Bicol Adventure ATV

Daraga, Albay

Bicol Adventure ATV
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Migs C.
5.0 Stars

Booked an ATV tour with Your Brother last April. P2,500 for a 350cc motor through the green lava trail.

They arrange for pick up and drop off from your hotel to the site, and you're also provided a guide throughout your trail. You can actually leave your camera with him to take your photos.

Took us about 3 hours for this trail. Rough terrain crossing through land and water but nothing you can't manage.

We got off to a pit stop near the Lava Wall. Paid a P50 entrance fee where we rested and bought refreshments.

We then hiked our way up the Lava wall, rock after rock after rock (quite a hard climb,) to see an even more beautiful view of the volcano by the helipad.

It was a great experience, all the more special because the Mayon view was just too beautiful. Kind of felt like I wasn't in the Philippines for a moment there.

Tip though: We started at 3pm and it was scorching hot, so it might be better to do this activity in the morning or late afternoon. Also don't forget to wear something comfortable (like gym or hike comfortable, that kind)

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Jojo S.
5.0 Stars

We Drove the so Called "Green Lava Trail"
If you're into adventure travel this was meant for you. It will give you thrilling ride going to the feet of Mayon. Bumby, sandy and watery are the trail entails you. Grip on the handle and press the gas and you're ready to go. No matter you know how to Drive or doesn't the mechanics is easy. Be sure that you have breaks and try to run over the small rocks rather than bigger ones. Have Fun! stay Safe!

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Michell Elizabeth C.
5.0 Stars

let the picture do the talking! how picturesque indeed! that's us enjoying our rides.

we experienced the cagsawa trail last december and it was great! the weather was too unpredictable but we were blessed with a somewhat sunny weather when we went there.

should've chosen the 350cc since the brother and the bf were looking for more adrenalin rush. i'm okay with 150cc though. i'm a "lola" atv driver - very slow and steady. the bf and the brother was so bored with my driving.

will come back and choose the zac efron trail on 350cc!

the people at the atv camp will give you a 15 min lecture before you're given your atv. but after that you're on your own -- direcho agad sa ilog!! sabak na. no practice128561128561

the tour guide and the 2nd tour guide were great! they know how to take good pictures!

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Mye D.
5.0 Stars

Best ATV adventure ever!128077128522 Sulit ang bayad for the almost 2hrs worth of breathtaking view & experience128156 Highly recommended!

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Cai D.
5.0 Stars

Best Albay exp ever!!

When im planning our albay vacation this adventure trip is on my no. 1 spot! Im really excited to try this then finally!!!

We took the shortest trail for 699 thats an hour bumpy drive! ( back and forth) 1st you will have a short orientation of do's and dont's. People here are very friendly and hospitable (generally the people of albay) after that you will have a test drive within their area. Its very easy to drive even for beginners. They said its just like driving a jetski. Since I had exp. driving a jetski i find this one easy.

Then the adventure starts! Trust your camera to one of their crews so someone will take pictures while your driving. The view at first was a bit disappointing because its like a mine of sands and rocks (im not sure) but as we go by! Boom! Im loving this. River, grass field, cows, rocks and local people. I feel like im somewhere in new Zealand (as if I've been there) as we reached the end of the trail. Our guide discussed some history about the area. One mayon volcanic eruption the lava flawed up to this place. You can have a view of mayon from this point but since its cloudy we never saw its perfect shape. Local
Children approached me asking for money. I feel so generous giving them coins. And there are so happy even on that small amount.

This adventure worth all the putik and sakit ng katawan128077

TIP: be extra careful the road is rocky and there are chances that you may fall in to big rocks and be seriously injured.

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Margaret D.
5.0 Stars

How close have you seen the majestic Mayon Volcano? Admiring its beauty from lower ground is one thing but going higher up and nearer to the mountain is an adventure worth taking! We were in Bicol last weekend and this absolutely is one of the highlights of our trip. Imagine riding a roaring ATV, passing through literally different terrains -- you'll pass by a lake, the rocks spewed during Mayon's eruption, the forest on your way up the mountain -- it was totally a good adventure!

Your trail will depend on which you've availed. I personally would recommend the GREEN LAVA TRAIL which takes around 2 to 2 1/2 hours, depending on the unit you'll be using. No need to worry about getting lost because all ADVENTURERS are accompanied by trained Guides.

You'll find these guys just before you enter Cagsawa. They're on the right! Look for John, he's the senior guide at Bicol Adventure ATV.


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Ayen A.
5.0 Stars

bicol adventure!

first time here backround was the famous Mayon Volcano in cagsawa legaspi albay

10hour trip wow! worth that wait!

tried also thei sili shake 128513

posing for #ootd 128522

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5.0 Stars

So my pamangkins requested an Atv ride when they saw it after visiting cagsawa ruins and I've actually never ride one so I was game.

We thought it was steep at first at 599/150cc and 1500 for the 500cc atv. But glad we took it as it's double to triple the price when we went to misibis. Good call 128077

The sight was breathtaking! We got half way to mayon (mas mahal if longer yung trail and we didn't have time). The kids were lamog from the bumpy ride but they got smiles plastered on their faces so it was worth it.

You're really safe as they do a practice drive first before you go on the real trail and you have a guide and marshal with you who's trained in first aid. I think that's worth the price.

Overall a good experience. Plus, it's a good way to vent out steam. Harurot ka lang! Haha.

Will do this again 128077128077128077

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