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Belo Medical Group
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Most Recent Reviews

Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

You are offered tea, water or juice if they think it'll be a long wait which makes the staff here kind and considerate 127861127754127865

I always have Jeo do my treatments cause she's the nicest one I know here and I also love that they text you a day and a few hours before your appointment. And they have the nicest bathroom I plan on copying when I build my own house 128705128703128701128295

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

I've already written about how Belo helped me with my acne problem a few years ago but I just wasn't ready to attach a pic of how bad it was.. And so I shall do it for this review to further convince people why Belo only touches my skin. #ArtistaNaAko #Chos I took a pic of my pic?? when I saw my patient file and I chose the upper right pic because it was taken after running (aka raw skin people) and the lower right one because.. Well.. I'm holding a freshly autographed pic of Linkin Park HIHIH.

Check out my previous Belo review for a more detailed description of how my numerous Spanish peel sessions went down (it wasn't pretty). Or ok fine let me give you a summary of how that first review went..
🔹Only went to Belo because I was already desperate. I've seen around 2-3 dermatologists before being Belofied. Lol
🔹The derma (who btw is my inspiration because she took up bio in AdMU and went to UST for medicine and graduated cum laude and she's pretty and fashionable.. And cool) recommended me to go for Spanish peel
🔹Spanish peel = super painful treatment which I had to do once a week for over a month and a half
🔹Saw the dramatic results a week after my first session
🔹Left no scars or deep craters on my face

So since 2010, I've been going back to Belo to have my face cleaned regularly. I sometimes miss 5 months because it's really hard to set an appointment! I called a few weeks ago (second week of November) to schedule a facial for Dec 1, but they told me their next available date is on Dec 14. KAKALOKA! But thankfully, I've become friends with their staff and they just called me earlier to say that a patient backed out and that they were giving me her slot for tomorrow (Dec 1). Hehe. If I rejected, I'd be getting my face cleaned on the 29th of December. 128563

I've only cheated on Belo (and by that I mean have my facial done in another place) once and I did NOT like it. Facial place X "cleaned" my face yes but I ended up getting more zits after that session. It was bad. And it was my nose. It was bad. 128542 So, no, no more cheating on Belo! <- HEHEHE

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

I won't attach the picture of my face that the clinic took when I first came in, but to give you an idea of how bad my acne was.. Just imagine a pizza with mini pepperonis all over it 127829 And I mean ALL OVER it. I guess it's normal to go through such a cruel (cruel talaga eh lol) phase in high school but what made me go and see 2-4 dermatologists and facial centers was the pain that came with it. My whole face (especially my big cheeks) would just hurt when I'd touch it or when I would stretch my face. I knew that was something pimple creams alone couldn't solve.

The Belo receptionists and doctors were very accommodating and professional. I was alone when I first met my derma then she started telling me about what they could do to help clear up my skin. I came out of the clinic then I saw my dad and he asked about what the derma said and I forgot everything but thankfully, the derma (Dr. April G) talked to both my parents to explain everything all over again hehe.

She recommended me to try their Spanish peel. It basically was putting some kind of acid formulated by Dra. Vicky Belo herself on the face and it would just peel over the next few days. It would have to be done weekly for over a month and I started on the same day we entered the peppermint-smelling clinic of Belo Trinoma for the very first time.

Before the Spanish peel though, Dr. April herself squished/extracted them zits. OH THE PAIN. But wait, there was more.. It was time for the Spanish peel.. Just imagine how raw my skin was, fresh from extraction, all bloody and just.. Raw! The acid was then put on a cotton bud and I was handed a stress ball.. How comforting, right?? Lol. I can't even describe the pain. Basta mahapdi. Sobrang hapdi. They even had a small fan to help "cool" the burning feeling.. But nothing could actually lessen the pain. Only time healed the hapdi-ness. Choz. I decided to talk to Dr. Geraldez to help me not think about the pain too much. She was cool. We talked about forever 21, H&M and her UST med school experience. Idol!!

I peeled (the extreme way) a day or two after the Spanish peel. I remember looking at the mirror and comparing my face to that fleshy giant from Fanastic 4! The thing? Bleaugh.

I had to go through that 4 more times combined with their medicine, which made me peel even more. The results did not disappoint. Amazing how I was left with smooth and clear skin, free from craters/pits that usually come with acne extraction that isn't done properly. I was so happy I could finally touch my huge cheeks without feeling bumps and pain.

I still go to Belo to have my facials done but I haven't been there in over 2 months. It's very hard to set an appointment. You'd have to call them about a month (or two) ahead of your desired date.. I guess that's why a lot of people (including me) only let Belo touch their skin. Wink wink. 12807710084

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