Bigby's Café & Restaurant

G/F Veranza Mall, J. Catolico St., Lagao, General Santos, South Cotabato

Bigby's Café & Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Roy T.
4.0 Stars

We got the Chix Ahoy and Passion Fish for sharing. Both were good for the price. Good and hefty serving that can be shared by two people.

Chix ahoy is fried chicken placed on a sizzling plate with their yunmy mushroom and garlic sauce. Served with string beans, some potatoes, carrots, and a cup of rice, i think it was worth my 330 bucks. 128077🏻 recommending this.

Passion Fish is fried cream dory plus their tartar sauce. Pretty usual but big slices. Two pieces for around 190 bucks while three pieces for around 250-300, I forgot the exact amount 128517

Ambiance was good, but service was a bit slow. We had to call them again and again for our water and the server seem new and not too familiar with the menu yet.

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George C.
5.0 Stars

Bigby's was a good choice after a tiring afternoon of field work. We were a group of three. We ordered the appetizer sampler, grilled chicken carbonara, and the chicken salad.

We were more than satisfied with the food. It had generous servings and were very flavorful. We loved the spring rolls, buffalo wings and quesadillas. Good choices, they had complementing dips too.

The pasta was superb as well. It had al dente pasta and the grilled chicken went well with the cream sauce.

The salad was also good. It had a good scoop of chicken spread, crisp greens and generous toppings of nuts and grapes. Must try!

We also had shakes to go with them. Good food. Damage at a little over a thousand only, we were 3.

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Kristella D.
3.0 Stars

Shopping all day not only saps the energy out of you, it also sucks the money out of you. Haha. 128518128184

After doing some serious (128540) shopping, my mother and I wanted to take a break. So we circled the whole mall, checked out the menus of each restaurant, and finally settled for Bigby's. We didn't want a very heavy meal, and Bigby's food offerings were just what we were looking for. Or actually, what my mother was looking for. 128516

We were the only customers at that time, so the attention of all the waitstaff were all on us. 128563

We were seated beside the window, facing the Al Fresco area. Since the restaurant's a little far from the mall's waterfalls, the view on that side isn't as pretty compared to the other establishments in the row of restaurants in that area. You still get a nice view of the plants outside though. 127799127796

We usually order their Blossoming Spinach Dip, but this time, we ordered their Food Trip. It consists of buffalo wings, fries, quesadillas, and lumpia. (Yeah right. What is LIGHT about this meal? 128518) It took the order a little under 15 minutes to be served.

The buffalo wings were fresh and hot! The skin was crispy, and the meat was juicy. The sauce they used to coat the wings was not their own original recipe though. I could tell that they used Franks® Buffalo Wings Sauce. That's not bad, but there's no originality there. (Shakey's still has the best buffalo wings, in my opinion.)

The fries were a winner! Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. They were seasoned with chili and cheese. I couldn't get enough of this!

The quesadillas were... blah. They used ordinary cheddar cheese, and it wasn't enough. The tortilla wrap was cooked, but not toasty enough.

The lumpia tasted ok. They used pork meat in it. The wrap was crunchy, but it wasn't oily.

For dessert, we ordered the Fried Panna. It's basically a caramelized fried banana with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, with a drizzle of caramel sauce. The banana they used was the cardaba (saba) variety. It was fried well, and it wasn't oily. The banana was still soft, but not soggy. The caramel added a nice touch of sweetness to the banana. (The caramel on the edges of the banana was a little overcooked though.) And the vanilla ice cream then balanced out the sweetness in the dessert nicely.

Overall, it was a good meal. I have yet to try their main course meals to really assess the quality of food here. 128522

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