Benguet Prime Hotel

Session Rd. cor. Calderon St., Baguio, Benguet

Benguet Prime Hotel
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Dennis R.
1.0 Stars

This hotel has a very unreliable reservation system. Unlike other hotels, you cannot book your reservation online. You have to call them by phone to work-out the reservation. That's what I did in May 2016 to reserve for 2 separate dates (26th & 29th) in December. I did the reservation 7 months in advance to make sure that I get the right room (family room). They only have a few family rooms. I failed to get this room in 2015 because I did not book early enough. The family rooms have balconies overlooking session road.
Since I had a bad experience (disappearing reservation) in 2015, I decided to call the hotel in August to see if my reservation was still in place. The hotel staff informed me that there's no such reservation. They asked me to whom I talked to when I did the reservation. I had to do the reservation all over again.
To make sure that my reservation was still in place, I called the hotel again in November. My reservation for Dec 26 has disappeared, while the one for Dec 29 was still ok. Again, the hotel staff asked me to whom I talked to when I did the reservation. I had to do the reservation for Dec 26 for the third time. They asked me what time I will check-in. My answer was 4-5 pm.
In the afternoon of the 26th, the hotel called me to confirm my arrival. They warned me that they normally cancel the reservation if the guest does not arrive by 6 pm. I told them that I'm behind schedule and that I will be arriving at around 10 pm. I had to beg them not to cancel my reservation due to late arrival. I did not have trouble during check-in that day.
In Dec 29, I was driving in the afternoon towards Baguio after a descent from Mt Pulag when I noticed 2 missed calls (1:39 & 1:40 pm) from a cellphone. There's no cellphone signal in most parts of that route. I did not receive any text message. I checked-in at around 5:35 pm (arriving 15 minutes earier at the hotel's basement parking area). The front desk informed me that I didn't have a reservation. I told them that they confirmed my reservation 2 days earlier when I checked-out. That's when they realized that my reservation has been cancelled earlier and the family room has already been taken. They explained that the cancellation was made because I did not answer 3 phone calls that they made. I only saw 2 missed-calls made one minute apart. Other employees of the hotel we talked to were wondering why the reservation was cancelled way before 6 pm.
Instead of the family room that had 3 beds, we were given a considerably smaller room with 2 beds and one matress in the floor. We had 3 breakfast coupons instead of 4. There was nothing to see through the windows except for the airconditioning units of other rooms. We paid the same amount (P3,000) for something considerably less. The sink in the bathroom was clogged and was leaking underneath (room # 513).
This is my worst hotel experience. I am sharing this experience so that others will take all necessary precautionary measures when they decide to make a reservation in this hotel.

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Bernie R.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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