Bicol Blends Café

G/F Villa Amada Hotel, Rizal St., Daraga, Albay

Bicol Blends Café
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Carlo S.
5.0 Stars

I really like staying at cafes when I'm free (if I have the budget lol) so I've swung by Bicol Blends a few times recently when I wasn't in the mood for La Mia Tazza Cafe.

Anyone here watch Kris TV? Yes? No? Well, if in case you do then you might recall they had stopped by Legazpi City to do a feature. And you might be familiar that Kris Aquino's one heck of a foodie. (PETITION FOR KRIS AQUINO TO CREATE A LOOLOO ACCOUNT!!) So in this episode, they were accompanied by the coolest governor in the country, our very own SirChief TourGuide Joey Salceda (this is literally his name on Facebook) to dine at 1st Colonial Grill, where they sampled the rather, er, overhyped sili ice cream.

I'm becoming irrelevant now so before I go further astray... Bicol Blends Cafe is situated right next to 1st Colonial Grill and is, in fact, owned by the said resto. The convenient thing about this is you get to wallow in the relaxing vibe of the cafe while you can also enjoy and order the Filipino cuisine from the folks at 1st Colonial Grill, right from your cushioned seat. So you can say that this really is a food /joint/. 128514 Get it? Huh? Huh? I'll stop now 128584

1st Colonial Grill's menu aside, Bicol Blends serves what you'd expect and more from a coffee shop, from frappes to the Tinutong Milk Shake, chocolate cakes to Pili Bread. The right photo above is a coffee-based chiller I once ordered called Javanilla. It was huge! Or tall? And really refreshing for only P125. The left one is their wintermelon milk tea, one of their recent offerings, which costs a light P60. Disclaimer: It's 30% ice.

Accommodation-wise, the place is quite small but looks laid-back and charming. They don't get a medal for most efficient ventilation, but they sure get two for friendly and attentive service, and free wi-fi. And it's real nice of them to allow people to use their electrical sockets to charge devices and stuff, unlike La Mia which charges P50. 128530

Sooo Bicol Blends has pretty much got everything covered! A few minor quibbles here and there, but I'm still giving it 5 stars. It's also just a short walk from my school HOLLA 128588

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Joanna Marie E.
3.0 Stars

Home of the alleged Sili Milkshake, and they didn't name it as such for nothing. It was good and it kicks but I'd say it's merely for tourists to experience, nothing to come back for. We also tried the Tinutong Milkshake which tasted better but nothing special and the Pan de Bicol Express which was hot and flavorful. I commend how soft the bread was.

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