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Beyond Yoga
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Denise Q.
4.0 Stars

As one of my balikbayan agenda was to spend yoga sessions with my sister. This time, our alternative was to do aerial yoga (my choice!); cause last time was mat yoga which she prefers. Good thing Beyond Yoga has a branch in the south near my grannies' place.

This was the first day of Chinese New Year and the studio was almost empty, hooray! Quiet and relaxing, peaceful.. *OHMMMMM*

We signed up for the AGY Fundamentals 2 for a single drop-in rate of P650 per head. But lo and behold as if the universe was on my side that day (plus a good parking slot and rain had stopped), the rate was 50% off! So it was like a Buy1 Get1 promotion for me! *happy dance*

I've started with Beyond Yoga last 2-3 years ago and it has been like my home for aerial fun (but I'm not a regular anymore, since OFW). So imagine my excitement on this day! Hee hee!

The instructor was OK, however, she lacked a bit of the warm-ups especially for my sister as a first-timer who got surprised that inversion came sooner in the practice. Despite the kind-of-something attitude of the teacher, it didn't get me in the way of ruining my mood. The rest of the practice was okay and less intense than what I have attended in the Greenhills branch; but still, I had fun with the flips, crunches and inversions (and of course, the company which I encourage you bring along too!).

For beginners and first-timers, people would find it uncomfortable to do inversions on a hammock - but trust me, once you get the hang of it (literally and figuratively), you'll definitely enjoy! Give it a try for something new! 128588🏼128170🏼

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Michelle M.
4.0 Stars

While I can stay uber-focused as I run or cycle, for some reason I become like that dog in the movie "Up" that is easily distracted when I'm doing yoga. Maybe it's because it's a bit slow moving for me and instead of finding my zen, I find myself making a mental "to-do" list. However, I decided to give yoga one more try, but this time with a little twist!

Antigravity yoga uses a hammock like apparatus that's hung from the ceiling in order to do various movements. Kinda like Pink during her 2010 Grammy Awards performance...well, except
that you're only about thee feet off the ground. As a first timer, I took the FUNdamentals class at Beyondyoga. It was a bit pricey at P650 for a walk in, but I suppose it's comparable to the price of other yoga classes. The class was an hour and 15 minutes long and our instructor (Michelle) was great!! She showed us the basics and took time to help each student while still making it a fun work out.

Apparently the cloth can hold the weight of a baby elephant. Nevertheless, I was waiting to crash and burn, maybe break a rib or two. Luckily, it is now proven that I don't weigh more than baby Dumbo! Yay me! We did four inversions (that's when you're upside down) while wrapping our legs around the cloth to hold us up. At first you're thinking "awww helllllll no", but it's actually not that hard and it feels amazing on the spine and hips! We also used the cloth to do a number of stretches.

It was a great class and I felt refreshed afterwards! I must say, a did feel a little taller because it's like I hit the reset button on my spine. There are other types of yoga classes too. Parking is easy and there's even a little cafe inside and some retail items!

Try something new, even if it's just once!! It's super fun! It makes you feel like a kid again...well, until you actually have to use your muscles and then you realize, nope...nope..not a kid anymore, hahaha! 128514

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