Bikram Yoga Makati

15/F Corporate Center, 88 Valero St. cor. Salcedo St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Bikram Yoga Makati
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Allen M.
5.0 Stars

I have been always interested to try Bikram Yoga because I have read so many good things about it. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the cost since regularly attending classes will definitely put a dent, no, a hole in your wallet.

Luckily, I came across a voucher for a one week unlimited pass for only 500 pesos in Deal Grocer. I bought two and reserved it for after the holidays. I bought the vouchers last December but its validity is until February. I planned to attend sessions for two weeks but my inner lazy potato got the best of me. Good thing, my sister had free sched this month and was able to go with me. We redeemed our voucher on the laat of validity and we were allowed to attend classes for 7 days starting from our first class. We were only able to attend 3 classes but we already maximized the deal that way because a single drop-in class is already 900 pesos!

We also opted to just rent a mat (50php) and towel (40php) so we it will be more convenient for us to commute.

I am happy to report that although classes are quite expensive, it will not disappoint and you will instantly feel refreshed, energized, and revitalized.

Let me walk you through my 3 days with Bikram Yoga.

Day 1.
There will be an orientation before the class for first timers. The instructor taught us some basic positions as well as the proper breathing. We were also informed that we might probably feel dizzy sonwe should not force ourselves. The key accomplishment for the first day was to stay inside the room.
The breathing exercise alone is already a challenge. I'm not sure how the others were able to inhale and exhale as muvh as they did! After the breathing exercises, my body was already covered in sweat. It's best for beginners to be at the back area of the room so that you'll have a lot of experts to follow. The instructor will roam around the room to check but it is helpful to watch regulars do the correct position.
The instructor was right, I did get dizzy but not to the point of wanting to go out of the room. However, after one hour, I was mostly just sitting or lying down. After the session, we stayed a bit inside the room and waited in the lobby so we can shower comfortably after most students left already. I instantly felt lighter and energized after my shower and super hungry too. We had light (ish) dinner after. That night, I had one of the most comfortable sleep I had in a while.

Day 2
We came back the next day again. This time, we did not feel dizzy anymore and tried our best to follow all positions. Ofcourse some are quite hard to master but the good thing is that you are allowed to just follow your pace. No competition, no judging. It's just you and your practice. I'm actually quite amazed at how a room full of around 30+ people would still feel super relaxing. The positions give you a good stretch but not to the point of having muscle pain the next day. I even produced more sweat this time. Day 1 sweat did not compare to Day 2.

Day 3.
Day 3 was a few days after Day 2. It was a red day for me (girl thing 128522) so I was quite conscious of my movements that day so I wasn't able to follow with the best of my abilities. However, it still felt great afterwards. I realized this exercise might also be good for ladies who experience mild dysmenorrhea that may be caused by lack of exercise.

We had different instructors for each day we went but all of them were very encouraging and attentive to their students. Maybe in the future if I cn afford a regular class already, I would definitely go back. This can be your main work out or a supplememtary practice of you go to a gym. For those interested, they have a regular first time offer of unlimited two weeks class for 1800 pesos.

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Sheena D.
5.0 Stars

I've been going here for quite some time. But only decided to commit to my yoga practice last month. I availed of the 50% off promo of HSBC and availed 3-month package. I am more into hot yoga, so really happy on this deal. I have a yoga mat, but you can rent one for PhP50 and yoga towel for PhP40.

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Maureen S.
4.0 Stars

No pictures of sweaty people stretching 128514128514128514

I decided to give this a try after a high school friend of mine shared about it. Plus there is some ongoing groupon deals that makes each session cost php107.143 128541 if you attend every day for 14 days.

I was further convinced when I read the review of another batchmate, who attested to the effect of yoga. One of the things she shared was when she started, she can't believe that her sweat can smell that bad but it gradually went away over multiple sessions. So I feel that it will really detox and cleanse the body.

So far, I've been here for 2 sessions. The first time around, I was hallucinating about all of the cold drinks in the world. While doing the lying down poses, I long for sago't gulaman, ripe mango shake, some strawberry frappe. They all taste so good in my mind. Every pose and every minute was promising and excruciating. On one hand, i am a minute closer to refreshment! And there are 90 of them 128514 on another hand, I can feel the humidity, heat and sweat dripping all over my body- which makes the wait longer.

Once the session completes and one comes out of the room, the heat, the pain and all those just disappear 128563 and i dont even feel like drinking anything other than water! What I felt afterwards? Just total lightness 9786

I realized that it's easy to just stop but it feels more fulfilling to finish it. So let's see if i can endure for 10+ more days.

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Pepper B.
5.0 Stars

Been a yogi for almost a year now and I've been into different Yoga studios and Bikram Yoga Makati Center became my favorite place to be when I wanted to de stress, and reboot my system. Place is friendly specially to new comers ...1280771280771285821285821008410084

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