Big Mama Korean Restaurant

Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

Big Mama Korean Restaurant
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Marie Pauline C.
5.0 Stars

Images were taken on a separate occassion.

Big Mama will always be my go-to restaurant whenever I crave for any Korean food. In fact, one of those images was taken at 12:48AM. I can't sleep since I'm really craving for ramyun and samgyupsal hence I decided to just go. 128523

I also like the fact that most of their customers are Koreans so whenever I hear their conversations (not to be rude but I'm just testing my Hangul comprehension 128521), I get kilig whenever I understand even just a bit of it.

Good food. Good service. Excellent overall experience.

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Eboy F.
5.0 Stars

Mini heart attack because my last review here was November 2015! I actually was in the US from December 2015 to mid-2016 so I was literally out, haha. But I'm back.... and I'm so happy to be looloo-ing again!


I'm super into anything Korean now: Korean food, KDRAMA, KPOP Fashion. And I know there's lots of other good Korean places out there... but I think that Big Mama is so underrated! It's one of the best Korean restaurants in Makati! I love that everything here is cheap, authentic, and super duper delicious. I also love the fact that the people here are so nice! They have the biggest and warmest smiles, and they make you feel so at home.

The food here is awesome. I've tried a lot of their food and I've never had anything that I didn't like. Lahat talaga masarap, guys. You should try their FRIED CHICKEN! It's super crispy everywhere and it's masarap up to the bones. You'll probably hate me for saying this but I feel like it's better than Jollibee, haha. It's THAT masarap!

Their food here is also very authentic. I love that actual Koreans eat here. And that kinda validates how good their Korean food is. Crowd here is 80-90% Korean. That's a good sign!

Plus: If you're a smoker, this place is open for smoking. I like that it won't matter if other tables are grilling food or smoking, for some reason you can't smell other tables' food/smoke. That's great!

You guys should try BIG MAMA. It's just a few seconds walk away from Commune! It's super worth it and it will surely cure your Korean food cravings.

PHOTO: Tuna Kimbap (comes with a plate of Kimchi), P150.

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Jek B.
5.0 Stars

Hands down the best Korean fried chicken in town, very near to the Korean fried chicken I've tried in Seoul! Perfect with beer. I personally prefer the plain/original one, while my friends love the spicy version. They are also open until 4 am I think, and they also deliver (via foodpanda).

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