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2/F B5, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Ave. cor. Lane O, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Bench Cafe
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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Bench Cafe recently held a preview night, days ahead of its opening (Greenbelt). Behind the huge tarp cover was a beautifully interiored dining space. The relaxing wall print is enough to give you the tropical vibes. My matching polo shirt was just perfect for that IG pose. In partnership with Foodee Global, Bench Cafe offers familiar Filipino favorites with just a hint and dash of twist to elevate your dining experience. Here's what we had during the preview night:

Tinapa Mousse Crisps - signature appetizer which was a hit during their BGC branch opening. Smooth smoked tinapa fish mousse on a crispy fried wanton.

Caldereta - instead of the traditional goat, they used beef. Meaty and thick tomato sauce with potatoes and bell peppers. This hearty stew goes well with a steaming cup of white, glorious rice.

Gising-gising - 'sigarilyas' or winged beans and string beans cooked in coconut milk, the sliced red chili givea that signature heat which Bicol dishes are known for.

Sinigang na Baboy sa Mansanas - soft pork with layers of fat gives the sinigang that glistening fatty sheen. The green apple taste was not as sour as i would have wanted but it gave it a nice crunch. A unique take on a beloved Filipino soup.

Adobo sa Gata - flavorful soy sauce and coconut milk combination penetrated through the meat.

Pinakbet Rice - generous vegetable toppings on the rice, salty bagoong and the vegetables were not soggy at all.

Pancit Sisig - bouncy noodles with vegetables and lots of sisig bits on top. A hit at the table!

Pancit Hamonado - noodles topped with hamonado. Sweet, savory pork sausage.

Inihaw platter - tiny, bite size barbecue skewers great for sharing. Don't forget to try the varied relishes and dips that comes with the platter.

Bench/To Meals comes with Bench Salsa, and Rice.

Dessert: Flan B - classic leche flan in a letter B mold. Topped with macapuno.

Assorted cakes - Bibingka cheesecake, Dark Tablea cake, Caramel Bukayo cake, Ube Leche Flan Cake and Turon a la mode.

Nice little nook for coffee and cake or a lunch date with friends. This is a great place to visit when in Greenbelt 3.

Disclaimer: Sponsored dining by Bench Cafe.

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Nievs G.
5.0 Stars

Bench is a local fashion giant so the idea of it venturing into the food and restaurant business seems a bit strange.

Well actually, Bench was responsible for bringing international franchises like Marugame Udon and PABLO Cheese Tart to the local shores. But Bench still prides itself of being an all-Filipino brand 🇵🇭 so it wisely decided to open its first local cafe/restaurant the Bench Cafe, which serves all-Filipino cuisine. It is located at Bench's three-storey flagship store in Bonifacio High Street. Needless to say, the launch generated buzz and fuss among netizens and foodies.

To be invited by |ooloo to a rendezvoos/three-part FOODEEcrawl two months ago at the Bonifacio Global City was such a great honor and pleasure that I subconsciously forgot my feelings of intimidation about going to the poshest enclave in the metro.

No matter how many different cuisines I have tried, my heart still goes for Filipino food and I thought choosing Bench Cafe at lunchtime was an excellent way to start the rendezvoos / FOODEEcrawl, as it was time for the typical Pinoy "tanghalian" 128522

Right, let's get on to the food:

✔ Crispy Pata - It consisted of deep-fried pork knuckles served with toyomansi with chilli, plus atsara (shredded and pickled raw papaya). The rind had that delightful crisp to the bite -- it truly justified its name (because other crispy patas that I have tried before were not that crispy). The meat, on the other hand, was flavorful and tender. Texture-wise, it wasn't dry, hard and "woodsy," thankfully.

✔ Dancing Fish Escabeche - No matter what type of fish used in escabeche, I will still end up loving this dish. Same went with this rather flamboyant-looking dish consisting of butterfly-style tilapia on a bed of sweet-tangy sauce. It was kind of a Chinese-style dish to me -- far from the escabeche I'm used to eating at home. But it was delicious!

✔ Sinigang na Tadyang sa Santol - It's been a while since I last had a beef sinigang that's why I enjoyed this dish a lot. Beef ribs, santol pulp, tomatoes and local string beans cooked in a sour broth. Bench's take on this was that it used santol as a main souring agent, but it also included tamarind -- the most common souring agent in sinigang -- to somewhat retain the classic sinigang flavor that Filipinos love.

✔ Chicken and Pork Adobo - I'm a big, big fan of adobo. In fact, adobo is my all-time favorite not just because it's the unofficial national dish. My nostrils would flare every time my Nanay cooks it and hers is still the best! But Bench's adobo was very good too! Classic adobo with LOTS and lots of garlic cloves, and I'm also a fan of garlic. My only issue with it, however, was that the garlic cloves weren't peeled that I had to take the papery skin off one by one. Other than that, I loved this dish a lot.

● Pinakbet Rice - It was basically fried rice topped with pinakbet, a popular Ilocano dish consisting of vegetables (like squash and local string beans) and pork flavored with bagoong alamang (shrimp paste). It was a meal in itself!

● Banana Cue - Classic banana cue -- fried and caramelized plantains. Bench served it with a chocnut dip. I tried it with the dip. However, I still preferred to eat banana cue without it.

● Sago't gulaman - The usual sago't gulaman -- a popular drink consisting of jelly and tapioca pearls flavored with vanilla extract and sugar. I was glad that I found it nice and sweet, and not bland.

Overall, I enjoyed this part of the rendezvoos x FOODEEcrawl the most. I was glad that Bench did not deviate from the classic Pinoy flavors by adding unfamiliar or crazy ingredients. They mostly retained the integrity of the dishes while adding a bit of spin to them to enhance the flavors, like in the case of escabeche and sinigang.

Thank you Foodee Global Concepts and |ooloo! 128522

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Diselle F.
4.0 Stars

Who would have thought Bench has a cafe x restaurant at their store. The place is spacious with a nice interior.

We had the Banana Skewer, Ube flan cake and Kapeng Barako. It all taste okay. Not something to wow bout. Lol.

Banana skewer is babana-q with a twist, coz you deep it in a chocnut sauce for that sweet nostalgic taste.

The Ube flan cake is okay. Nothing too fancy just okay.

4 starts because i didnt enjoy much what we ordered, but its okay

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Rusophotography P.
4.0 Stars

Nothing will ever beat the world-famous Filipino dishes like Adobo, Sinigang, Crispy Pata and so much more. No wonder, foreign taste buds are also craving for these truly Pinoy dishes and desserts.

With this hype, the famous Filipino clothing brand, “Bench” thrown in their fashion of these Pinoy favorites. Bench Cafe will serve our favorites inside their stores nationwide.

And of course, as one of your food buddies, I did not miss the chance to be at their launch and try these new offers.

My favorite is their tangy and delicious Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka with Santol (Cotton Fruit). This, you must try!

The cafe also serves Chicken/Pork Adobo, Crispy Pata, Escabeche, Pinakbet Ric and Banana Cue.

Bench Cafe don’t just have IG worthy food presentation but as well as the millenial-vibe and IG worthy ambiance.

Food - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 5/5
Value for money - 4/5

Thank you for the invite Roegan T had so much fun with looloo pips..

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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

Bench Cafe's first and only branch in BGC owned by non other than Ben Chan. It is an honor to be part of this rendezvoos and lucky enough to meet & greet Mr. Ben Chan in person, with selfies pa!128522

I honestly feel that this resto deserves all my praises and even after more than two weeks have passed since we visited, my tummy still remembers all the delicious Filipino food they served us.

Without any exaggerations, masarap lahat ng kinain namin!
To be honest, at first I thought, nagkataon lang na favorite ko lahat ng sinerve?...from Sinigang sa Santol, Deep fried Pla Pla, Crispy Pata, Pinakbet rice, Adobong Manok and Banana Q for dessert!
I actually feel sometimes that I don't want to have lutong bahay food at the restaurants coz that's what I already eat at home, but here, I was delighted to the MAX!!!

I think Chef Carlo Miguel have mastered all these Filipino recipes to get all the dishes cooked perfectly how pinoys like it, imo. I personally like Tilapia cooked that way, crispy from head to the tail. The Crispy Pata is deep fried, very tempting and crispy 100%! I've had Crispy Pata in other restos but they always change the sauce, it's either sweet or not spicy at all!! I was extremely happy inside (promise) that Bench Cafe uses Soy sauce, Vinegar, chopped onions and labuyo dip to their Crispy Pata! Big deal talaga sa kin ang sauce. You know, I'm really into sawsawan.128514

The Sinigang is everyone's favorite. Santol Sinigang sa Tadyang is very delicious. Sarap ng mainit na sabaw!
Perfect sa fried ulam!!! Pinakbet rice is also a favorite. This dish will surely be loved by many.

Adobong ang sharap! The chicken meat has all the adobo flavors inside and out. Napakalinamnam imo. It's perfect for me coz I cook at home a lot and this Adobo is my kind of Adobo, may sabaw and garlicky. 128525

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience! Till next food crawlin' guys! 128514
Foodee Global Concepts, Roegan T Jessica G

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5.0 Stars

I was invited for another Looloo Rendezvoos in BGC. It’s a Food Crawl organized by The Foodee Global Concepts and Looloo Team.

First Stop

Bench Cafe is situated in the 2nd level of the Bench Flagship Store in BGC. It is a casual restaurant serving your favorite classic Filipino cuisine.

Recently, Bench Cafe launched new dishes and I was so lucky to taste the following:

127831 Crispy Pata
127831 Dancing Fish Escabeche
127831 Chicken & Pork Adobo
127831 Pinakbet Rice
127831 Sinigang na Beef ng Tadyang
127831 Banana Cue

I really like the Sinigang na Beef ng Tadyang that uses santol as their “pampaasim” and surprisingly it was super good! The Banana Cue with Sweet Peanut Sauce takes a new level to enjoy the classic merienda. Sarap!

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

First stop for Looloo x FooDee Crawl in BGC.

Serving a more spiffier “turo-turo” style restaurant. They offer Filipino favorites on their menu some with traditional recipes while adding a little twist to other dishes but still staying true to the Filipino palate. Bench Cafe opened its door early this year.

We got to try some of their dishes:
Crispy Pata (Php 620)
This crispy fried pork was prepared for 6 hours to give its golden brown exterior and it's tender meat inside. I prefer the meat and juicy it was.

Dancing Fish in Escabeche (Php 350) This butterflied fried fish comes in three sauces: Escabeche, Bench Salsa and Serwelas. They've placed this fried fish on a bed of sweet and sour sauce. You have to take a bite of the fish with its sauce.

Singing na Beef Tadyang sa Santol (Php 370)
Sinigang sa Santol comes in three variants: Pork Belly (Php 320), Beef Tadyang (Php 370) and Sugpo (Php 395). Perfectly balance sour and tangy taste for its sinigang soup. Enjoyed every sip of this appetizing dish.

Pinakbet Rice (Solo - Php 59, Sharing - Php 139)
They made a Filipino favorite dish into a flavored rice. Using pinakbet ingredients like beans, eggplant and okra with it's flavors too. They turned a typically boring rice into a meal on it's own.

Banana Cue with Tsoknut Sauce (Php 55)
Banana Cue is a typical Filipino street food dessert and they stayed true with traditional manner of preparing it. One of the things that stood out was its sauce which was made with Chocnut.

Don't forget to also try their drinks like Gulaman great for that warm afternoon and their Halo Halo too. Which I heard was another good try on their dessert menu. BENCH Cafe is located on the second floor of BENCH store in Bonifacio High Street.

Thank you Roegan T and Jessica G for having me 128522

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Bench Cafe is one upscale Filipino Food Cafe. It offers straight forward Filipino Classics - not competing with modernized versions, not trying to impress with fusions. Kare-Kare, Gising-Gising, Salpicao, Liempo, etc etc...

Located on the second floor of the flagship Bench Store in Bonifacio High Street, the place is chic! Well lit and spacious, it has tasteful interiors but still maintains a certain simplicity.

We got to try some of the new items in their menu during a 3 part FooDee BGC Foodcrawl. Nothing fancy, no IG worthy plating - just pure Filipino food goodness.

Chicken and Pork Adobo - done the classic way - with lots of garlic and just the right ratio of soy sauce and vinegar

Crispy Pata - a well loved dish by almost everyone, their version was brined for 48hrs giving every single bite a good savory saltiness. The skin was perfectly crispy and of course - this is best when dipped in soy sauce with onions and chili!

Fish Escabeche - butterflied fish that's been deep fried and smothered with sweet and a little sour sauce. Huge serving!

Sinigang na Tadyang - this one's made with santol and a little tamarind. Loved how the beef flavor mixed well with the souring agents giving this Classic Filipino Soup Dish a hearty and homey finish. (In our province, Santol is commonly used as Sinigang souring agent)

Pinakbet Rice is one GENIUS rice creation! Fried rice mixed with the usual Pinakbet veggies - okra, squash, eggplant, beans - this can be a meal on it's own but it complimented the dishes well especially the Adobo!

For dessert, they served Bananaque but gave it a little twist! Served with chocnut dip, who would have thought that this will work! Only thing that needs to change here though is the amount of sugar coating the banana chunks. Less sugar to highlight the dip.

Overall, it was a great dining experience. I would say Bench Cafe captured the essence of Classic Filipino dishes. If that's what you're after, Bench Cafe is a good option.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Bench is one amazing brand. From a humble retail store, it has expanded to more than just selling clothes. Now seen as a lifestyle brand, it now has spin off brands like Bench Fix and one of its more recent ventures, Bench Café. Its festive and flavorful dishes were instant hit to the BGC market that even those not within the area brave the traffic just to have a taste of the famous Tinapa Cones, Sisig and to die for Halo-Halo. And its newest dishes charmed us as easy as counting 1-2-3.

Hello again, Bench Café.

Bench Café recently revamped its menu and added some stellar new favorites in its menu. Now offering more a la carte dishes perfect for sharing, Bench Café becomes a family destination.

In this FOODEE Crawl with looloo, we got to sample Chef Carlo Miguel's Sinigang na Beef Tadyang sa Santol (PHP370), Dancing Fish in Escabeche (PHP350), Chicken Pork Adobo (PHP249), Crispy Pata (PHP620), Pinakbet Rice (PHP59, solo | PHP139, for sharing) and Banana Cue with Tsoknut Sauce (PHP55).

It was my first time to eat sinigang with santol as the main souring agent. And it was delicious! It had that enticing aroma where one whiff would make you drool. Each slurp of the soup was packed with that delectable tangy taste. The tender beef tadyang was also something else. It was so soft that I didn't have to exert much effort to cut it into smaller pieces. Needless to say, this dish made me sleepless as my taste buds kept wanting more.

Fish lovers would enjoy this picturesque crispy butterfly tilapia which is available in three sauces. We had ours with escabeche.

The sweet and sour sauce was spot on and complemented the fresh and crispy fish. One order is great for at least 4 persons and even 6 if you are ordering other dishes to go with this.

The classic Chicken and Pork Adobo was further enhanced by Chef Carlo by topping it with generous amount of garlic. This local favorite is best eaten with rice as the garlic flavor might be too overwhelming for some.

And if you're visiting Bench Cafe with the family, make sure that you order Crispy Pata.

Prepared for over 6 hours to ensure the perfect combination of crispy skin and succulent meat, expect nothing short of jaw-dropping goodness. I was pretty impressed with the crispiness of the skin. There was not one bit that was hard to chew. Though the meat from the edges tend to be a bit too dry for my liking, the meat in the middle was juicy. So go for the middle part!

And to balance all the sinfulness of the meats we devoured, this plate of Pinakbet rice was perfect! Topped with pumpkin chunks, string beans and onion, it was like having another viand on the table.

To cap our (first) meal, we all feasted on banana cue with Tsoknut.

Who would have thought that this street food favorite would go so well with the childhood classic snack? Though I still prefer to enjoy my banana cue as is, dipping it in the sweet peanuty sauce was good too.

I can't wait to go back for more Sinigang sa Santol!

Thank you Roegan T and Jessica for the invite. 128153

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

Aside from "Goma" aka Richard Gomez ( remember the rowing TV commercial during the early 90's) when you hear the brand BENCH ,quality and reasonably priced apparel and fashion items always comes to mind.But not this time as
you will ask yourself whether itvis the boutique or the cafe?

This is the lunch segment of the three part #FoodeeCrawl hosted by Foodee Global Concepts ,Bench Cafe and Looloo.

It was like a heritage food gathering as the dishes presented were all Pinoy rooted from the starters ,the mains up to the dessert

1. Crispy Pata- consisting of deep fried ham hock served with the toyomansi dip and atsara.Its the usual crispy pata ,nice crunch on the rind,meat was tender and tasty.

2. Sinigang na tadyang sa santol- beef ribs , with santol flesh , kangkong , tomatoes and Filipino string beans.The chef modified this by using santol flesh as the sour component but still added some tamarind juices so that it will not totally deviate from the sour taste that the Pinoys were accustomed to.

3. Dancing Fish Escabeche - crispy tilapia done butterfly style in sweet and tangy sauce.The style was very Southeast Asian the way it was served ,the charming part of this dish is the sauce,very Asian with the a different touch of tanginess put into it.128024

5. Chicken & Pork Adobo- chicken and pork belly stewed in the basic garlic,soya sauce and vinegar.Bench's version is top notch , I'm not a fan of any adobo however this one captivated me ,they put emphasis on adding more vinegar and stayed away from making it sweet.I loved the balance of garlic ,soy sauce and vinegar blend and there was no apparent raw vinegar taste.128024

5. Pinakbet Rice -fried rice combined with the ingredients and character of the pinakbet like squash,string beans and the bagoong.A complete meal ,binding two familar Pinoy food the "sinangag"and pinakbet .I liked how they cooked the sitaw nice firm in every bite, fried rice not too oily and the saltiness was just right.128024

6. Banana Cue banana fried in caramelized brown sugar served with tsoknut dip, it doesn't matter with or without the dip.

7.Gulaman at sago - jello and sago pearls beverage,I find it too sweet.

Very familiar repertoire , traditional , some of the dishes brought back the good old days,simple not over the top.

Thank you FOODEE GLOBAL CONCEPTS ,Bench Cafe and Looloo for a wonderful "pananghalian".

dishes marked with 128024 are the favorites.


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Raisa Z.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time to attend a looloo (#foodeecrawl) our first stop was Bench Cafe 128205

It is also my first time trying out this place. We had a very Pinoy meal, at their cute cafe located above the Bench store itself... COOOOL RIGHT

My top favorite were:

Pinakbet Rice 🥗
I like Okta and Kalabasa in general, and I love the mixture of their pinakbet combined in rice. I could actually eat this alone, not kidding.

Sinigang na Tadyang 127858
It was my first time seeing santol in sinigang... and surprisingly it was a good match. I like how sour the soup was! So tasty. And the beef was cooked just right.

Crispy Pata 127830
The way they cooked their Crispy Pata was really interesting; the pata was tasty and crunchy, but a bit too crunchy for some portion of the meat.

Some of the other dishes we had was:

Dancing Fish Escabeche 128031
I like how crispy the fish was cooked. However, I am not a fan of any sweet and sour dish. So I tasted very little amount of the sauce. For sweet and sour fans out there, the serving was really generous.

Chicken and Pork Adobo 127835
The only adobo i don't like is sweet ones. Their adobo was cooked in balanced amount of soy sauce and vinegar, with loads of garlic. The loads of garlic was a winner for me. It was yummy.

And lastly for dessert, they served Banana Cue with matching melted Choc Nut as the dip. As weird as that sounds, the combination tasted goooood. Yummy banana cue with a hint of nutty flavor.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Giant Clothing brand BENCH has finally a Cafe, FYI.

Bench has opened its first cafe and restaurant at 2F Bench Boutique in BGC.

I was so lucky to be invited by Roegan T128077 of the Looloo Team 128153. It would be a FOODEE Crawl at BGC and one of the itineraries is Bench Cafe. I said “YES” because I was really eager to try BENCH CAFE. I remember my teenage days that I always go to BENCH to buy clothing so I am curious also for their first cafe and restaurant.

The event started at 2pm. Lucky that the man behind the success of BENCH Cafe was there , the owner himself , a successful businessman , Mr. Ben Chan . 128588

The Cafe offers Filipino style dishes . From Pinoy style bentos , main dishes , cocktails , drinks , cakes etc. Everything’s done local 128077

Here are the drink and dishes served yesterday:

✅ Sagot Gulaman - this drink cost 60 pesos . It was colourful , refreshing and not that sweet . If you miss Sagot Gulaman , try this one.

✅ Sinigang na Santol - many of us liked this dish . According to Chef Carlo Miguel they used of course Santol and that’s what makes this more different from a normal sinigang. The Pork was tender and I liked it 128077

✅ Chicken and Pork Pochero - Just like the Sinigang na santol , I liked this dish . The sauce and the meat was perfect 128076

✅ Dancing Fish 127907 Escabeche - the fish was so big and has a nice plating. For me it’s ok and I’m not just a fan of escabeche.

✅ Pinakbet rice - I’m a pinakbet fan! I liked the twist that they made a pinakbet rice , even your not a vegetarian, you’ll loved this one !

✅ Crispy Pata - so crunchy ! Chef explained that he used different method in cooking this . The Pata was steam for almost 6 hours and that’s what makes this more special 128523 slow cooking .

✅ Banana Cue 127820 - our dessert was very Filipino . It’s a very popular snack food in the Philippines. Glad they are serving this for dessert . Loved our own right ? Nice plating and the banana was tender so it’s a Pop for me 128077

Aside from the food , I liked also the chic modern interiors 128525, bright geometric patterns and colourful walls .

Bench Café may just make you change your mind with Filipino dishes that are familiar enough to comforting, yet with little twists here and there, enough to make your meal a novel experience..

Looking forward to try next time their cakes and the Halo-Halo 127847

All in all it was a great experience. Thanks to Chef Carlo Miguel for making time to explain to us each and every dish , to FOODEE Global Concepts who never fail to take care of us every time there was an event , BENCH Cafe team for satisfying our tummies and to Looloo , Jessica G , Looloo Community Manager for arranging this , this wouldn’t be possible without her hard work.

Lastly to my fellow Co- Looloo reviewers who makes this food Crawl fun , Thanks everyone for a very warm company 128522 #FoodNotFeelings


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Miguel M.
1.0 Stars

Salted egg Chicken was dry
No salted egg taste what so ever
The bangus belly was hard and un appealing
Even the tortang talong is so un inspiring looks so bland and tastes even worst.
Over all even the presentation of the dish is so cafeteria food like.
Bench should stick to making clothes.

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Shana S.
5.0 Stars

Trying this Shrimp Suha Salad at Bench Cafe for only P239! 9786

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Actually I was really craving for their Summer Shorts which was on the display window, and felt sad when they didnt have any stock inside the store :( Next thing I know my feet were dragging me up to Bench Cafe. Yes I was also drawn by the Ube Halo Halo Poster :)

We were really looking for a cool summer delight so we instantly tried the Ube Halo Halo....but then again there were other items in the menu that also looked tempting...Hence, we added Pancit Guisado and Cornedbeef Silog....which ignited our evening cravings!

What I liked about the Ube Halo Halo was the ube-flavored shavings! Although the ube was so strong it coated the rest of the toppings with its color! Hehehe so just be surprised and take a wild guess which of the toppings you ate 128522128522128522 Flavor-wise the ube flavor was there till with the shavings till the end l....I didn’t mind if the ice shavings shrank a bit, because it was easier to mix the Halo Halo without ice shavings jumping out of the glass :) hafta agree the oce shavings are similar to that of the Korean bingsu, but the shavings are still bigger than bingsu 128522128522128522

Pancit Guisado was flavorful, it tastes like homecooked pancit with the basic ingredients, but showered with crispy pork slices and cracklings! The color and texture of the canton reminded me of tasty miki strands, only thinner 12851510084128077🏻

I also crossed over to the Corned Beef Silog....we actually cook it exactly this way at home...cornedbeef styled like patties with sliced also tasted good!

For me Bench Cafe would be home-cooked style cuisine, I would be excited to taste the rest of its menu 12851510084128077🏻

The place reminded me of an old yet luxurious, Filipino vintage house, from the machuka inspired geometric tiles, vertical colored glass dividers which reminded me of colorful capiz windows....up to the dinnerware....vintage looking plates and drinking glasses. Most of all the tropical, floral placemats are to love! They should have a Bench HOME section in the future!

From apparel to food, I’m loving BENCH even more through the years!

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Gwen I.
4.0 Stars

Tsoknut Ice Cream Sandwich! It's toasted ensaymada filled with Tsoknut ice cream for only 150php. 128512

Me and Denise J just shared 'coz we're still super full from dinner before going here, but of course, there's always room for dessert. 128513

This was surprisingly good! 128522 I wasn't really expecting anything from it other than it's sweet since it's a dessert, but wow.. it definitely caught our attention. There's just something in it that tasted really good. It's creamy, and the sweetness was just perfect. The bread was good, too. 128522

I'd love to try their dishes sometimes. 128522

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Charlzz C.
2.0 Stars

Summer heat is lingering so a few weeks ago after a long walk around BGC I've decided to try some cold merienda at Bench Cafe.

So this review is just one particular item and not Bench Cafe as a whole.

As I browsed upon the menu Halo Halo caught my attention there are several variants namely White, Classic and Ube .As a purist and a traditionalist with a certain group of cuisine,I chose the classic as the barometer.

Their halo halo was affordable Php119 for the white,the classic for Php139 while the ube was tagged Php149 each.

Classic halo halo was composed of the trendy bingsu style coconut flavored shaved ice,macapuno,nata de coco,saba bananas,beans,leche flan,ube halaya ,chick peas and ube ice cream.

Order went in ,after some several stirs and drubs in to the cup the glorious height of my halo halo shrunk into only around 40% or less of the cup.I cant help it but have a shocking grin.Tastewise it was ok the bingsu style shaved ice doesn't have a charming effect on this Pinoy classic neither,it would have been better if they used the traditional shaved ice or they compress the ice thus eliminating the spaces between and air.

Sulit ba ang Php139?
I would say "NO" because I can have a decent halo halo with more components with less than a hundred peso here in the metro and especially in the provinces.Eating halo halo should be a fulfilling experience , with regards to taste,quality,serving .

I hope my next visit for their halo halo wiill be the opposite ,and hoping it will improve soon..

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Eleanor S.
4.0 Stars

Tried out Bench Café in Bonifacio High Street. Located on the 2nd flr. of the Bench bldg, one wouldn't immediately know that a restaurant there.

I've heard that they serve Filipino food and wanted to try out their specialty, the Ube Halo-Halo.

But before dessert, we first had their appetizer, Streetfood Platter (Php 149). It has the usual squidballs, fishballs, and kikiam plus sauces on the side. I found it just okay because, aside from the presentation, nothing was unique about the dish.

For the main course, we ordered their Silog. I had the Daing na Bangus aka Bangsilog (Php 149). I found it just okay since they could have added more meat in comparison to the amount of rice. The overall taste was good though.

Finally, we can't miss their Ube Halo-Halo (Php 149). What's unique with this is that their shaved ice is already Ube flavored. It's comparable to the ice shavings of Bingsu. It was more tasty and the sweetness is just right.

They also have a Filipino style bento which I have yet to try next time. Overall, the food was just okay but I wouldn't say no to try other items on their menu and come back for their dessert.

#looloosummergiveaway2018 #loolooapp

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Kim T.
4.0 Stars

Tried Bench Cafe for the first time.
Their food was good. However, the service is quite slow. We ate here during lunch time. Might be a factor and high street is such a busy place.

But overall, why not give it a try!

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Daven P.
4.0 Stars

Yay! Finally got to taste the much hyped halo-halo. 🙂

🍽: Bench Café
128205: Second floor of Bench Flagship Store in
Bonifacio Highstreet, 9th Avenue Corner
Lane O in BGC

I've seen several posts from famous instagram influencers of pictures of food being served this café as well as its interior.

Out of curiosity, I finally decided to give it a visit before going home from our staycation during holyweek. Though we are bit full from our brunch at Early Bird in Century mall.

Visited the cafe at around past 1 pm so that we could avoid the lunch hour rush. Luckyly there were vacant seats.

127860BENCH/TO - Bento meals or Set meals

▫️We we're supposed to order Inasal na liempo and gising gising but the staff told us that it is not available. We decided to order Toyomansi chicken and gising-gising.

Also, crispy dinuguan isn't available too.

127857 Toyo mansi Chicken - 110881108811088️ out of 5
127860My cousin liked this, she said that the soysauce isn't overpowering and salty but it lacks the acidity so she asked the staff for vinegar.

▫️Ordered US Angus Short ribs bistek, Inihaw na pusit and gising gising and I have the similar fate with my cousin. My order is still unavailable. 128533

◽️Variety of filipino favorites liked tocino, spam, corned beef, daing na bangus, longganisa, sisig, adobo flakes and US Beef tapa. You have a choice to serve it with rice or panini.

127857: SPAM Silog- 110881108811088️ out of 5
127860Just a typical combination of fried rice, egg and spam. The price is reasonable with the serving size. I think they used the original flavor spam since it is a bit salty but nonetheless it is okay.

127857: US BEEF TAPA- 11088110881108811088️ out of 5
127860Loved it though the serving of the tapa is bit small though I liked that its savory without being too salty. Amazed with the vinegar foam, I guess that is the differentiating factor of the dish. Though we still asked for vinegar since we liked the traditional form of vinegar to go with our tapa.


127857 White Halo-Halo - 11088110881108811088️.5 out of 5
127860This is the main reason why we went here and Bench Cafe did not disappoint. Loved everthing about the dessert. Liked how simple its ingredients are but still produced a wonderful dessert. It is not too sweet and I really enjoyed it.

🦄: Over-all experience: 11088110881108811088️ out of 5
We had a pleasant experience at Bench Café. Food was borderline good to best and the dishes were priced reasonably.

I highly recommend this place but I think everything on the menu should be available regardless of any reason.

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