Bing's Fong Cafe

G/F One Archers Place, Taft Ave. cor. Castro St., Taft, Manila, Metro Manila

Bing's Fong Cafe
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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

Tried their Snow Flake for dessert cause I was craving for it. I ordered Strawberry Season Fruit Snow Flake in Large Size for P190. I don't think it's worth the price cause the quality of the ice isn't good. It melts easily. The quality of the strawberry is also bad, too sour and unripe. Aside from that the milk tastes weird.
This my second time around but I came back because it's the only snow flake dessert in Taft. The place is big, good for hang outs and review sesh after class if you are studying in Lasalle. They also have cakes, coffee and frappes.

This may be the last time i'll come back here. Don't want to spend P190 for this kind of dessert ;(

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Monique F.
4.0 Stars

Taft isn't usually our area of the Metro, but since my boyfriend wanted to introduce me to a close friend of his by La Salle, I couldn't really say no. After a rather heavy lunch at a Korean barbecue restaurant, we decided to go full on Korean cuisine and go for a bingsu afterwards. Thankfully, they had Bing's Fong at walking distance.

The place itself is a rather large cafe with a lot of tables, filled with people. The upstairs area is cooler than the downstairs section due to the number of aircons, but we only found that out when we were already seated. Upon checking the menu, we all each ordered one bingsu with mine being an injealmee, but my boyfriend decided to be brave and ordered the chocolate one. Theirs was significantly different than what we were used to given the amount of toppings that they had placed INSIDE the dish in addition to around it. In all honesty, it was good for my boyfriend and bad for me since the powder from my bingsu made the texture dry and less enjoyable when I was looking for a little more sweetness. From our choices of the day, his won with how well the milky ice worked with the chocolate, cookies and other toppings on his dish.

Would we go back? If we were ever in the area again, possibly. Would we recommend it? If you're around Taft, give it a try.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

After that kind-of-hot Flow Yoga at Yoga+ Express, and after lunch at Ichiro, we thought of having some cold dessert. I remembered there was a bingsu place at the ground floor of One Archers Place so I suggested we try it out. The interiors are simple but there are colorful window stickers and posters all around to make the place livelier. There were a few students studying when we went so the place was a little quiet. But then we also see the heavy traffic along Taft Avenue which was totally contrasting the peaceful vibe.

We ordered their large Mango Snow Flake. It was large enough for three persons to share. The bingsu was very simple. The only ngredients were mango, shaved ice, and condensed milk. The diced mango on top were just few but there were more underneath the shaved ice. I liked the fine and smooth texture of their ice shavings and the sweetness was just right. The mango though was not consistent as some pieces were a little sweet while some could be a little sour.

Service was just okay. They were not exactly warm. Well, they work in a bingsu place. So… You pay as you order, then you are given the coaster pager, wait for it to buzz, and then you get your order from the counter. Then that’s it. Enjoy your bingsu.

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

The shaved ice was very milky and sweet although the fresh mango was not very sweet. Lark C, Ruth D and i shared 1 large order. Although i noticed as we were finishing the bingsu the milky flavour of the ice was going to the bottom of the bowl and the ice on top didnt have much milky taste anymore.

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