Beers Paradise

36 Polaris St. cor. Durban St., Makati, Metro Manila

Beers Paradise
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Business Hours
Reopens: 5:00p - 2:00a


  • Sunday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Monday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Tuesday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Wednesday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Thursday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Friday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a
  • Saturday
    • 5:00p - 2:00a

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Most Recent Reviews

Masaya S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Motorman W.
3.0 Stars

Other reviews on here seem to be overly generous. This is a mediocre bar with the promise of great beers, yet delivery of whatever they actually have in stock. Oh, and the sofas are straight from your great-aunts dusty living room.

That said, most beers they do have in stock are a positive change from San Miguel's standard stuff, and if you don't mind paying 300 pesos or more (much more) for a bottle of paradise, then grab a seat at the bar, ignore the general uncoolness of the place and drink.

This could be a gem. But it's not.

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Cris M.
4.0 Stars

when you're looking for a not so crowded place on a late friday night, try this out. we've scoured the bgc/mckinley area for a place to hangout but to no avail... ended up here.though it's not your typical friday night hangout but the beer selections are awesome! good food too! 128522128077

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Jaton Z.
2.0 Stars

I disliked it.

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Kay G.
5.0 Stars


Now that I have your attention...

My friends and I chanced upon this beer bar on our way to McDonald's from El Chupacabra. On nights like that, with no plans set in stone, the conditions are ideal for discovery.

Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to go inside, what with three young ladies dressed in funeral-appropriate garb. But my fears were quelled at the sight of this handsome bar with the lights dimmed and the atmosphere made cozy by couches, wooden fixtures, and the glowing wall of beer on one side of the room.

Picking your poison is easy since their beer varieties are arranged by country on their menu. Even my non-beer drinking friend managed to find one she liked. You can get Chimay, Desperados (a French mix of beer and tequila), or the Bush 12 (12% alcohol, folks). I felt like a Japanese White Ale (P295) that night (pictured above). I'm more of a wine lady, but I loved this beer. It was petite, had a pink owl, and offered a peachy aftertaste. Girly girls, this drink is for you. 128131

For the inexperienced (like moi), I suggest you choose your beer based on the glasses behind the bar. Haha. The beers have their own respective glasses; that's when you know you're in a legit beer bar. See if your drink comes in a tall glass, a short one, wide, narrow, or curvy. Be adventurous!

They also serve food since I saw a couple order a sizzling plate of sisig. If you sit at the bar, you'll be treated to a showing of whatever is playing on the TV (True Blood when we were there).

Beers Paradise is the perfect place for brewskies with an old friend, a nightcap after an evening's worth of partying, and even a date, I daresay.

It's located along Polaris St., seconds away from Handlebar and right across Wang Mart, a Korean grocery store. They're open from 5 PM to 4 AM (Mon-Sat), 2 AM (Sun). For inquiries, you may contact them at 895-9271, 895-9272, and 896-0193.


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Joe H.
4.0 Stars

I was expecting this place to look like a beer garden or even a grill resto type but looks like a pub with disco lights (which is kinda unique) anyway kinda loud inside but yes they do have a lot and different kinds of beers. Parking maybe a problem. Not bad for a neighborhood pub/disco

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