problem knowing where exactly they are.

The Place
It's in BGC, and when you're here in BGC, you have to live up to the name- and they do. The restaurant is a simplified pub serving burgers and brew (I guess, hence the name). It was a two-storey building with a few al fresco seating for smokers and alike, high chairs and tables inside and your regular dining tables and chairs upstairs. Although the second floor looks like more of a stock room vibe. Maybe they should take a second look on that.

Their toilet is fairly clean and proper, it's actually unisex. Tissues are available, dimly lit but it can do.

Air-conditioning is comfortable too. I'm very particular with this because let's face it, there are other restaurants that will make you think you're not welcome by blasting their aircon high down the freezing level. The chairs and table don't sag (yes, I notice that too, imagine how annoying it is to eat on a rocking table)

I adore their lighting in the second floor. Spot on, I guess. That's what I dream of having in my kitchen someday. Overall, a 4.2 rating. :)

The Burgers
We had the Philly, Pendong and the Call the Nurse burgers. Out of 5 stars? Around 4.0.

Philly (PhP 250.00)
It's burger with a lot of vegetables. It's a Cheesesteak version, but it's in a burger, so well done! Cheese is oozing, with cabbage, red bell peppers and onions.
One of the things that I like about it is it's not that salty and it's not that overwhelming. As I have mentioned, the cheese is everywhere. I don't know if that's pure cheese or with something blended in it but it's not overpowering. It blends really well with the patty. You can taste the saltiness with pepper and the other ingredients well. It doesn't make you full immediately and ung 'umay' feeling is not there.

Pendong Burger (PhP 275.00)
The simplified burger with mangoes. It's innovative, really good. There wasn't a lot of cheese, but if you ordered the Buffalo wings with the cheese dip, it's good to spare a few smears and put it on your burger.

The mangoes are a welcome ingredient in the burger world. It supplied the sour part of it which is surprisingly good with the beef and the other ingredients. It doesn't have a lot of sauce, but it stood on its own.

Call the Nurse
Burger with bacon, mac and cheese, patty and cabbage. It is big for people who have small appetite. The mac and cheese is spot-on. A few bites and you're already full. Again, the creativity is amazingly well-executed. The mac and cheese provided the salty-sweet taste. The bacon is sweet, so yep. Goodie good good. The ingredient arrangement is also well-thought.

But... it would help too if you can toast the buns a bit before serving them. They're too soft for my liking.

Buffalo Wings
It's not that hot. I guess it's the preference, but it would be nice if we have that option to make it even hotter. The dip was very tasty too as it complements the citrus-y hot wings.

A few thoughts...
Their burgers need a meat binder because once you received your burger in a beautiful plating and made your first cut, all hell will break lose and then you'll end up eating like you ordered a salad. I have to say, this is a big deal for me because I love burgers, and I BELIEVE that they're not meant to be eaten with a knife and a fork. You know, they should be eaten the way it should be. One or two hands, gripping the burger with me, struggling to contain its insides. That was more fun than actually trying to make sense of what I had on my plate. And I had the Philly with all of the red bell pepper and onion there-- it feels like I just had a salad.

Using a meat binder will help form a firmer and juicier beef patty. The ingredients are all over the place. Seriously. Considering the amount of cheese they put in there, it's like a cheesy gooey massacre (sounds delicious but it's not fun to eat).

Oh, and try the brews! We haven't (wussy)- You should!

The Plating
Really nice actually, I don't usually take pictures before I eat, but I had to. The burgers look irresistibly delicious (see photos, and my phone's camera is just so damn good too)

Anyway, when it arrived, I was thinking that I should have wrapped the paper around the burger, but that didn't work because the wrapper was too small and really fragile so we end up eating it fine-dining style. I guess what put me off was those factors-- the teeny tiny fragile paper and the fact that it was served on a plank of wood. There were cutlery so we cut away. I accidentally cut through the paper and the plank of wood was exposed. For the sake of culinary arts, just let go of the fact that sometimes, there will be bits of papers in your food because of that. With the mayo and cheese? It's hard to tell them until you're already chewing it.

There's Wifi, so it's good and they have this cool press thingy on the tables, by which you can summon the waiter without going down or wait by chance that some waiter will pass by. Just have to press Service, if you need anything, Bill, if you want to bill out and Cancel if you're already good or you just happened to accidentally press the two buttons mentioned above. It was nifty.

The servers have no nameplates, so just a suggestion, it may help if they do have one, so we don't call "Kuya or sir". We don't want the whole room to pause their business and turn to us.

Overall experience
A 4-star experience. I suggest you really check them out. I love the way they experimented on burgers and put their creative ideas within them. Not partnering them with fries was freaking ingenious. It gives the burger its own chance to stand alone in all its glory, it makes you appreciate them more.

Thank you for serving us that time. I would say thank you to the 'Kuya' who served us but I don't know his name. Anyway, I'll be coming back to try your other burgers and wings (TUESDAY PEOPLE! GO THERE ON TUESDAY! BUY 1, TAKE 1 ON THEIR WINGS!)

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Haidee C.
4.0 Stars

Good burgers! Good times with friends. We ordered the following: philly (big pic) top to bottom to right Hector Salamanca,Call the ER, Call the Nurse, Kandi, Pendong and not in pic Cloud. Hector Salamanca was extremely hot, so if you like spicy cheesy one this is the burger for you it would crawl down to your throat. Call the Nurse is a burger with Mac and cheese and a bacon on top. Call the ER just double everything in Call the Nurse. Philly is like your philly cheesesteak. Kandi is a cheeseburger with candied bacon on top. I forgot what's in Pendong. For those who love shitake mushrooms then Cloud is your option. Patty was really nice but the bread was a bit dry. Then they have a whole lot of imported beers to choose from.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

We got the crispy bacon on the side. Amazing. Parang it felt so wrong to eat this.

We had the leftover boxed to-go and the following day, after taking it out of the fridge, it was still crispy! Didn't need even to reheat it.

I don't want to order this again... I just shouldn't.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Burger night!
This was not actually planned. Because i just really need to unwind, throw all the stress, i went here at burgos circle.

Hello burger. A choice between susi and b&b. since susi would make my diet more stressful, here i go burger.

128204call the nurse
It's mainly burger, but it has pasta and sriracha bacon.
I liked the patty. Salty and it's not compact and has a lot fats. But i like the taste. The bun is great. It goes well with the protein.
In totality, it's messy to eat. If you wanna eat it the old fashion way, get ready for your hands to get messy.

There's this server that was quite unprofessional but friendly. He hands to you the menu , bill, and tissue with one hand, then smiles and walk away.

Ambiance is warm.. As in mainit. Better stay outside if visiting at night. Smoking area though.

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Jindra D.
5.0 Stars

Probably one of the best burgers I've tried so far!!!!!! 128523127828

Of course we asked for the best-sellers. We ordered 3 of the best-sellers: "Call the Nurse" - a bit spicy since the bacon is cooked in honey sriracha, it also have mac and cheese, and aioli (mayonnaise flavored with garlic and sometimes other ingredients l - thanks Merriam for the definition 128517); "Kandi" - it has spiced candied bacon, onion, B&B cheese sauce and also aioli; and "Walk of Shame" - what's unique about this is that the bun has a hole with an egg fried on that same hole (it's a bit messy to eat since the egg is not cooked well), it also has bacon, and this burger comes with potato strings (like piknik) and a dip.

Their 1/3 pound patties are cooked medium to preserve its distinct flavor but you can have it well-done upon request (that is if you don't want to have your patty reddish 128513)

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

For the record i'm not a fan of burgers, not even a fan of beef so upon skimming through the menu i skipped the burger menu and tried to look for something that does not involve meat, apparently they have some buffalo wings and different appetizers/ side dishes but my friends demanded that all should eat burgers, well i was quite pressured so i looked at the burger menu and well looking at the selections it was like torture 128561 1/3 pound beef was like the smallest amount of beef they have to offer but then a miracle happened, good thing i looked at all the choices and luckily i saw a vegetarian burger! Whew! And so i ordered it, patty was made with red lentil and bulgur wheat then tooped with sauteed shitake mushroom with onion and smothered with garlic aioli, their b&b curry ketchup wasn't available so i kust let them replace it with hot sauce instead. The patty though not made with beef was intact and firm and it was delicous and at the same time guilt free 128523 i deconstructed it as i cannot bite the whole thing put together haha, i would also like to give credit on their b&b nachos, topping complemented each other and the chips alone is also delicious. Over all, the experience was great and i would like to come back to try their buffalo wings and other side dishes

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Angelo P.
5.0 Stars

A great burger is not about its size. It's about what part of beef it is made off and how it was cooked. The greasier the better! The sauce should also be perfect. And ketchup is a no no. In B&B, that's where I always get best burgers in town! This is their new creation. The Bacon Chicharon Burger.

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Kim L.
5.0 Stars

Burgers are awesome! I've tried Call the Nurse, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Kandi, and Philly and none of these disappointed me! I love their burgers here! Yay!! Also, we ordered their nachos and thought that we won't like it because it's all green (green cheese and big ass jalapeños) but I liked it! Much to my surprise 'cos honestly, I'm no fan of greens 128514

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Ginny B.
4.0 Stars

Call the Nurse tasted oh so good at first, second, third and fourth bite! Mac n cheesy goodness, BACON, hot off the grill beef patty, and that toasted bread.. mmMm! Then it just gets too sloppy and soggy after awhile. Wish they had a 1/4 lb option for their burgers.

Onion strings weren't crisped while the sweet potato fries were surprisingly good- the tastes grows on you and it's pretty cheap at 65php an order.

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Diana L.
4.0 Stars

I was waiting for my college friends so I've decided to order Mojito, SPF and Buffalo wings first before ordering burgers since I don't want to be rude. Hehe. (Though all of them were already late1285139996️)

I loved everything! From the mojito ( not too strong and not too bland just perfect blend), their sweet potato fries was soooo delicious! (Sayang sana dati pako pumunta dito!) and their buffalo wings was perfect especially the dip though I forgot the name of it but I think it was blue cheese?

I should've rated them 5 stars buuut! What disappoint me was their burger. HAHAHA. I thought it would give me foodgasm but naaaaahhhh. Hehe. It was just okay. In my opinion, the beef patty lacked salt and pepper. Hehehe.

But we had fun and I'm definitely coming back not for the burger but for the SPF!! Woooooop!

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

When in BGC choosing a place to eat is quite difficult because there are just so many choices. We settle for B&B since we are planning to chill. The place look small at first the 2nd floor of the place was very spacious. Love the tagline on the wall "Bacon is just another word for Meat Candy".
When we are ordering we found out that every tuesday their wings are on a buy 1 take 1 lucky us. So we ordered the salt and pepper wings and the take one of buffalo wings. For the burger the Hector Salamanca. I love the S&P wings since its dry rub. The taste was very light but the vinegar dip was very good. The dip has hint of sweetness on it. The buffalo wings was typical buffalo wings flavor, also tasted great. For hector salamanca burger it was presented beautifully on a chopping board which I think is the current trend in burger place. I love the patty of the burger and crunchy texture of nachos in between. It was really good!
Overall good food and good service. Sadly I was excited to meet Eddy of April H hahaha. But we met Anton del Rosario my only comment magkasing gwapo kami hahaha.. 128514128514128514128076

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Yugie C.
5.0 Stars

Never disappoints!

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Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

Their "Call the Nurse" burger with baked macaroni and bacon is the best!

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April H.
3.0 Stars

It was my first time to witness a waiter..... NA MAG-WALLING!!!!!128528

My friends and I went out to celebrate another career milestone for one of us... It was a happy occasion and we were all excited! Decided to have dinner at B&B... All was well... Until we met our waiter for the night... Let's call him "EDDY"...

We were seated on the 2nd floor... Initially, there were 3 girls giggling and happy... And what do girls do? WE TAKE PICTURES!128525 So when we were handed our menus, we asked Eddy to take our pic... He replied-- PWEDE MAMAYA NA, mag-order muna kayo? WTH? We just looked at him... YOU NEVER SAY THAT TO CUSTOMERS... In fact, customers love it when the waiter is a good photographer and takes multiple pictures...

So we proceeded to order... Salt and pepper wings, cheesy bacon fries, redeemed the S.P.F. (looloo special), one Kandi, one Call the Nurse, and one Hector Salamanca (with the chili sauce on the side)... Then, we took selfies... That's why your phone has two cameras, just in case you get a snooty waiter! Snooty, word of the day Dastine S Jenn N Carla M Julie J!128514

After ordering, we asked him to leave one of the menus behind for our two friends who were on the way... He said, PWEDE NAMAN I-ABOT MAMAYA... Si Eddy, maka-tanggi lang e. Why don't you want to leave one menu with us? There's a freaking stack within view and all the tables were occupied already... Ewan ko ba! 128529

Food was served one by one...

The cheesy bacon fries were good, obviously... We were surprised that the sweet potato fries were good, flavored with Mediterranean inspired spices... The salt and pepper wings were also good! My first time to try vinegar as a wing dip!128525 Another good idea, worked so well with the batter!128077

The three beautiful burgers were served, being a visual feast on it's own... One of our friends arrived right after and the excited chatter started up again... And she said, PICTURE NAMAN TAYO! Syempre, nag-sumbong kami-- ayaw ni Eddy... Ayaw ka din iwanan ng menu...

Eddy came when called and handed our friend the menu.... She asked if he could take a picture... He took the phone... Our friend said, WOW GUYS, PWEDE NA PALA MAG-PICTURE!128513 Di na-gets ni Eddy... He took a blurred picture... Nananadya, na-get ata pala nya... Take note: ayaw nanaman nya iwanan yung menu!!! Is there a rule like that here? Grrrrrr!128544

Anyway, we continued eating and observing Eddy... He never cracked a smile to the customers... Weird... And when three tables were simultaneously vacated, NAG-WALLING SYA GUYS... As in, asin... To be more specific, airconing... Dinamay nya ang aircon sa lungkot nya...128546 In fairness, it made us all crack up! Waiter na galit magka-customer! Nakakaloka, promise!128514 di man lang tinago ang reaksyon...

My friend wanted to order more fries and was about to ask for the menu... Kakatapos lang ng GM diet e, gutom tuloy... Eddy approached and asked, MAY ADDITIONAL ORDER PA? In a tone... Eddy ikaw na may-ari... Eddy ikaw na busy... We decided against ordering more food and just asked for the bill... We were just going to ask our other friend to just eat at Rue... We could no longer take Eddy's rue... Balik ka na sa pag-walling mo... Ano ba ang masakit Kuya Eddy?!128517

He made us realize something... That no matter how tired we were from the patients, the difficult cases, the surgeries and the exams, MAS PAGOD PA DIN SYA!128514128514128514

We found it funny but kinda tragic... We were really turned off by the service! We really left because the waiter was kind of a downer... His misery left quite an impression... And not a good one!128540

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Denise R.
4.0 Stars

Have heard and read good reviews about Burger and Brewskies, so I was excited to give it a try. Looking through their menu, there were so many burger variants to choose from--most of them quite on the expensive side. But they say it's good, so what the hey.

I ordered the Hector Salamanca (with a warning that says "contents are hot") as I LOVE spicy food. My friend ordered Flipped. We also ordered a side dish called SPF.

Upon arrival of our our burgers, initial impression was it looked small for the price. But turned out to be quite filling. The beef was really savory, soft and juicy but not grossly greasy. Hector Salamanca was spicy indeed, but I can still taste the flavors. The crisp nacho strips scattered on top of the burger were a perfect touch.

Ambiance-wise, the resto is small and had a few seats (high chairs) inside. Not the best place to eat at if you want to relax and have a quiet chat with friends. Customer service was straightforward--no warmth, but not rude either.

Overall, a nice dining experience. Will probably eat here again 128522

PS. Oh. Just saw that they have a looloo promo of free fries for a minimum spend of PHP500. Would have appreciated if the staff told us about this. But then again, what should we expect from an emotionless staff, no? 128528

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