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Most Recent Reviews

Dang Q.
1.0 Stars

Took me a while to post this. It was a pretty horrid experience. A series of horrid experiences, actually.

I am only sharing my experiences this year. To provide background, back in November 30 2014, I was checked in with both my mother and my grandmother. Both are senior citizens, my grandma was 90 years old back then. They lost power at around 4 am. Their generators did not bring the power back up. My grandmother had to take a shower in the dark and we left at 7AM because I was scared we would both get asthma attacks.

For context, I am a back packer and I have stayed at simpler places. I have spent nights on the floor of train stations and airports the world over. So I would like to think I know what I am saying.

F1 is the first hotel in BGC and they claim to be a 4 star hotel.

My 2 stays this year were for family. That being said, I spare no patience where none is due.

First stay: May 27-28
I arrive at the hotel and the bathroom tiles were loose. Water would come out when you step on it, so I asked for a room change. The front desk tells me that they are fully booked. After 5 minutes, they said they found a free room and will move me. First of all, I thought the hotel was fully booked? This hotels' staff needs to train for proper spiels.
I picked up my Aunt and Uncle and get back to a musty room. It smelled like the room had not been lived in for months. I asked for air freshener, which lasted for about 2 hours.

Second stay: July 17
I called ahead to tell the staff that I did not want the same experience and to please check that the room is ready before I get there. The staff was very accommodating over the phone and allowed me to split my booking to 2 separate nights because my sister's flight was delayed. Nothing outrageous during this stay. They also upgraded the room as compensation from my last stay.

Third Stay: July 29
Checked in late afternoon, and started relaxing in the room. I was about to take a shower but the shower was broken. It's too bad I cannot upload a video here to prove that experience. I say that because the hotel manager says I should have pushed the know harder. I'm like - you are a 4 star hotel! Your guests should not have to work hard for the freaking shower! I had to let the engineer in my room to fix the shower.
The bedsheets and pillow cases looked dirty. One could argue that it is their cleaners, they had gray streaks on them. I would like to think that a 4 star hotel can afford better cleaners. There was mold on their faucet/sink and hair on the floor. (This is not the first time I found hair on their floor - not mine!! The door hinge looks like the room was broken into as well. The coffee saucer has a coffee spot - NOT STAIN - SPOT; and HAIR.

BTW - they sent me free ensaymada and allowed late check out. But c'mon. Really?

So here's the deal. I have stayed at budget hotels cleaner than this 4 star hotel. To say their cleaning is sub par would be a compliment. I do not need molds in my 4 star hotel. I do not clean a lot but hey, I know having someone else's hair in my room is not acceptable - even for a single star place. Having to deal with more people than I wanted to when all I really wanted was a peaceful night was stressful. I am staying away from this hotel, and I hope you guys do too. They do not deserve patronage - not when they give you less than your money's worth!

  • No. of Comments: 11
Phantasm D.
4.0 Stars

During the Holy Week, we had our staycation at F1 Hotel Manila and celebrated Easter here.

F1 Hotel Manila, BGC’s Home of Happy Experiences, has now geared up for this upcoming summer season with their affordable and fun-filled room and buffet packages, specially made for families aspiring to have a weekend getaway, for the whole month of May.

F1 Hotel has three swimming pools located on the third floor along with a cafe.

They also have a kiddie area where kids can play. An ice cream stand is also available. I wanted to play the huge snakes and ladders but my friends don't want to play with me. *sad face*

Located on the mezzanine of the third floor is the gym. Gotta burn those calories after binge eating at the buffet.

And a spa that's perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

And finally, sharing my hotel room:

I had the Fort Suite. I really love how spacious my room is. The necessities are all there, from fast WiFi to the kettle and iron, safety box, and toiletries. My favorite in the room was the JBL clock Bluetooth speaker which allows me to play good music in my room in high-quality. Makes me feel more at home.


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Cheska G.
1.0 Stars

Really disappointed.

1. NO PARKING!! Wow...just wow. They don't have a reserved slot for their customers. They said it is a first cone first served basis so we have to park somewhere else! I went to their parking area and saw A LOT of free slots. I wonder why.

2. Dirty pool. Yuck! I won't swim there. It looks like it was not cleaned for days. It was not available the day before because they said it is under maintenance..the day after, we looked at it and meh. Anyway, they offered the pool from their other property but you have to ride their shuttle.

3. Room was big but needs some cleaning. You see yellowish to black tiles! The room lamp isn't working.

4. Checkin/out process was horrible! We booked 2 rooms and we only got our 2nd room around 6pm already! Gosh! They said we can check out at a later time the next day but no thanks.

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Yen D.
4.0 Stars

Just a few weeks ago, F1 Hotel Manila hosted another staycation for my family for their pre-Easter celebration.

We stayed at F1 Hotel Manila’s Fort Suite that has always been our home in BGC. They pretty much have everything that you might need during your stay. It has one bedroom, one T&B and a spacious receiving area with a sofa bed.

Since we had our kids with us during the staycation, the sofa bed was converted into a bed. The efficient housekeeper effortlessly turned and flipped the sofa. In no time… it was done!

And since it was almost Easter when we stayed at F1 Hotel Manila, they had something up their sleeves. They prepared an advanced Easter Egg Hunt by the pool and a relaxing movie night right after dinner inside the same venue. Yes! We were delightfully spoiled rotten!

The next day, my husband, my 18 year old son and myself decided to work-out. A staycation wouldn’t be complete without hitting the gym! While our daughter was happily reading her book in the room. Some quiet time for her.

‘Twas truly a weekend well spent! It was definitely what we needed to be recharged and energized to face the new week ahead.


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April H.
1.0 Stars

Skip reading this if you don't like sarcasm, complaining, overuse of hashtags, angst, and rage issues... Go on to the next one, but bear with me if you dare... #wuwenglish

If you've seen my reviews, you will see that I normally write it several weeks after going/staying/eating at the place... This one took almost a year after to write, probably because my family and I were so disappointed with our stay and I didn't want to start 2015 with a negatron review...128544

My family decided to do the staycation thing last New Year's Eve... It was a last minute decision, so we weren't able to book a room at Makati... Goal was to sit back and just celebrate, go to a NYE party, and say goodbye to 2014... Since we were too late for makati, we decided to try BGC... Fortunately, F1 was still available and we booked 4 rooms for an overnight stay... Little did we know that this was a bad idea...128064

When we arrived at the hotel past noon, THERE WERE NO PARKING SLOTS LEFT!!! all of us had to park on the lot across the street, which charged us for overnight parking (and more, since we stayed in the area past lunch)... That's 4 cars and it wasn't cheap believe me... They didn't bother with niceties as offering to pay for the parking (since we were guests staying overnight)... It's the principle that pissed me off... Ok fine, different management, let it go...

They took a long while to check us in and to get the rooms ready... There were a lot of people checking in to be fair... The staff had an air of disbelief-- like I can't believe I signed up for this or kulang ang double pay!128517 They reasoned that they were fully booked and a bit undermanned... I felt that wasn't our problem and we should be able to enjoy our time at the hotel... What are you going to do?! Ok fine, let it go...

Being a big group, we found it kind of disappointing when we found out that the 4 rooms were in 4 different floors... Well, due to the late booking (not super late naman), we didn't complain... Ok fine, let it go...

We finally got to the room... It was a twin room with two extra beds, good for me, my brother, and our two cousins... It was a little snug, but that's okay... Gives you an excuse to jump up and down the bed!128525 but when we checked the supplies, we were missing a towel, 2 robes, 2 sets of hotel room slippers, and one set of toiletries... Oh, and just one roll of tissue paper, nit a new one at that... So we called housekeeping to ask for the missing things... They couldn't provide us more robes apparently, because the two beds were already extras... Ok fine, even if we paid for that...

They gave us incomplete toiletries, the slippers and the towel... Oh, but no tissue... Why??? naubusan na daw sila... Huwaaaaatttt???? Seriously, seriously kuya??? no one can even walk to S&R to buy tissues for the guests???? I'm so so so sorry but I did not find that acceptable... It's not our fault if you miscalculated the number of supplies needed by the hotel... They should have at least BOUGHT TISSUE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!! hello!!!!!!!!128545128545128545128545

But who wants to ruin their day from lack of tissue right? so after resting a bit, we decided to go out & get coffee & shop for a bit... My cousins were frustrated because they couldn't connect to FB, since the wifi was so slow... Prolly because of the bummer number of guests again... Ok fine, let it go again...

We went back, prepared to hear Mass and have dinner afterwards... They held a Mass at one of their function rooms, but not all the guests could fit inside... Luckily, we were early, thus all 12 of us had seats... 9786

After Mass, we just walked to High Street Central for dinner with the rest of our family members (who couldn't spend the night at F1, lucky them!)... We ate bad Spanish food, but it doesn't matter... That restaurant is now Single Origin, thankfully... A much better use of space!128522

We were thinking about hitting one of the clubs in the area after, but we were with our parents/titos/titas, so we just opted to party at the rooftop to celebrate the incoming year... The party sounded promising, with performers, fire dancers, free-flowing booze, pica-pica, and fireworks... I think it was around 2k per head (or maybe more), but fine, it's the new year...128526 we took the deal...

Ohmygoodness, to whomever was the organizer, it was a total rip off... Total rip off... You do not know how to organize a party. A funeral might be right up your alley, but not a party... And it was new year... Please just retire for all our sakes... Good thing I have already repressed the memory of the name of the organizers, or else I would really write it here... I don't care, rip off!!!128545128545128545128545128545 for shame!!!!!!

The usherettes were just sad... They did not look like they were going to a party... Don't ask me what they looked like, I won't be nice... Let me be nice guys, let me be nice!128529

The pica-pica consisted of kropek, peanuts and fries... Seriously? seriously? kropek? for 2K/head???? no fancy mini quiches or canapes? you couldn't even give us nice nuts?!! (that didn't sound nice, meaning like pistachios or something)... After a bit if complaining from my aunt (and some intimidation, I'm not sure), they brought out chips and potato wedges and I forgot what else... Not impressed. Felt it was a bad joke from the management...

The drinks were mixed with 80% juice and 20% alcohol... Do we want to have diabetes for the new year? no alcopop, sorry it's my thing sometimes... So it was sorta disappointing... They did have local beer available, but no Stella, Hoegarden, Paulaner, or whatever else... But why??? why???? so I went with wine... Ok fine...

I'm just glad that we didn't eat dinner there... Those poor peeps were wearing a different colored arm band from the alcohol-and-drinks-only people... The buffet was sad. Period. But that didn't concern us, so whatevs...

Time for the bartending gig... I'm sorry, I'm not two years old... I wasn't born yesterday either... A bunch of guys throwing bottles at each other isn't entertainment... As in straight out guys, no like complicated tricks. The one time they attempted a long distance catch and the cup actually fell... I'm sorry, really?! super pros (insert sarcasm here)!!!!128529

Then it drizzled... They had no ready tarps... We had to go inside for a while... And lots of the food and alcohol were drenched with rain water... It was a waste... Let me tell you, they were super prepared talaga, galing... SLOW CLAP TIL 2016... I hope you guys are in charge of Binay's campaign, galing talaga... 128529128529128529

Good thing the rain stopped... We ordered a fresh round of drinks and pulutan... We went back outside and the fire dancers got ready to perform...

You have been to bora and puerto right? The fire dancers are sexy women, baring taut midriffs and have belts adorned with bells to accentuate each movement... They inspire many a wetdream from the men in the audience. They also insipire envy from the women... That's a good fire dancer... So what can I say with their performers????

NEMEN GUYS... REALLY??? NAKAKAHIYA SA APOY, ANUBEH...128545128545128545128545128545

Guys, if you perform on any stage, I think make-up and a bit of blowdrying is in order... Wag naman mag-perform na puro tuchang ang buhok... NEMEN... And if you will bare your midriff for actual money (no laswa intended), konting sit-ups naman dyan... Suggestion lang. Up to you... Pero may video ka na najijiggle ang trunk in ways that you don't ever want to be documented... Ok, I'll stop there... Be nice, beeeee niiiiiiccccceeee, bbbbbbbeeeeeee nnnnniiiiiiiccccccceeeee.... And breathe out...128540

Nadapa pa si ate... Fine madulas... Wa poise... Forever on facebook girl... Worth it?!

There was a male fire dancer... He was breathing fire, and moved even sexier (lots more kembot) than the girls... He was wearing baggy black basketball shorts... Now, I don't know if he was gay... But no self-respecting gay guy will be caught dead wearing baggy basketball shorts at a party... Then again, when I asked my male relatives, they will not be caught dead doung those hip movements... So it was an actual mystery to me... At least it was semi-interesting... #idied

Did I mention that I approached the "DJ" 4 different times to play naman songs from this millennium... I think he was thinking that we were ushering in 1998... Kuya, pa-black eyed peas man lang... Or sige Britney... Baka kasi di mo kilala sina David Guetta, Miley, Selena, Drake, Usher, Rihanna, shet Groovejet na ba 'to kuya? alam mo ba ang Trance, kuya??? mej upbeat naman... Galaw galaw ng konti baka ma-stroke!128545

Channeling Elsa and Anna over here!!!! let it go, let it go!!!!100521005210052

Oooooh, but he does know Beyonce... He wants you to put a ring on it... May pinagdadaanan kuya?????!!!!! 128010

Kainis pa the head-bobbing of kuya DJ e... Feeling David Guetta, looking David P***ta... Stop it kuya, before I barf... No one (but you) is dancing... Basta pag-VST NA ANG TUGTOG, PACK UP NA AGAD GUYS....128534 #ipadampotnaplease

So, we complained about a long list of things to the manager-- he said, "Ano po gagawin ko ma'am?" #AWARD #PAKIPROMOTE #WINNER Ang dali pala maging manager... Magsama kayo nung DJ...128529128529128529

So napansin kong Tagalog na ang sulat ko pa-unti-unti... Yung part kasi na may DJ ang gusto ko talaga pumatay ng ipis e... So i'll just transition to English to finish off the story, ok guys?

Then came time for the fireworks!!!! yey!!! we can't see a thing because the display was being blocked by a building... Anti-climactic mga dudes... Bad trip!128520 titigan na lang?!128545 naka-simangot mga foreigner guys... #itsNOTmorefuninthephilippines

At least there was cheap champagne...............128528

Good thing we went out afterwards to the nearby Draft and Prive... To salvage what was left of the night... They had imported beer, btw...

The next day came breakfast...

You know the feeling when you suddenly have guests over and you have to serve them something though your kitchen cupboard is totally bare???? I think that's sort of what happened...128064

I don't know if it's just the hunger of sleep-deprived, post party people, but the food kept running out... The staff kept running around with huge platters of food, some questiinably cooked (in haste)... Sausages, spam, corned beef, bacon, eggs, ham, dry pancakes, congee, tapa, pig's feet, gerbil, deer, oxbrain, grass, flowers, uterus-- joke!128513 My point is that all kinds of food were streaming in from the kitchen... I did not envy those people trying to feed the hundreds of demanding hotel guests... The waiters looked like they were about to slash their wrists.... Everyone was eating and eating a whole lot... And the staff could not keep up, to be frank... The juice needed to be refilled, more water, more coffee, less salt, more pepper, needs calamasi, pass me the butter-- that's how chaotic the ballroom was...

And the people have been eating since 6am... It was already 9am... one hour to go!!!! #scarcity #lawofsupplyanddemand

Walking around on the first day of 2015, the traces of the party from a few hours before were still visible from the poorly cleaned venue... The place just felt dirty... Not a pretty sight...

Upon checking out, the staff looked traumatized already... Call the psychiatrist...

I'm sorry based on that experience, F1 is a never again in my book... Unless I win a stay there... But it was truly horrible...

Can you just imagine thus review had it been done right after New Year??? I have had 10 months to cool down from this experience, but I still find it ANNOYING, TERRIBLE, HORRID, WRONG!!! not worth the price of admission... It's like I paid for someone to annoy me... People usually do that for free already...

Plus I'm sure there are already details that I've forgotten, or repressed, I don't know which... Worst decision ever!!!! I still feel angry at the mere recollection of this experience!!!! super kainis!!!128545128545128545



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Yen D.
4.0 Stars

Staycations have been a regular thing for the Dreyfus family and we look forward to it every single time. Staycations give us the opportunity to bond more and to create beautiful memories.

F1 Hotel Manila is one of the many hotels that our family considers our second home. It has everything that we need - stone’s throw away from S&R, restaurants, bars, clubs and a medical institution. They also offer free shuttle service in BGC making it easier and convenient to go around the vicinity.

The Fort Suite was our usual room. It has a cozy bedroom with a king bed. The bathroom may be small but it is clean with complete toiletries with hot and cold shower. Our room has a view of the pool and street below, too!

F1 Hotel Manila has amenities like a Fitness Center, Swimming Pool and Spa.

For your dining pleasure, enjoy all-day dining at “F” located at the 3rd level that showcases international flavors and local favourites both á la carte or buffet.

For a complete review, you may check out 128521

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Giorge G.
5.0 Stars

Perfect place. No filter needed. 128525

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Nica O.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jen L.
2.0 Stars

i came here for a breakfast meeting with my sister. Since it's 9am in the morning of January 1, the coffee shop just served ours and another table.

I ordered what they called 'traditional' from their breakfast menu. The chef was mad at the waiter when the ordered was placed because the coffee shop was prepared for the complimentary breakfast buffet, our breakfast needed to be prepare in the kitchen in another floor. The waiter was obviously not getting the chef's point haha.

It took more than twenty minutes for us to get served... While waiting for our food, the chef brought us some sausage to apologize for the long wait ;)

When out guests arrived, we moved to the pool area outside but it rained. No big umbrella for outdoor tables so we need to move again (quite hassle for our smoking guests and for us with unfinished brekkie).

Both indoor and outdoor have flies... Not fun to have them during our breakfast time... No good!!!

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Kyle C.
5.0 Stars

Amazing room with a view of the BGC along the Turf Football field. Got free massage in the rom and they have a very fast wifi which everyone needs. Lol 128077128516

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

I love Staycation 10084

We were supposed to check in last typhoon Mario at hotel in BGC but there is no way of getting out of Marikina so we decided to check in the following day Saturday.

Biglaang lakad with fambam. We got there exact 2pm perfect time for check in. Best Western Premier F1 Hotel is just across S&R BGC. We were supposed to avail the promo I saw ok facebook , it cost only 4t from Friday to Sunday until end of September but dahil biglaan I didn't have reservation and you have to book 3 days prior your check in date so too bad were not entitled to this promo.

Parking was not that huge and we have to go to 5th floor for the lobby. The lobby was not that huge but the lobby was nice. Two receptionist were available that time . We tried our luck for walk in and the guy told me they were fully booked and ohh no where will we go! So I asked him to check it again he said suites are only available so he paused for awhile and talk to manager and when he gets back he said there was still available de luxe room and it Cost 7,100 pesos for overnight with two free breakfast . They asked for 3t pesos incidental charge . Then I just signed the form and after 10 minutes viola! Got our room keys and we were assigned on the 8th floor.

The room was big and it has a mini living room. Out room view was just infront of S&R. I like the room it was spacious and the AC is really cold.128556 . Mom and my cousin visit us there. The wifi connection was fast and have an access even up to the pool side .

There were three pools127946 I like the big one it was very long and I feel like I'm in Marina Bay Sands but the water is very cold so we didn't last on the water.

The following morning we went to the resto for our free breakfast and I just add 880 pesos for the buffet of my kids Adelheid L Latrell Joshua L. Spotted Donita Rose then she left din agad and after she left I saw Gary Estrada with her wife Bernadette Alysson and kids . Showbiz pa ang review nato haha awkward128556

There were limited food choices but for me fair enough and I like the salad here. Staffs are attentive to our needs.

Over all it was a nice staycation for the family because establishments were just nearby and it's safe to walk around BHS at night very convenient to the hotel in case you want to roam around so many places to go .

Glad my family and I were able to relax here 10084

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Captain Bruce D.
3.0 Stars

Station Manager of Cathay Pacific Airways is leaving to embark on a new journey after 32 years in service. To mark this momentuous event, his staff prepared a little something and some people from the industry were invited to be part of this very special occassion. We're giving him a surprise!

The hotel is very convenient to hospital, restaurants and mall. The service is good and the hotel is quite clean. The Platinum room we occupied is enough for this occasion. Food - nothing special 128532

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Martin P.
4.0 Stars

Great for business travellers and for those who just wants a "staycation" in BGC. If you don't have a condo in BGC, you'll get to experience what its like. Rooms are spacious, especially the suites. Beds are very comfortable. Only downside, you could hear people at the hallway when inside your room at the resto gets full during breakfast, make sure to grab that breakfast early so you don't need to wait for a table.

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Martin S.
1.0 Stars

I'll be very straight forward in this review
I won't be coming back too F1
Here are my reasons:
1. I just saw a cockroach on the table (see picture).
2. When I entered the room the sheets of the bed are not crisp
3. I booked the room and told them that 2 persons will staying in the room but all the amenities are good for 1.
4. Food is no go
I ordered the following
A. 4 cheese pizza - just ok
B. Mushroom ravioli pasta is like soup and no taste
C. Burger is good but they didn't cooked the burger how I requested it.


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Jennie M.
3.0 Stars

I celebrated my 26th birthday here. I got the King Suite, which was supposedly their biggest room but to my dismay, it was smaller than what i was expecting. It was not even carpeted, so you'll hear everybody's foot step esp my guests who were wearing high heels. The location was not even ideal, though its in BGC, the hotel is behind another bldg which made it harder for my guests to locate it. Some of my friends were also disappointed bec they were expecting a lot from this hotel. It is average. If you don't expect too much, you could probably like it. Probably.

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Sheila S.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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The Food Scout N.
4.0 Stars

The Food
Lunch buffet offering local Filipino dishes from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao is a way of patronizing our very own cuisine by elevating each dish like one dish I couldn't forget, Sisig with Foie Gras. I like the idea of engaging guests to indulge in Filipino flavors more than promoting foreign cuisines in our very own land. Executive chef of F1, Chef Sau Del Rosario, adds plus points to the complete package of the restaurant. His ideas and love for Filipino food bring heart to every dish served.

The Rooms
Fully airconditioned rooms with a lounge to let your hair down is the ideal set-up for a staycation at Bonifacio Global City. Kids will be disappointed without a tub in it. But if you ask me, I don't mind at all. There's a pool anyway if you want to take a dip and keep your body cool in the water. The room I stayed in was generally a cozy feel of real home. I wish to go back and just blog and bum inside the freezing room of F1 Hotel.

The Amenities
I didn't find any of their amenities a stand out. Size of pools aren't huge enough to encourage more guests to swim. It's good that they maintain the cleanliness of each facility though. That matters when I score a hotel I stay in. As a general comment for their amenities, what's important is, they have pools, spa services, a gym and lounges to cool off a rough week.

F1 Hotel Manila is not only suitable for businessmen who wants a location accessible to the city. With F1 Hotel's numerous promos this summer, families are encouraged to come together for a staycation like no other.

To read more, visit

Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout

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Randy M.
4.0 Stars

Just visited this hotel today! Nice ambiance, nice rooms & function area; good food, but not parking friendly...

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April H.
4.0 Stars

I think it's the location that you can't beat with F1... Who doesn't want a staycation at the heart of BGC? You can just walk around the area until late, try the latest restos without worrying about parking, wake up early and burn the calories by running=) we were pleasantly surprised when we got a complementary upgrade to their suite! Yey! Due to the volume of guests that weekend, their breakfast buffet was not too relaxing and the staff could not keep up with the demand... The hotel rooms are a hit though=)

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Kathlyn D.
4.0 Stars

I can't find any decent photo, but we really love their breakfast buffet :) plus the staff were very accommodating :-)

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