Bench Fix Salon

G/F V-Mall, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

Bench Fix Salon
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Hair Salon
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Reopens: 10:00a - 9:00p


  • Sunday
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Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱150 - ₱1,500

Most Recent Reviews

Raymond Brian L.
1.0 Stars

I visited here yesterday to have my haircut but it sad coz my stylist (Lito Mapa) is not around, cashier told me he had his off change to wednesday instead of tuesday. So i ask the cashier who's available stylist and she said Ms. Ces (kinda old lady). I've been a regular customer of Bench Fix Salon Starmall shaw blvd. branch for 7years now but it was closed i think 2months ago.

That day was my WORST EXPERIENCE in 7years! The lady stylist cuts and trims my hair like a regular barbero in a barber shop! Damn! And also the girl assistant who wash my hair, had me ahit with a blade and scratch wounds at the back area of my head! I'TS REALLY NOT RECOMMENDED TO HAVE YOUR HAIR CUT WITH A STYLIST YOU DON'T KNOW!!! They ruin my day yesterday thinking that it's also my birthday! Holy crap!! 128545128545128545

(Bench Fix Salon 4th level Virra Mall)


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Alyssa P.
5.0 Stars

My hair's been through so much change (IMO) this past year (around 9-10 months lang pala). So, I've decided to make a "series" out of it. 128514

This is part 1 of my "Hair Evolution"

In late October-November of 2013, I decided to get an ombré just for the kick of it. I know I was really late in joining the bandwagon but what the hell, right? Yolo? No joke I'm not using that term. So I went from "never been colored" hair to "late for the bandwagon" ombré.

Anyway, I decided to go to one of three branches of Fix Salon that I trust with my hair care. I've learned from years of going to salons with my mom. And my advise is if you're planning on trying something new you've got to:
First: know and trust the people who'll be handling your hair. Because, if you're gonna want to try something new and then try it with a new salon then, you might not be really comfortable enough with them to explain properly what you want.
Second, know what you want. Research about it, look for photos to best represent how you want your results to be, but don't forget that it's different for everyone. Don't expect to look like that girl from that Pinterest photo.
Third is to take time, I know the months before I got my ombré, I was just so indecisive, so I asked my friends if they think it would look good and I asked my stylist (James, in this branch) whenever I got a haircut what process and blah. If you're indecisive, don't hesitate to ask about it. There's no harm in asking. 128077

Of course there are other factors but this is all I can think of right now.

On to the review/process/kwento!
James asked me what color I wanted and I told him red, but not super duper bright red because I still want to be able to go home and not get scolded for the "scandalous" shade of red I have. 128514128514128514

Photo 1: Bleaching my hair volcano. My hair was so long that they had to use 1-2 of those trolley thingies and a cushion wrapped in towels to get it right. 128514128514128514 it hurt my neck because of the added weight of the bleach! My god, it was uncomfortable 128557128514

Photo 2: Bleached endsss, I was so excited to see it after about 40 mins - 1hr+ (I think?) It was so surreal like..."this is really happening 128576128576128576" as I said in the beginning, I've never had my hair colored before so you can probably imagine me being such a kid in the salon all excited and sh*t.

Photo 3: Red over bleached ends! It was a "scandalous" red my mom won't approve of so, they toned it down

Et voilà, Photo 4: is the end result! Forgive my winter-y clothes this was taken around Christmas time in Korea 128569100529924

I love love love it!

But of course, as March rolled around, I wanted change again!


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Bettina V.
3.0 Stars

So I decided to get a haircut. I wanted it short. Shoulder length. I asked for a Junior stylist only since i'm really not particular with who touches my hair. Chos!

Anyway, I forgot the name of the stylist. I showed him (he's gay, btw) a picture of Heidi Klum and Sandra Bullock with shoulder-length hair. Haha! Ambisyosa! He was honest in saying that if he cuts my hair at that length magfa-fly away daw kasi malamang nablowdry yung hair ni mareng Heidi and Sandra. So i expected he wanted my hair longer but noooo. He cut my hair shorter. 128561

My hair turned out okay. Thank God! My only complaint is that the stylist wasn't as friendly as the others who cut my hair in the past. He wasn't sociable. At least he didn't offer me treatments and the like. So ok na rin.

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Ginno Z.
4.0 Stars

Excellent haircut!

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Larah L.
5.0 Stars

Had my first color here.

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ok K.
5.0 Stars

Femar is seriously just the best. (Also the most expensive)

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