Bellefleur by Beatrix

G/F Unimart, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

Bellefleur by Beatrix
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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars

Tired of eating the same old chips and the trendy salted egg infused snacks?So glad I've discovered this local treat ,our very own produce ,the humble pili a great source of protein.Made by Ynut pili nuts in various flavours,in seasalt,salt and pepper,garlic and chili and with honey.

My favorites are the garlic and chili and the one with honey,real garlicky taste with the heat of chili that will wake up your taste buds while the one with honey is a great alternative if you want some sweetness unto your cravings.

Not only you will enjoy this export quality products you're also helping the local farmers in Bicol region,good product ,good cause!

Available in one of the finest bakeshops in the Metro,Bellefleur by Beatrix in Greenhills.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Thai Milk Tea Frozen Brazo
1200.00 for 10”
Soft meringue, thick custard, Thai ice cream, and crumbly crust.

Right amount of sweetness for us. All 4 layers have different textures, different flavours. They all work for that perfect bite. The milk tea flavour is really there. You can see specks of tea leaves in the ice cream layer. See 2nd unedited photo.

Perfect for the summer. They also have slices available if you don’t want a whole cake.

They also deliver via Lalamove. You can pay the total via bank deposit (they also have bpi for online transfers). Or you can have your preferred delivery pick it up. It was about 140 to deliver from Greenhills to Taguig.

Thank you Charlzz C for posting about it 9786

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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars

A dessert that's truly Southeast Asian 🇹🇭🇵🇭 ,the limited edition Frozen Brazo Thai Milktea only .The compendium of textures,,flavors in one complex cold treat .If you love the flavor of Thai Milk tea this is a winner.!

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Head to Bellefleur if you're an avid fan of ube and brazo de mercedes. The pastry shop is successful in combining the two flavors without infusing a major sugar attack. The chilled custard holds the toothsomeness together while the ube ice cream brings a different twist to your usual brazo. Each slice will only cost you 200 pesos.

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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars


Ube and Leche flan,two of the most iconic and classic Filipino desserts.A favorite during feasts and occasions .Now you can enjoy them with one simultaneous bite.

Bellefleur by Beatrix elevated these two Pinoy heritage desserts into another level by fusing them in one product.

Visually attractive without compromising textures and taste.Not too sweet ,you can really taste their individual flavors .

As an ube aficionado its a thumbs up probably best in the metro.Simple yet marvelous dessert innovation.A great way to preserve our heritage through food.

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Eyeglasses and Food A.
5.0 Stars

The food here was amazing. The cakes and other pastries were really the best. The cashier and server were all welcoming. The ambiance was amazing because everything was neat, dust free. The cakes were tasty and perfectly made.

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey. 127926 #loolooweeklychallenge

Most of us like sweets, but these should not be too sweet. It’s kind of ironic, but yes.

Desserts are undeniably part of everyone’s meal. Cakes, ice creams, cupcakes - these are all meal-enders. But one thing is for sure, we generally like our desserts not overly sweet. And Bellefleur by Beatrix knows this.

I received an invite from Bellefleur to try some of their best-sellers. Bea, one of the owners, welcomed me warmly in her shop located at Unimart Greenhills. The shop was kind of small and intimate. The childhood in me got truly excited when I entered the shop as it’s full of cute cake designs!

Bellefleur by Beatrix is sharing its space with Tirsty Turtle – an all organic and healthy smoothie and juice bar.

Now off to what I had, let’s?

While my other foodie friends were doing our set-up, I ordered the combination of spinach, celery, and banana in a very refreshing drink at Thirsty Turtle. They call it Popeye’s Turtle. It was just so good. I honestly didn’t expect it to be delicious as most healthy drinks have a weird taste. When I told the owner about this she said that it’s actually her vision for Thirsty Turtle – to remove the stigma that healthy and nutritious drinks made with vegetables and fruits taste awful.

I loved it so much that I asked if I could try other flavors! I also had their Turtle Beets and Topsy Turvy Turtle and both were good too!!! The former is composed of beetroot and pineapple while the latter is mango-banana shake with coco milk on top.

For the cupcakes, I tried their Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, and Chocolate flavors. I liked the chocolate one best as it’s so creamy and moist.

I was also able to try their Longganisa Bun and it was heavenly! Imagine a generous serving of homemade longganisa in a freshly baked soft bun. I can honestly give it a perfect rating especially when served hot.

Now for the stars of this visit: Ube Leche Flan cake and Frozen Ube Brazo.

Firstly, I have to emphasize how beautiful their Ube Leche Flan cake is. The yellow and violet combination is just pleasing to the eyes and teasing to my stomach. The ube base is made with chiffon cake which is fluffy and light, The leche flan on top balances this by giving it a velvety rich texture. I took a bite, and man it was the not-too-sweet cake I’m looking for.

I love frozen brazo in general so I was excited to try their Frozen Ube Brazo. And it did not disppoint. NOT AT ALL. One bite and I’m solved. It’s sweet but perfect. Bea told me that the brazo filling is not the usual one as she put more cream in it and is being cooked longer. The ube ice cream that they’re using is homemade too. No wonder this dessert captured the hearts of many Bellfleur by Beatrix’s patrons. Including me!!!

If you still haven’t tried Bellefleur by Beatrix then do yourself a favor and get their Frozen Ube Brazo. I promise, you’ll crave for more.

P.S. They also accept made-to-order cakes. Just let them know the design you like! A unicorn cake, maybe? Yes, of course!!!

P.P.S. Parang ang luma ng kanta na ginamit ko. 128517 #nojudgement

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Earl J.
5.0 Stars

Definitely a place for sugar lovers. They offer cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and a whole lot more!

Although they have a very limited space, the owner managed to make a table for about 5 customers who would want to enjoy their sweets right away. Not only that, they offer free tastes for some of their baked creations so you can better decide what to choose. Plus, should you happen to be thirsty, they have Thirsty Turtle in house to quench your thirst.

-Calamansi White Choc and Cheddar-
If you haven’t tried the famous Calamansi Muffin of Boracay, then you should try this one. A better verison and has stronger calamansi flavor than that in Bora-bora which would make you appreciate the calamansi in it more.

-Momofuku Compost-
Cutest cookie eveeeeer! It has one tiny and tasty pretzel on top that changes the whole cookie experience due to its salty contrasted taste from the sweet cookie base.

-Nutella Stuffed-
Classic cookie with a generous stuffing of Nutella in the middle. Be sure to have this reheated at home if you’re not eating it in the store to make sure the chocolate is kinda soft and melted.

-Double Chocolate-
Chocolatiest amongst all the cookie selection from Bellefleur. It’s made with chocolate base cookie with white chocolate chips. It was a little too sweet for me so I had to drink my Avocado Pineapple Spinach from Thirsty Turtle 128514.

-Classic Chocolate Chip-
Looks like classic chocolate cookie but is beyond yummy! Not too sweet, three cookies in one go won’t hurt your throat.

-Ube Leche Flan-
It comes with two layers of sweet and creamy Leche Flan without a single bubble in it- that’s how perfect it is! And it comes with two other layers of Super Ubeeeeee Caaaake! It looks a little too sweet but no, the ube cake balances the sweetness of the leche flan.

-Frozen Ube Brazo-
My personal favorite! Comes with four layers of irresistible sweet goodness! First layer is salty sweet crashed grahams followed by a thick layer of UBE ICE CREAM, then by half an inch-thick CUSTARD, and topped off by a BRAZO CAKE. Imagine all that sweet goodness, FROZEN!

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4.0 Stars

Finally, I was able to try Bellefleur by Beatrix. The small bakeshop is located at Unimart, Greenhills, San Juan along Club Filipino Drive.

I tried the Ube Flan Cake and Ube Brazo de Mercedes. And the verdict... I will definitely going back to order the Ube Brazo de Mercedes. Taste really good! Sarap!

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I didn't get to take a photo; that's Bellefleur's photo posted on Instagram. Their Frozen Ube Brazo was good but pricey at PhP200 for a tiny piece.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Bakery, Bakeshop, Patisserie, Boulangerie, Panadería....they go by different names. Some came, some conquered and very few stayed. I witnessed the rise and fall of the cupcake, croughnut and all other baked hybrids. I have been to a couple bakeshops. Some are forgettable and there were a few that left a lasting impression.

Bellefleur by Beatrix is one of the few who is a cut above the rest.

Exhibit A. Salted Caramel Cupcake. This is the best tasting cupcake in the metro. Too presumptuous eh? Na-ah, i can prove it. Fact. The shelf life of a cupcake is say two to three days. If eaten after, you wont have cake but something that resembles sawdust. Here's my proof, i left the cupcake in the fridge and forgot about it. On the fifth day, i saw the box and decided to pair it with coffee. I took a bite and it was glorious! The cake is still moist, soft and delicious! Convinced?

Exhibit B. Longganisa Bun. If i have to eat bread for the rest of mu life, I would pick this savory bun and i'll die happy. I aint kidding, this bun is for realz! The soft x pillowy bread can compete with the famous bakeshops. And let us not forget the homemade longganisa! It is the best i've had!

Exhibit C. Ube Leche Flan Cake. This colorful and beautifully layered cake is one of the best sellers. Well, it would not be known as such if not for it taste and awesomeness. The leche flan is homemade and not reeking of sweetness. The chiffon cake is moist and works well with the flan.

Exhibit D. Frozen Ube Brazo. This is to die for! The ube ice cream is homemade, thick, creamy and all sorts of wonderful. The brazo filling is not overly sweet and has the right consistency. This is wow on each bite.

Exhibit F. Ferrero Topped Chocolate Cake. When it comes to cake, chocolate is my last option as i am not a fan of sweets. This cake is not the last but The Only Option as this is super good. I like the fact that it is not overly sweet so there is no "umay" factor. The cake is moist and the caramel in the middle is decadent, it makes the cake 10 times yummy. This is best paired with a cup of black coffee.

Forget the other bakeshops. I dare you to try Bellefleur, you will not be disappointed.

#Support Local

Peace Out


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