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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

[Disclaimer: Late post.]

Watching those cool antigravity yoga videos made me want to try it too. Hence when I saw a 50% off voucher for it in Beyond Yoga, I bought a dozen! (Apparently, you can only buy 3 maximum but the owner was nice enough to let me use all 12.)

Hello, Beyond Yoga!

I have been to this yoga studio for Vinyasa and I was even lucky to score a 1-on-1 class as I was the only one who booked on one Saturday morning. Woohoo! 128518

Since I'm a sucker to trying new things, I gave antigravity yoga a shot.

The instructor is this guy named Marc (not sure if I spelled it right but he's the buff and distractingly good looking man) and he was very patient with the newbies.

He started with us befriending and trusting our hammocks. I had a hard time at first for I have trust issues with hammocks.

He assured us that we will do simple tricks like swinging and inversions.

In my mind, "oh that's nice... Swinging and inversions... Wait! What?!?" Yes, we had to do those upside down tricks on our first day!

I was so scared to flip over, let go of the hammock and just let my feet do the holding. I was so nervous that I had flashbacks. (Okay, not to that extent but I was really scared.)

But true to the instructor's words, the next flips and turns were not as scary as the first ones. We even ended some inversions with a jump flips.

By the end of my 12th session, I could do a lot more tricks and I felt fit and stronger! 128170🏻

Aside from the awesome classes and instructors, this studio has a pretty good washroom and shower area equipped with toiletries like shampoo, body wash, lotion and even cotton buds and powder.

My healthy lifestyle though is dependent on vouchers. No voucher means no exercise. Hope Beyond Yoga offers new promos soon.

P.S. This review is for their Rockwell branch.

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Denise Q.
5.0 Stars

I am so tempted to get a package for AGY now! If only it was a bit easier on the budget. 128517

My third session was the Anti-gravity Flying Fitness. As explained to us, it focused more on suspension training and TRX-like. 128513

The trainer asked what are workout preferences are - either arms, core, whole body or whatever. We all answered whole body, but it didn't seem that way the day after! 128517 My girlfriends and I were all complaining as our arms are "happily sore" the next few days. If only it also involved the core - #BoraBody! HAHA!

We were asked to do crunches, stretching with weights and all sorts while inverted. Sounds fun? More like challenging! 128074128170

For the first time to take this class (I had the Fundamentals and Pilates previously), honestly, it was difficult - but as the trainer assured us, succeeding sessions would be easier, which somehow tempted me to enroll myself in a package already. 128518 Motivating!

Anyway, overall AGY experience was something different - and with the health benefits that came along with it (especially for me), it was indeed wonderful! 128077

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Denise Q.
5.0 Stars

I'm beginning to love the feeling of a good workout! 128518

My second session was the Anti-Gravity Pilates - and time to burn the coreeee! Awoo awoo awoo! 128170

Teacher Cess was super nice and patient to all of us and her instructions were pretty clear that made the session such a breeze! 128077 I didn't notice it already past an hour!

Considering we were only 5 participants on a Tuesday morning, we were able to take some time after the session for pictorial on some inversions and other yoga poses we learned that day! 128521

Proud of myself I was able to pull through an inversion by myself, ohyeahhh! 128074

So looking forward to my next one! 128077128513

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Denise Q.
5.0 Stars

Defying gravityyyy~!

Not my usual Saturday workout, not my workout at all! 128514

I got myself a First Timer package of 3 Anti-Gravity classes - Fundamentals, Pilates and Flying Fitness, or whichever you choose.

First, I was thrilled to try it out, not until I was almost there and started thinking about the food I'll be trying out afterwards - cause a true foodie thinks of food first! LOL! 128514

Anyway, the class was indeed beginner-friendly (and some experienced ones too) as the instructors try to warm you up with the basics first, orient you with poses and such.

What I liked best was the Womb and Coffin pose, along with soothing background music that can lull me to sleep! 128564

The inversions were crazyyy! We were able to try several ones. 128555 Blood rush to the head but I'm glad I was able to get through the one-hour class. 128517

At the end of the class, they allow a 5-minute pictorial for those who wish to have their photos taken with their fave pose - Instagram worthy! 128521

Overall, the class was fun and something new and I'm thankful for the very patient instructors Mark and Tony! 128077 Challenging it may be but my key takeaway here is to trust the hammock, trust the others and trust yourself that you can do it! 128170128074

Looking forward to my next sessions and maybe my body will cooperate better this time, haha! 128518

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Patricia F.
3.0 Stars

Adore the anti gravity yoga! But the studio is really tiny. Have to fight tooth and nail to be able to reserve a hammock. The place is nice but cramped. There are promos all the time so even if the fees are a bit steep, that's ok.

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Inna C.
4.0 Stars

I never thought I'd do yoga. I'd do CrossFit or Insanity, but not yoga. I always thought it wouldn't give you a very good workout. Aside from that, yoga classes are a bit pricey. Good thing I found this coupon online that said I could take three classes of anti-gravity yoga for P990, instead of the usual rate of P1000 per walk-in session. I didn't even think twice, and I decided to purchase that coupon.

Good thing I wasn't the only first-timer in the class. Teacher Marky was nice enough to run by the positions very slowly, so the newbies could keep up.

My take on anti-gravity yoga? Scary. Scary, but really fun. It pushed us to do inversions and swings that I really didn't think I could do. It was really interesting doing something for the first time again. I can't wait to take my next class so I could do the poses more easily. I just hope I don't get light-headed anymore. :p

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Naks. Feeling healthy and fit! 128540

Tried their Vinyasa 1 class today with teacher Eena and loved it. Sure I was that girl who couldn't follow instructions but whatevs. At least I was sweating it all out. I was just constantly looking at the lady beside me to copy her poses haha. 128540

The yoga teacher was kind and calm. She was very understanding of my lack of coordination skills and helped me when I couldn't get the poses down. 128514 She wasn't calling me out or getting frustrated.

I think in yoga classes, that's one of the most important thing (kala mo kung sinong expert) - the teacher and how beginners feel about your class. She did a wonderful job. I'm thinking of actually attending a regular class so I can justify pigging out haha.

The studio is nice too. You don't need to bring your own mat. Temperature was also perfect for me - not too cold and not too hot. :)

I recommend this class and this place for n00bs like me! :) Php 550 for 1 drop-in session btw.

Celebrity sighting: Gretchen Barretto! #lalang #mema

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

I know a lot of you are possibly trying out all the yummy recommendations of foodies out there hopping from one resto to another sampling ramens,donuts,cupcakes and other calorie-laden oh-no-where-did-my-abs-go food choices.
Its summer,the heat is scorching h-o-t!!! Time to wear those tank tops, flowy summer dresses,and hit the beach in your eye catching swimwear. Perfect time to start #oplansummerbodehhh .
Go head on to Beyond Yoga to try a new kind of fitness regimen, the Anti-Gravity Yoga. Its not your usual yoga, as you'll do the yoga poses while you're inside suspended hammocks. Even those who are newbies in yoga will enjoy it and will be able to do the poses. You'll get a different kind of thrill as you're able to do the various inversions. Have fun while getting toned bodies, go try antigravity yoga! 128077128077128077

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Monica E.
5.0 Stars

I love this studio because Beyond Yoga offers the most extensive yoga, Zumba and Antigravity classes in the Metro. Check for schedules and rates.

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April V.
5.0 Stars

First time (in a long time) to go to mat / floor yoga. And, well, it is more difficult than anti-gravity because you have to carry your own weight.

Tonight, I signed up for the Power Yoga class. I don't know how to compare it to any other class though... But it was mostly stretching and balancing. HAHA.

What I loved (and would be a factor if I'd return) was the short massage our instructor gave us while we were on our backs! It's the equivalent of resting in the hammock during cool down in AGY. I'm not sure if that's done in each class or it's just him.
But this is what I'm sure of : Beyond Yoga has good facilities and great instructors. 128521

TIP: bring your own mat if you'll try floor yoga... I didn't think of that beforehand. 128541

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April V.
5.0 Stars

AGY Flying Fitness with teacher Rianna! ♥♥♥ Must try! 128077

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April V.
5.0 Stars

The first time I heard of anti-gravity yoga, I mentally placed it on my bucket list. So, as soon as it opened in BGC, I signed up.

So far, I've enjoyed every session! 128513 AGY FUNdamentals is really fun (haha), but if you want something more challenging, try AGY Flying Fitness.

Oh, btw, the have floor/mat classes too! 128521

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