Beanstalk Cafe

5/F Calamba Executive Center, National Highway, Calamba, Laguna

Beanstalk Cafe
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Business Hours
Open: 5:00p - 2:00a


  • Sunday
    • Closed
  • Monday
    • 3:00p - 12:00a
  • Tuesday
    • 3:00p - 12:00a
  • Wednesday
    • 3:00p - 12:00a
  • Thursday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Friday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Saturday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a

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Most Recent Reviews

Lea Cielo M.
2.0 Stars

Parking 128078🏼128078🏼128078🏼
Food 128077🏼
Service 128078🏼128078🏼

We waited for an hour before our orders were served and we encountered wrong orders (excess juice, excess pasta). The foods were already cold when served when in fact, it brought to us an hour after we placed our orders.

What happened? We used to hang-out here (since 2011).

Recommended this place to my friends but was disappointed due to poor service and “not so good” foods.

Sorry, it’s just an honest review!

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Breakfast at Beanstalk was wonderful!
It is one of the few restaurants in Baguio that opens early in the morning. They welcome diners from 7am till 9pm and serve breakfast meals all day long. Of course they have to since they cater the hotel there as well.

We ordered :
• Lechon Kawali rice
That's 1 whole piece divided into 2 on top of a bowl of steaming fried rice
• Crispy Adobo Flakes with rice and fried egg
• Tocilog = tocino, itlog (egg) and rice
• Longsilog = Longganisa, itlog and rice
• Green Tea Latte, Wintermelon milk tea, watermelon juice
• Pork Floss Dome (bread)
• Chocolate Green Tea cupcake

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Abby M.
3.0 Stars

Wouldn't dwell on the food (though i should), but the view's great. Beanstalk is situated on the rooftop of hotel and shows a 360 view of Calamba... including Mt. Makiling. Perfect place for chill nights because of the breeze. Food, hmm, not as tasty as some cafes (where you could taste the extreme sweetness, etc. but good enough. It wasn't easy finding this place so there were relatively few people. Again, chill nights.

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