Big Apple Express Spa

G/F, Rizal Ave., Burgos Circle, Taguig, Metro Manila

Big Apple Express Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Marjorie G.
3.0 Stars

Yesterday, I went to Big Apple Express for a foot massage. I went for the 30 minutes foot massage because I think 1 hour is a tad too much, it's not like I was also getting foot spa or pedicure anyway.

The receptionist told me that I have to wait for 30 mins. It was no problem. Surprisingly, I didn't have to wait that long. I think they called me in after only 10 mins.

I was ushered inside a small area where they do their foot-related services. I thought there were many people inside, turns out the side wall is a mirror. So there were only 4 reclining chairs.

The therapist asked me to change into a pair of shorts because I was wearing jeans. The massage involves legs you see. Then I took a seat, she came back with a basin with warm water and let me soak my feet in it, for only 10 seconds. I swear that's how long the soaking lasted and she didn't even really wash my feet so I was like, why the hell did I have to soak my feet if she wouldn't wash my feet and she wouldn't even let it sit there for at least one full minute.

Anyway, the massage commenced. She used lotion instead of oil, which means she has to constantly get lotion from the tube to slather on me whenever the lotion gets absorbed by my skin. So there were like 20 layers of lotion on my skin because of this. I wonder why they don't use oil instead.

I know I could ask the woman to go easy on her strokes so the joke is on me because I didn't. So I suffered her painful strokes for 30 goddang minutes. I don't know why I didn't speak out, maybe I was too tired. She was also busy chatting with the other therapist. This irked me more than the fact she was already hurting me with her strokes. I don't know about you, but I think therapists shouldn't talk with one another while working. I just find it extremely distracting. And it wasn't just a simple chitchat, they talked the entire time.

Anyhoo, I'm still giving it 3 stars because the massage despite being painful did help relieve the strain that I'd been feeling in my legs.

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Jessica R.
3.0 Stars

The massage was good with the masseuse hitting the right points, however, it felt rushed (maybe because it's an express massage? Yes? No? Hmm). Afterwards, I felt massaged enough but not relaxed.
The cubicle was small and really just enough for 1 small to medium sized person. I'm a tiny lady (5'1" with a small built) and the massage bed was just the right size. I hope they use a different table/bed for tall people :)
They provide ginger tea (a tad too sweet for my liking though) after the massage and a damp towel to wipe off the excess oil which I thought was a nice touch.
May give it another shot if others in the area prove to be worse.

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Yugie C.
5.0 Stars

I highly recommend Jana. Best nail tech!

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Monique A.
3.0 Stars

Place is cramp & none of the luxury spa feel ... It's when u want an express massage less all the details to make it fancy to the senses...

Place is so small ..
Gf consist of 5 sofas for pedi/mani & other services
2f: 5 beds and when the sliding doors between 2 beds we're open turns it into a couples rm.Couples room's bed are usually side by side .. But here... It's like head to head... Hahahaha ...... 128541

It's so dark... I'm scared to open the dimmer coz hv a feeling it might not be as clean as Id want it to be... Really needed a massage ... So turned a blind eye 9786️... Had the one hour Balinese ... It's okay ... Very basic like Swedish massage but the strokes just not designed for me 128542

Water or ginger tea & hot towel by the end of the session ... I chose ginger & didn't taste the flavor in the tea ... Oh well... I'm in search of a better one .... Till then 128139

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Jay S.
4.0 Stars

I went here a while ago and got their Balinese Whole Body massage for 499 and loved it! Thanks to ate Jenny! Highly recommended! I was brought to this place by looloo since I wasn't able to get a therapist at their Market Market branch. The only thing that I didn't like is that they ran out of hot tea.

  • No. of Comments: 6
Shyne d.
4.0 Stars

I didnt expect it to be good actually. But this express spa's balinese massage is really good at P499 for an hour. Look for Jenny. Good for a quick de-stress stopver

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Dodi G.
3.0 Stars

There are only like 5 massage booths. The couples room is awkwardly designed as the beds are not beside each other.

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