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Fried Chicken
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Most Recent Reviews

Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

Our attempt to beat the summer heat brought us to Uptown Mall in BGC and lunch was at Bird House.

We ordered chicken and we also tried their korslaw and mac n' cheese. My first observation is that the food they serve gives justice to the photos of the food at the counter. Yiu will not get disappointed because what they serve cones quite closely to what you see.

The chicken was good. It was well cooked inside and out, the skin had a nice crisp and that flavor was just right. We picked truffles and catsup gravy as well as the peache gravy. The truffle gravy had a nice tangy flavor while the peach was sweet. I would say that it would take a while to get used to to the taste especially when you are used to the garden variety gravy that comes with fast food fried chicken.

As far as the dirty rice, the korslaw and the the mac n' cheese are concerned I would say that they are quite average. Nothing really special.

Bird house is good if you want a good reasonably priced meal.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Uptown Mall is not just one of the newest malls around town, but it is also a hub brimming with new food concepts, be it foreign or local ventures. Located in a posh food court on the mall’s top floor is the Birdhouse, a resto which only opened its first branch here in Uptown Mall.

It’s all about fried chicken here at the Birdhouse . I would have to say that the competition for this kind of food concept is already a difficult road to take. After trying almost everything in their menu, I can confidently say that they will survive in this business. Birdhouse offers tasty dishes, with the rich flavors coming all the way from the meat, up to its bones. To top that all off, if you love crispy and well seasoned chicken skin, they serve plenty of it here on its own too.

Their fried chicken comes in nugget form as well, and they come in classic and spicy variants. If you’re feeling adventurous and wanting additional flavor on your chicken, you may choose to try out and buy any of their five artisan sauces--the milk gravy (which happens to be my fave), peach barbecue, green goddess, garlic ranch, and the upgraded version of ketchup, with truffles. Each of these sauces is priced at Php30, but if you order any of their four bundles, you get one sauce free. I highly suggest that you get more than one of these sauces.

I love the dirty rice. It is already a meal on its own, and it comes with lots of other stuff in it. The taste of herbs and even the chicken liver are prevalent in the rice. For a side sampler, the mac and cheese is worth adding to your meal. It will definitely be a sure hit with the kids.

Last but not the least comes the waffle with vanilla ice cream and chicken skin for dessert. Close your eyes and experience for yourself the wild contrast of salty and sweet, and hot and cold in this unique food item. I highly suggest for you to ask their staff to make your waffle extra crispy. Trust me, this will even make the experience so much better.

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Inna A.
3.0 Stars


The chicken skin was good though.

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Kwokie K.
3.0 Stars

I've passed by the place a few times, I was honestly quite intrigued with the "salted egg lava chicken burger" and it added to the hype that each time I pass by - it will always be listed as not available.

So this next time, it was actually the wife who spotted the place, and I finally see the burger to be available - so I order it! Finally!

The excitement kept building as I sat near the stall waiting for my buzzer to light up. Then it came, at first I was afraid that it would come out so far from how it looks! But so far so good, it looks how it's supposed to.

Unfortunately, when you bite into it - the excitement ends.

Good points:
1. Bun was something different, little soft and chewy just like how a burger should be - I guess my term would be "collapsible" so you can bite into it.
2. The garlic fried fries was a hit for me - or maybe it's only because I'm a sucker for garlic.
3. The chicken patty itself was good, meat was juicy to the bite!

Negative points:
1. There was an onion garnish, it looked and felt like it came from a pack of premade garnish which tasted a little weird.
2. The salted egg lava, which I expected to have trouble eating since it would be gooey - was really dry and somewhat even "powderish" in its dryness.

On the bite, chicken bun was good, patty was ok - the sandwich itself overall was ok. But it's advertised as a salted egg lava chicken burger, by the name itself - it should be gooey, flowy salted egg lava glistening in its unhealthiest of states. So I have to rate this joint as a miss!

Perhaps I over estimated it being just a food stall - but a serious owner would strive to develop a good dish every time!

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Abby M.
4.0 Stars

You had me at dirty rice and chicken skin.
Quiet sulit, kung kakain ka lang din naman ng unhealthy food. I suggest the chicken tender though and not the boned part. They served my chicken leg a little raw (ie still with blood). But it tastes good! Meal are made to order so that's 10-15mins for the tenders and 15-20mins (probably more, considering the state of my order) for the boned ones.

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars

Days before they finally opened, Mary Love and I went here for an event. Thank you, for always making us happy! 128518128513

Anyway, since it was an event, we were able to try their dishes for free. Each get to order one set meal plus a dessert. Mary and I decided to get two different set meals so we get to try both.

Hmm, they may sound interesting when you read it but once you try and taste it, all you can taste is saltiness. The chicken was too salty!!! 128563128557

The supposedly salted egg lava was a fail, as well. The salted egg inside the chicken wasn't runny when you slice it in half. No explosion of lava goodness. 128529 One of the owner was kind enough to ask us if we want them to replace it but we declined since we won't be able to finish it anymore. But he explained that preparing this is no joke since you have to make sure that the salted egg won't be overcooked and the chicken undercooked. But sadly, they fail to cook it properly.

The waffle w chicken dessert was interesting but didn't worked well together for me. 128566

Overall, though the idea and concept is very interesting, the end product wasn't that promising. Will I come back? I'm not so sure. 128528

2.5 stars. Sorry, Birdhouse. 128566

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3.0 Stars

Before heading to Christmas Party, I went to Uptown Mall to try Bird House. Bird House is located at the Food Hall of the mall, Level 4. Few customers were dining on the said Food Hall and there's no line at Bird House.

Bird House specializes in fried chicken, which I can see on their menu board on what combo I will be getting. I choose Barnyard C for Php220.00 and add iced tea for Php60.00. The combo composed of One Piece Chicken it comes with two flavors that I can choose Original or Spicy - I choose Original, Two Sides - Dirty Rice and Mac and Cheese, One Sauce - I choose Milk Gravy, and Crispy Chicken Skin. If you want to add additional sides it cost Php50.00 per side dish and additional sauce for Php30.00.

Barn Yard C

Original Fried Chicken - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"Too salty for me. Actually there's nothing special, I already tasted it in the other fried chicken store."

Dirty Rice - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Mac and Cheese - 110881108811088️ 3/5

Milk Gravy - 1108811088️ 2/5
"Eto rin maalat, ngayon lang ako nakaexperience na di bumagay ang gravy sa fried chicken"

Crispy Chicken Skin - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"If there's a vinegar on the side this will be more appetizing."

The service was pretty fast though, just in 5 minutes I had my chicken combo.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

It's been awhile since Birdhouse opened at Uptown Mall, but I've been having second thoughts on trying it out, mainly because of its mixed reviews.

We were looking forward to have a cheap lunch that day because Christmas is just around the corner and we wanted to balance all our expenses for this month. We ran out of options because the restaurants are either spendy or the typical fastfood chains, so we decided to give Birdhouse a shot.

I know that their salted egg sandwich is probably their recommended dish, but my mood told me to go with the one with dirty rice instead.

127744BARNYARD A P165
Birdhouse Chicken Tenders + dirty rice + one sauce + crispy chicken skin
I liked their chicken tenders. It was tasty, at first. But when I was about to finish my whole meal, I felt the numbness in my tongue. Yah, there's too much salt, although not realizable on the first few bites. The dish also includes your choice of sauce. I chose the milk gravy, although it wasn't the best seller, and I liked it. I just thought that this would be the safest sauce to go with the chicken. The crispy chicken skin was good, too, especially if you are not too health conscious and are into chicharon. This was also a bit salty for me, so I had to leave it alone. The dirty rice was okay, although it's not the best. I found the flavor a bit weird (maybe in terms of spices?) because of the overpowering taste of the celery. The serving for this one was really big. It's enough for lunch (at least for me). No need for desserts and drinks.

127744BARNYARD B P165
This was my boyfriend's order because he wanted a piece of chicken and not just pieces of chicken tenders. Other than that, it's practically the same with the first one, although if you're really hungry, I think you'll get more satisfaction from the A than the B. It also included one sauce, and my boyfriend chose the truffled ketchup. He found the sauce good, while I didn't. The truffle was there, no doubt about that, but I found the dip a bit cold, like it just came from the refrigerator.

An Additional side of mac and cheese. It was okay. Nothing really special.

Overall, I found the meal affordable, but the place can also be likened to a fastfood chain, being found in a foodcourt and offering unhealthy food. It's food fit for the budget but something you shouldn't really make as a habit.


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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

I've heard lukewarm reviews about Birdhouse.  And once again,  i am giving in to my own confirmation bias. 

A few weeks ago....

I decided to check Uptown after work.  The force that drove me is  beautiful photo from Fiftea i saw on Instagram.  It's nothing fancy,  just milktea with an obscene amount of red bean on top.

Lady luck wasn't on my side that day,  they ran out of Red Bean!!!!  That is my cue to go home but stubborn old me  decided to walk around the mall instead.   A couple of minutes after,  i found myself standing in front of Birdhouse.  I gave

An mixture of Cognitive Bias and Logical Fallacy controlled my brain during that time.

Confirmation Bias - see introductory statement.

Sunk Cause Fallacy.  After my disappointment with Fiftea, i might as well buy something to make the most of my Uptown visit.

I forgot what i ordered but it comprises of chicken,  java rice,  chicken skin and some dip on the side.   I picked the spicy variant. 

Forget spicy....there no hint of chili in my chicken, not  an iota of spicy.  The chicken is seasoned well but it lacks the wow factor.  It tastes like any other chicken you get at a fastfood joint (except Jollibee,  there can only be one chicken joy).  The dip is good though,  i picked something with garlic in it.  I hope they tweak the seasoning a lil bit. 

Okay,  now i understand the lukewarm reviews.

Peace Out!


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Trina H.
4.0 Stars

Got the Barnyard A for PHP165 and I must say, it wasn't so bad. Both the rice and chicken tenders were tasty. I was hesitant at first as it had mixed reviews but it turned out okay for me and my crew.

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Bianca Q.
2.0 Stars

Tried this new food stall at Uptown Mall in BGC. It was overrated and overpriced. Everything was just too oily and bland at the same time. Not worth my money!

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Jhessa G.
5.0 Stars

Loved it! Its quite pricey but my goooood! The service of the chicken is soooo big! And its crunchy with a bit of saltines. The rice serving is quite lacking tho, we have to order another service but still its worth it. I didn't even get to finished all of it. My companion said she's been eating alot and the food doesn't seem to get less. I forgot what we ordered but got chicken + chicken skin + side dish. Drinks have an additional cost. :)

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Ordered barnyard B with dirty rice and milky gravy for lunch. I liked their chicken and their dirty rice.

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Ron R.
3.0 Stars

It's a new store that's probably still on their testing phase. There's not much variety on the menu. Nothing amazing about the fried chicken. I'd rather have pancake house chicken.

Though they did say the chicken burger with salted egg is good but yet to try.

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Deeda P.
1.0 Stars

Salted Egg Lava was not lava at all. It was also pretty tasteless
The chicken was dry and tasted like it was fried in old oil
They should take the salted egg chicken sandwich off the menu until they improve it

Here are some pics to see how underwhelming this sandwich is.

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Fatima L.
2.0 Stars

I don't know how you describe "lava" but it doesn't look like salted egg lava at all. And the taste didn't even compensate the price. 128078🏻 Good thing my officemate and I just decided to share this burger so it's not that heartbreaking. But still, for the price of Php295, I think it's not worth it. We even said, "Sana nag-Sweet Ecstacy na lang tayo." 128514

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Matthew L.
3.0 Stars

Travelled all the way from TriNoma to Uptown Mall just to have this. Only to find out more than half of the menu was out of stock :(

Ordered this Salted Egg Lava Chicken sandwich. Didn't expect the salted egg to be "silent" Still a unique idea, though.

P.S. The bun is not charred. They used Black Burger Buns.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I think I have a fairy (food) godfather in the form of He got in touch with R and I again to cover yet another event—the media launch of Birdhouse in Uptown Mall. It sure is exciting to be among the first foodies to sample a new restaurant’s dishes. And I can’t help being in my fan mode being surrounded by several social media influencers.

Hello, Birdhouse!

Before heading to Uptown Mall, I did a quick check of the restaurant and found out that Birdhouse is under Relish Group, the same team that brought Kumori, Wee Nam Kee and Osaka Ohsho to Manila. It sure made my expectation shoot up.

The new fried chicken player is located at the food hall of Uptown Mall and it would be hard to miss Birdhouse with its very visible signage and adorable scarecrow.

After registering, we immediately took snapshots of the dishes Birdhouse offers while everyone was preoccupied indulging in their fried chicken and sandwiches. And it sure took us a while before heading back to our table and place our orders. We went with Barnyard D (two piece chicken, one side, one sauce and crispy chicken skin for PHP255) and Barnyard E (Salted Egg Lava Chicken Sandwich and one side for PHP290). We also got Waffle and Ice Cream with Crispy Chicken Skin (PHP150) and Peach Iced Tea (PHP60).

The iced tea was served prior to us ordering as it was an SOP of the staff to give everyone one. It was refreshing and a great drink to pair with Birdhouse’s offerings.

It took a while before our orders were served but it was understandable given the crowd. Nonetheless, they still manage to serve ours in less than 15 minutes.

First served was Barnyard D. We chose mac and cheese for the side and truffle ketchup for our sauce.

It had a lovely crispy skin and oh so juicy meat. However, the skin was too salty to be enjoyed alone. I didn’t get to finish my share of the plate as another bite could make my kidneys cry. I guess the chicken’s better paired with rice to offset the saltiness. Louie, one of the owners of Birdhouse, mentioned though that it shouldn’t be that salty and took note of our comment and even offered to replace our order which we politely declined.

The mac and cheese was just okay. Quite cheesy but nothing special.

Barnyard E was served a few minutes after the first plate and it sure looked mouthwatering. The owners introduced this sandwich’s patty to be hard to prepare as the deboned chicken is stuffed with salted egg yolk and then frozen till ready to be battered and fried. If cooked right, the salted egg stuffing should ooze out of the patty once bitten or sliced open. Unfortunately, ours wasn’t like lava, rather, it was more like a rockslide as the salted egg was chunky than fluid.

Taste-wise, the chicken skin or breading was as salty as the fried chicken version. I had to remove the skin and indulged in the juicy white meat instead. The salted egg taste wasn’t that strong as well though I enjoyed its grainy texture.

Halfway through our plates, I signalled for our dessert to be served.

It took about 10 minutes before our hot plate of waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and crispy chicken skin was served.

I loved the contrast between the soft waffle and crunchy caramelized chicken skin. The vanilla ice cream also created a lovely contrast in terms of temperature. It may sound weird but this was my favorite that night.

I hope that they learn to be more consistent before they open to the public next week. If only they lessen the saltiness of the breading and master creating salted egg lava, Birdhouse would be a very promising establishment.

I’ll still give this place another chance. So see you in September, Birdhouse!

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