Beef X

2/F Phase 2, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Beef X
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Most Recent Reviews

Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Was craving burgers last weekend so we decided to have some at one of this joint's newest branches in UP Town. 127828127828127828

The place is not that big, but everything is covered in a hugot line even down to the ketchup bottles haha.

Menu consists of burgers, patty-based rice meals, sides and drinks. You can customize your burger to your liking by adding extras such as a fried egg, etc. You can also upgrade your buns to a pizza bun, or a waffle bun.

I opted to get the single beef x bacon patty burger for 139 PHP then upgraded the bun to a pizza bun 127829 for an extra 80 PHP, the Poutine ng Ina Mo for 85 PHP and their Pink Potion With Feelings for 55 PHP.

The burger was good, I especially liked the sauce slapped on there. The pizza bun was ayt. The poutine was just okay for my taste. The pink potion which is basically a strawberry-flavored drink 127827 was literally served with feelings as the server literally did a whole amusing performance reflecting your feelings at the moment. 128514128514

Affordable fairly good food so it's a 128077 in my book!

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Manfred M.
3.0 Stars

Burgers are big yes for me! With Beef X, I expected the best, since I already ate here a few times already. However, my expectations fell a bit flat.

Beef X was formerly known as BIG B burgers. This joint has been around for quite a while. However, they recently opened their UP Town Center branch.

We had their Pink Potion with feelings. This was a juice drink with food coloring that was mixed as it was served to us. The waiter even performed a litany in front of us as we described our feelings to him.

We got to try out 3 of their burgers, namely the Pizza Burger, the standard Beef Bacon Burger, and the Waffle Bun Burger. The Pizza Burger, being their newest creation is a unique twist on the burger. The top bun is shaped like pizza, with mozzarella cheese toppings and baked pepperoni. The burger patty itself is a chunky beef amalgamation with their special Beef X white sauce. There is a generous helping of cheese and lettuce inside. The patty itself had bacon bits which was filled when it was grilled in the kitchen.

The second was the Beef Bacon patty. This is the standard burger. It had the same specs with the pizza burger except that the patty was smaller; and the buns were plain. One had to pay extra to make the patties thicker.

We had their Waffle Burger. It was the best dish in their menu so far. The Waffle patties were filled with syrup; and these blended well with the patty. It reminded of the Sausage mcmuffin of a famous brand; except that this one was served all day round. I liked the interplay of sweet flavors and the beefy patties.

The problem with the patties, though, was that it was dry and tad too thin. It didn't look that good on pictures, and the texture wasn't that remarkable. While it did bind well and wasn't soggy; the patties were not that top notch compared to what we expected from an established burger joint. The quality deteriorated a bit.

However, I believe that this restaurant can improve their burgers in the future. Here's to hoping that they will do.

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

I was invited to try out their new menu and it was an interesting one. Jowell and her partner started this resto in Maginhawa back when they were in college and now they have 5 branches around the metro. Their love for burgers helped them start their booming business. They were known as Big D but they decided to change their name and revamp their menu.

Their concept for their patties is 50 beef and then 50 whatever you want like sisig, spam, longganisa, sausage or bacon. For single patty for the first 3 options is Php149 and then the last 2 Php139. Then you can upgrade the bun to either waffle, just add Php60 or pizza, just add Php80. You can also add fried egg (Php25), cheese overload (Php30) and cheese omelette (Php40). You can customize your own burgers to your liking.

We got to try different kinds of upgrades with add ons, of all the burgers, the one that stood out the most was the waffle "bun" with cheese omelette and beefXbacon patty. A must try! The patties on it's own needs more seasoning or flavor and the buns used for the pizza burger was a bit tough.

Oh, they also have a by request 1 pound burger. Great for sharing! Just ask the staff about it.

Don't forget their flavored fries, it was really good: Takawyaki (Php110), takoyaki sauce and Poutine Ng Ina (Php140), gravy and cheese sauce.

As for the drinks, it was served with performance. The server will ask you how you are feeling at that moment and will mix the drink right in front of you chanting with your emotion in mind. You can choose from: Pink potions with feelings (Php55), Blue potion with emotion (Php55) and Mangga Gayuma (Php55). It was a bit bland for me for pink and blue potions.

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April H.
3.0 Stars


I was late for the metro foodtrip with my cousins... They already hit up Sunnies, Freezer Burn, and Single Origin at BGC and they were already back at QC. They took full advantage of the quiet streets this holiday weekend. I told them to go ahead and choose a restaurant and I'll follow. They picked Big B burgers, which I haven't tried before.

They serve mixed burger patties with either beef and bacon (Big B), bacon and longganisa (Bongga), beef and sausage (Baus), or beef and spam (Bam). These come in different sizes like the quarter pounder, half pounder, one pound, etc. Add 70 pesos and it becomes a meal served with drinks and fries. You also have the option of turning the buns into fried waffles. Lots of options for everyone.

I opted for the Big B buger, which is their signature blend of beef and bacon patty, upgraded to a meal. My cousins shared 2 burgers between themselves. I also got the poutine ng ina-- their fries served with gravy and cheese, and their takawyaki-- fries with crabsticks, takoyaki sauce, and Jap mayo... Witty! That's a pic of my cousins burger. The fries are scattered around the burger if you get a meal.

Our orders came pretty fast actually. Served with a scary knife stuck in the middle of the burger, perfect for Halloween I guess! 128514 I thought the burger was okay, though I didn't enjoy the bun so much. My cousins felt the same way. We did enjoy the 2 kinds of fries, though we all preferred the poutine over the takawyaki... I did like their awesome sauce-- the white sauce mixed with herbs... I can't figure out what kind of mixture it was... The place was okay; I thought the hugot lines all around were kinda cute. Service was likewise okay...

Gwen I they changed the restaurant's name to Beef X already for all branches.

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Angelia B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jera C.
4.0 Stars

Burgers with feelings and more. Daming #foogot dito128521

√ Service - 4/5 Self-service. Try to order Potion with feelings, and kuya will deliver this hugot-feels lines
√ Food - 3.5/5 Good burgers, but i think the patty is so flat. They are generous with the sauces though.
√ Ambiance - 4/5 The signs are filled with witty hugot lines.

Overall - 3.5/5 Worth the price comfort food.

Not suitable for first dates since messy talaga sha kainin. 128536

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Always my comfort food. This was a late review as Big B UP Town Center was not added when I went there.

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