Bikers' Cafe

Bldg. G, Seaside Blvd., SM by the Bay, Pasay, Metro Manila

Bikers' Cafe
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Luke Matthew R.
4.0 Stars

a heart breakfast to cap off the week. food was delicious, yum! 128523 thank you Biker’s Cafe! perfect for those who are taking breakfast after their graveyard shift.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We rarely go to Mall of Asia because we can find almost anything in there in Makati. Plus, I work near the area, so I'm saving most of the must try restaurants for a lunch date with my officemates.

Going to MOA for lunch was inevitable for us last Sunday, since it's the closest mall from the World Trade Center, where we planned on visiting a bazaar after lunch. So, I chose a restaurant that is affordable and that is not in the line up I have with my colleagues. The final decision: Bikers' Cafe.

I've seen this cafe before. My boyfriend loves anything that has to do with bikes, so I've thought about bringing him here on his special day, but that didn't push through. I expected more on their ambiance than just what was there. It was just like a typical cafe with portraits and quotes about bicycles. Sad.

We expected small portions per order because of how affordable each order was, so we ordered 4 dishes for the 3 of us.

127744Fish and Chips P145
A basked of breaded cream dory fillet served with fries on the side. Sauces include ketchup and honey mustard. This tasted okay. I happily munched on their fries, which was crispy and wasn't just salty. We were trying to figure out what the taste was. Maybe it's from the oil used to fry the potatoes.

127744Basket of Chicken P185
6 pieces of crispy, boneless fried chicken. I liked this one because it was juicy, although the batter of the chicken was thick and easily peels off. It also cane with ketchup and fries on the side.

127744Steak and Eggs P260
A piece of burger steak with mushroom sauce, 2 sunny side up eggs and rice. The only thing I remember from the steak was that it had some calamansi in the marinade. The citrus taste overpowered the mushroom a little.

127744Sunriser Pancake P160
2 pancakes with butter and maple syrup, 1 hungarian sausage, scrambled eggs and a slice of mango. This is perfect for those who want a heavy breakfast.

The serving of each order here is more than enough for a person. I also find the food very reasonably priced.

Overall the pricing and serving size of the meals in Bikers' Cafe is what made this visit a good one.

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Marianne P.
4.0 Stars

From QC to MOA. We deserve a great breakfast128522
Triathlon- breaded bangus belly, adobo flakes, egg, beef tapa and garlic rice for 220pesos more time to cook for tapa please
Aquathlon- longganisa,breaded bangus belly, egg and garlic rice
Tri-pesto- linguine pasta in creamy pesto sauce with fish and chicken strips and shrimp (tri)
Fish and chips- generous fried battered fish and fries128077🏻

The place is small and the customers that day were so noisy as in🙄

They also offer chocolate cake. Maybe some other time.

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Paulina L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Anne Margaux M.
5.0 Stars

I am back in Bikers Cafe after a week. Ordered a hot latte and a salmon with cream and brown rice, to add, it has scrambled egg! What better meal can I enjoy than this? Generous salmon cut & brown rice is enough only for 295. How can I not extra love that? Only thing is how I think at hats isn't fitting for this meal. Might be better with another type.

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Anne Margaux M.
4.0 Stars

I need to come back here on a different day for their breakfast food but the flavored coffee, I dig 'em!

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

It was pretty good! I got the Triathlon (Adobo Flakes, Breaded Bangus Belly, Egg, Garlic Rice) for P220.

Kind of pricey for the meal. But with the great ambiance and service, P220 is nothing.

The place is definitely for cyclists as it's named Bikers' Cafe AND they have cycling-related decorations such as bike frames, jerseys, toys, and they even have cycling magazines.

The servers wear bike jerseys so the experience was kind of weird. 128514 I just find it odd seeing a fellow cyclist (that's completely dressed as a cyclist) serve food to me. 128514

Another great thing about the place is that they have a lots of bike racks outside. They also provide the bike locks. No need to worry about your $10,000 bike.

Place is kind of small though. Maybe around 20-30 people can fit inside the. Cafe.

If you're biking in the area. I highly suggest that you try Bikers' Cafe. 128692

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