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Bean & Yolk
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Most Recent Reviews

Denise J.
5.0 Stars

I think I've found my second favorite Flat White in the metro! Toby's Estate's is still the best for me but Bean & Yolk's comes reaaaaaally close! 9749

Aside from their legit coffee-making skills, Bean & Yolk knows how to make pretty mean sandwiches too! I'm usually not a fan of sandwiches but I can eat theirs any day. I had the Lucy and it was a party in my mouth! You get some spiciness in there from the sriracha dressing, a bit of richness from the chopped 5-minute eggs, and a whole lot of freshness from the chives and arugula. I also got to take a little bite of the Farmer John and it was also really tasty. Definitely getting that one next time! 128076

I love the ambiance here and the server (there's only one because the place is really small) is really friendly too! If I lived nearer Makati, I would so make Bean & Yolk my second home lol. 128514

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Bean & Yolk remains to be my all time favorite breakfast x coffee joint. They offer the best sandwiches in the metro (put that on the record).

I got acquainted with Lucy last Saturday and i was nothing but awesome. I am gonna call this dish I love Lucy as this sums up how i felt while i was eating it. Couch Potatoes might get the Pop Culture reference.

I love Lucy!

Peace Out!

~ Reich

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

Will forever be a fan of this place. It combines two of the best-est ingredients in the world - Bean and Yolk. 128155

We've been here a couple of times already and there's really nothing bad I can say. From the service up to the food, they are that consistent. 128076🏼 Uhm.. well, I just wish the space was a tiny bit bigger. 128517

As for the food, you can't go wrong with any of the choices but my favorites are the Missus, Cara's Fave, and Latte Gianduja! 128513128077🏼 Though, I still have to try the salad, Molly's, Chorizo mama and Egg's ben next time. More reasons to come back again and again! 128521128518

If you like Bean and Yolk, and just like me, you think that breakfast is the best-est, you should check this place out! You won't regret it! Must must visit place in Poblacion! 128155

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Another review of my favorite brunch spot in Poblacion. I made a vow to always write a review on each visit.

I aint talking about the food as i am well aware of how good it is. I am here to give them praise on being consistent. This is considered as rarity in the restaurant scene. There are good days and there are bad days. This is not applicable to Bean & Yolk though, each visit is as good (even better) as the last. It goes to show that they are really passionate about their craft!

Good Job! Bean & Yolk!

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I'd like to believe that Bean and Yolk  is one of the reasons for the attention Poblacion is getting from the foodie universe.  Allow me to elaborate,  Your Honor

Exhibit A

Bean & Yolk as the name implies specializes in two amazing ingredients - Coffee and Eggs.  And yes,  when i used the word "specialise"  i meant it in the purest sense of the word.  They are not horsing around,  they mean business.  You will never see eggs in the same light after Bean & Yolk

Exhibit B

Meet Molly.  The newest kid to join the best seller roster.  Albeit the simple appearance,  this baby packs a punch when it comes to flavor.  The unassuming jar is filled with a concoction of potato puree and eggs benedict with some truffle oil.  Dip em brioche and savour Molly. 

Exhibit C

Excellent service is the icing on the cake.  Bean & Yolk is a standout when we talk customer service.  Expect a smile and a lil small talk from the crew on your visit.   This is not an exaggeration,  we met the owners and calling them friendly is an understatement.

I hope the aforementioned points is good enough to entice you to swing by Bean & Yolk. 

I will leave it up to the jury to decide.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Days of being a nocturnal mammal has ran its course.  I rarely stay up late and i rendezvous with the Sandman around 7pm. Yes,  the party girl has left the building and moved to a different country.  What is left is a catless cat lady who hoards books.  It is way past my bedtime and I needed a quick caffeine fix.  We decided to swing by Bean & Yolk.

The thought of visiting my favourite third-wave coffee shop x breakfast joint zapped me back to reality.  I am talking about Bean & Yolk.

Latte (Php 175).  The coffee is awesome as expected.  Perfect proportions of coffee and milk.  Bean & Yolk knows how to make a mean cup of joe.

On a normal day,  i would have paired my coffee with one of their awesome sandwiches but not tonight as we just had dinner.  Maybe next time.

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Marjorie S.
5.0 Stars

9749️ - 1108811088110881108811088
127838 - 1108811088110881108811088

Couldn't say more. Loved the cafe and will definitely be back.10084

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

#TheUsualSuspects spotted at Poblacion. 

Yes,  you got it right.  #PoblacionFoodCrawl finally happened.  After endless conversations and listing down restaurants worth visiting,  we found ourselves loitering the quiet streets of Polaris one Saturday morning. 

#1stStop - Bean and Yolk. 

I've been hearing good stuff about them online hence i was glad that this was our first stop.  I was surprised to find out the location is not that hard to find.  Relatively near the tattoo shop.  I made a mental note of their location as i step inside. 

I was greeted by warm smiles from the staff.  I aint gonna discuss the size of the joint (I am pretty certain that this was cleary stated on the previous reviews).  Instead of focusing on the size,  I'd tell you that the place is intimate and peaceful.  Design wise,  the place screams "laid back"  from the furniture,  down to the music.  Perfect for mornings spent with a good book. 

Bean and Yolk.  Why the name?  No wordplay involved or trivia involved.  They specialise in coffee and eggs.  These are two of my favorite things.  For a cafe to have two of my favourite things is synonymous to "Pogi Points"

I skipped coffee as I've had a cup from Yamato prior.  @Jai and @Cla both had praises for the B&Y Mocha,  i made a mental note of this as i already planned my next visit.  We decided to get their top three:

| Cara's Fave (php 175).  Fried egg,  mozzarella,  cheddar cheese,  hot honey,  buttered sliced brioche.  Think of this as a modern interpretation of a classic grilled cheese sandwich.  Why modern,  you ask?  They added eggs and hot honey.  Don't cringe just yet,  the honey adds a sweet x subtle spice which compliments the cheese.  Mozzarella has a toned down flavor compared with cheddar.  And let us not forget the eggs,  these perfectly fried baby adds a lovely contrast of textures and flavors.  Whoever Cara is,  i absolutely agree that this is her fave...this can be anyones fave. 

| Farmer John (php 195).  Fried egg,  cheddar cheese,  ham,  barbecue mayo,  caramelized onions and buttered sliced brioche.  This is the best in my humble opinion.  I believe that onions are  not appreciated that much in the Filipino household.  One would usually associate onions with ginisa.  There are heaps of stuff you can do with them,  one of which is the my favourite component in the aforementioned sandwich.  Onions have a natural sweet flavor once cooked right.  You can get this flavor when you cook then until translucent.  Err... What i want to say really is this -  I love caramelized onions. 

Back to Farmer John.  All of the components work well together,  it brings an interesting contrast of flavor. The gooey cheese,  perfectly cooked x velvety yolk,  a lil salt from ham and the sweet notes from the onions.  And oh,  the brioche is dynamite. 

| Missus (php 185).  Soft scrambled eggs,  cheddar cheese,  sriracha mayo,  arugula,  caremelized onion and brioche bun.  This is my least favourite,  i aint a fan of arugula.  The eggs are done well,  when they said it's soft - they meant every word.  It is so soft,  almost pillow x cloud-like in texture.  The sriracha mayo adds a lil heat and goes well with the cheese.

Judging by the words i used to describe the food,  you'd probably assume that it's an easy five stars.  Well,  you are correct in your assumption but lemme tell you that apart from the awesome food,  they deserve another five stars with their amazing customer service.  The owners / servers are very attentive and friendly with their customers.  We borrowed some of their stuff for our food photos (ze small plant,  raw organic eggs,  the coffee thingy).  Despite all the confusion and noise we brought,  the staff happily obliged with our  requests.  Papu even took the time to chat with us,  she laughed when Ony blurted out lasang prayer meeting (he is referring to ze matcha treat brought by Jai from KL)

Bean and Yolk is the whole package.  You owe it to yourself and the foodie universe,  visit them ASAP.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Our Saturday #PoblacionFoodCrawl officially started here, our meet-up point, Bean & Yolk. We were here around 9AM and the sun was shining brightly. Such a perfect weather to start the weekend with foodie friends.

The place was brightly lit with lots of natural sunlight peeping through the glass wall. Unfinished walls, open kitchen, lots of wood installations, tiled floor - the place gives a very relaxed and laid back vibe. Though their space was small, with just about 4 tables and a tall long one with high chairs, they added some more outside if you opt to dine alfresco style. It can get really cramped when it's full so it's not an ideal place for big groups. But then again it's a great place for a quiet breakfast with your loved one.

Onto the food, their menu was simple. Eight types of egg sandwiches and then a list of their specialty coffee, both hot and cold. Very straight forward but one can easily understand this because it seems that they don't have a kitchen where they can whip-up complicated dishes. Anyhow, if you love eggs for breakfast, or anytime of the day, you must visit this place!

The store was manned by the owners themselves - Papoy, who takes the orders and serves them, and Chukoy, who is behind the counter for payments and supervision of the "kitchen." They're very warm and friendly and helped us out with our orders. Papoy suggested their best sellers so we went with them - Cara's Fave, Farmer John and Missus. I also got an order of their hot B&Y Mocha.

> B&Y Mocha for 175Php

Their B&Y Mocha was good! The coffee flavor wasn't too strong nor bitter. They use Malagos Dark Chocolate mixed with milk chocolate to give it a not too strong chocolate finish. I LOVED IT. The chocolate flavor was just right, the sweetness was on point.
This reminded me so much of Magnum Opus' Belgian Heart Breaker! Papoy confessed that their coffee consultant was in fact one of the owners of Magnum Opus! Isn't that amazing?!? Jairus d. also got this coffee and he loved it so much that he went for seconds!

> Cara's Fave for 175Php

Cara's Fave was the simplest of all the sandwiches we ordered. Toasted slice of buttered brioche with fried egg, mozzarella, cheddar cheese and hot honey. This looked so much like a grilled cheese sandwich. One bite and I fell in love. Simple, clean, savory, sweet - ahhh so good! The honey gave a great contrast to the cheese and made this sandwich a knockout. Gooey cheese, runny egg and a drizzle of honey - perfect!

> Farmer John for 195Php

Farmer John adds meat to Cara's Fave and substitutes the honey with caramelized onions. Toasted buttered brioche with cheddar cheese, ham, bbq mayo and caramelized onions - this was a crowd favorite. The saltiness of the ham went well with the sweetness of the onions. Each bite was a delight!

> Missus for 185Php

Lots of flavors going on in this sandwich. Sweetness from the caramelized onions, bitterness from the arugula, saltiness from the cheese, a hint of spice from the sriracha mayo! The toasted brioche bun gave a perfect contrast to the soft egg. You can opt to add some meat into this though with extra charge - ham or bacon for an additional of 65Php or chorizo pattie for 95Php. Also, a side salad is available as an option for only 30Php for every order of sandwich.

I totally loved our breakfast here. More than just the great food and coffee, it's really the customer service that stood out. It's simply heart warming when you see the owners so hands on with their business. Will definitely bring the family here soon!


It was nice to meet you Midz S!!! More food crawls with you soon!!!

And of course, always a great time with you guyzzzz Reich T Ruth S Jairus d 128514128514128514 uwi na Jairus d agad agad please?!?!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

A small coffee place just around the corner of Polaris and Badajos street in Poblacion, Makati.

We ordered the Missus, which had a hint of spice in it; the Cara's Fave, which had a hint of sweetness; and the Farmer John, which had a hint of saltiness to completely satisfy our tastebuds. My favorite: Farmer John. Out of all the breads, this was what I was able to appreciate because I liked the flavor of the ingredients combined better than the others.

I don't drink coffee, so I didn't order any from this place, a decision I regret to this day. Make sure you try it. Please 128557

Staff were friendly! There's no better way ti start your morning than to have a good breakfast with great coffee and a warm welcome from their team.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Yesterday, together with #TheUsualSuspects Jairus d Reich T and Clarissa P, Ony Anthony N and Andromida! Midz S 128513, we went around Poblacion for a foodcrawl!! 128055128099127860 I've been wanting to try all the new restaurants in the area so I was really looking forward to this day!!!!!! 127881127881127881

First stop: BEAN and YOLK.

I loooooooooooove this place!!!!! 128525128525 Literally, a place where all egg dreams are made of! 127859127859127859127859

PLACE. The place is just small. It can not fit more than 10 customers inside. But despite the very limited and small space, the place is still a nice place to spend your mornings and have breakfast or brunch. Or a good place where you can spend your lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoons with a cup of coffee, a sandwich and a good book to read for a much needed me time/quiet time, or a place to chat with your friends. Very chill and relax lang kasi dito. Nothing fancy and all. Hmm, but since the place is small, it's not for big noisy groups. Best to look for a different place. A bigger place. 128517 But if you love eggs, YOU HAVE TO GO AND EAT HERE. 128521128523


The BEAN. 9749

Ony and I arrived first. We still haven't eaten anything yet and with just around 6 hours of sleep, we needed coffee to function properly! 128563128517128564

For our drinks, they recommended we try either the Latte Gianduja or the B&Y Mocha. For the Gianduja, they use Nutella while for the Mocha, they use Malagos dark chocolate. You can have it either hot or iced. Trivia #1: if you like your coffee sweeter, go for the hot version. Because when you heat/steam milk, the milk becomes sweeter. So if you just want the sweetness from the chocolate or nutella, get the iced version. 128521

They have other coffee options you can enjoy -- Americano, Capuccino, Latte, Espresso. And they also have hot or iced chocolate. And oh, milkshakes too!! 128513 Price range is from 100 to 200 pesos.

While waiting for the rest of the group, Ony and I decided to order coffee first. We shared an order of the Latte Gianduja (175). The coffee was good! It was not super sweet, not too strong and bitter, too. Just the right blend. We enjoyed the hot version. It was good that I had to ask Ony if he likes this one better than Magnum Opus' Belgian Heartbreaker! 128517 If you like your coffee with a hint of hazelnut, try this one. Perfect way to start the morning! 97869749

When the rest of the group arrived, they ordered the B&Y Mocha (175). We weren't able to try this anymore but Jai ordered another one so this must be really good. 128077🏼

Oh, another trivia! Trivia #2: their coffee consultant is the same guy from Magnum Opus. So if you love the Belgian Heartbreaker like we do, you're sure to enjoy the same kind of awesomeness with the coffee they serve here. 128521128076🏼

And YOLK. 127859

Eggs are the best!! No matter how you prepare and serve them, eggs will never fail you. I love eggs -- sunny side up, scrambled, poached, hard boiled, and all the maarte ways of preparing eggs! They are all equally good and egg-cellent!!! 127859127859127859 It can make any day brighter and oh soo better!! 128523128155128155128155

If you like eggs like I do, you'll surely be having a hard time trying to choose one. 128563128563 The choices were so overwhelming. Soooo many different choices!!! 128557 Just by reading the descriptions, I just can't help myself from wanting to try and get everything. To help me decide, I checked their Instagram account.. which was not a good idea and a very bad move 128533128558 because the pictures of the sandwiches with fluffy cheesy scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked runny eggs made the task of choosing even harder! 128557128557128557

Good thing, the owners were so nice that they approached us. They were willing to help and assist us with all our questions and concerns. I initially wanted to try the one with Chorizo or the Egg's Ben but but I also want the other options. To make it easier, the girl owner suggested 3 sandwiches -- CARA'S FAVE, FARMER JOHN and MISSUS. So we ordered all 3 for sharing!! 128513

Cara's Fave (175)
- Brioche bread w fried egg, mozzarella, cheddar, hot honey. The "must try" according to the owner. It won't be Cara's fave if it's not good, right? And yes this was worthy of becoming anyone's favorite! It's like grilled cheese but better because of the EGG!! The perfectly fried sunny runny egg! And the hint of sweetness courtesy of the honey. Simple yet soooooo good! I can have this anytime of the day! Everyday! 128155128155

Farmer John (195)
- Brioche bread w fried egg, cheddar, ham, BBQ mayo, caramelized onions. This was the group's favorite!! Cara is the safe choice. She's the original. A classic. But if you want something different, something more filling and tastier, Farmer John it is. The caramelized onions and BBQ mayo made this dish so much better. Sarap!! 128077🏼

Missus (185)
- Brioche bun w scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo, arugula, caramelized onions. Missus is not like Cara or John. She's unpredictable - spicy, bitter, salty, and sweet. Odd? Different? Weird? Not really! This was good, as well. The flavors all worked so well together. Bitterness from the arugula, sweetness from the caramelized onions, saltiness from the cheese, the slightest hint of spiciness from the Sriracha mayo and the awesomeness from the egg! The scrambled egg was soft and oh so fluffy! 128525 This was also a winner!! Actually, all of them were goooood! 128517128523

Trivia #3: the eggs that they're using are all organic and they use Brioche bread for their sandwiches.

SERVICE. Service was excellent. The owners were very hands on. They make sure that all customers are comfortable and that they get to talk to them. It's nice that they really make the effort to make everyone feel welcomed. 128077🏼

Awesome food. Awesome coffee. Awesome service. I cannot wait to go back here!!! 128155128155

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Around the area for a training today so I made sure to check out new places at Poblacion. And just around the corner of Polaris is this new egg haven place called Bean & Yolk.

Their menu is simple; you get to have sandwiches with egg as the main ingredient in either scramble, sunny side up or poached in either muffin, brioche as your bread. They have coffees in hot or iced and their original cold brew. What my friend and I had is Cara's Fave which is sunny side up with mozzarella, hot honey, cheddar cheese in butter slice brioche. Hot honey is something with a kick of Sriracha but since my friend is sensitive with anything spicy we had ours on a very mild spiciness. What I love about Cara's Fave is that you can taste the cheese. It would sound as if it's salty already with cheese and egg but not really. It's a little sweet with the honey, and the buttered brioche made it taste like it's french toast less the milky flavor. It taste so good! I like how the egg yolk is cooked right so it won't spill out.

For the drinks I had flat white my usual which gives that tangy bitterness after sip. Perfect balance of bitterness that you won't need to add sugar for it. My friend had their B&Y Iced Chocolate which is goodness, it taste like Cadbury Dairy Milk. Ohhh. So creamy and chocolaty. It's so good! Definitely a must to try.

We spent a little below Php 500 which is decent I think. The place is cozy, small actually. It would only fit probably a little below 15 people inside and 4 guest on the porch. They only have 3 staffs and they are all accommodating. I like the place, a lot. Just a wifi and bam, you got yourself a new study place.

Am I recommending this place? You bet I do. With the third wave coffee places everywhere, and with the hustle bustle Poblacion district, you cannot afford to miss this place. Be there before everyone does cause this is a good hideout place.

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

Tried this month and a half old neighborhood style cafe. Small place but really cozy. Owners were there being hands on. I would've love that the coffee be stronger which I told the owner and she said that they're actually brewing a diff kind of bean as an option to clients who like their coffee stronger. The breakfast sandwich I had was pretty good. The buns were really good and the eggs cooked perfectly! Home made chorizo, really home made. 128513 I would've liked it more if they put more arugula - I barely tasted it. 127793

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Mark N.
5.0 Stars

Bean 9749and yolk127859, enough said128515128515128515128515128515
The ladies : Lucy & Missus ✔✔✔✔✔
Malagos Cold Brew ✔✔✔✔✔
Hand Brew over ice ✔✔✔✔✔

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