Bistro 101

1100 Campus Ave., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Bistro 101
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Sandro V.
3.0 Stars

Mozzarella sticks, a quick relief for hunger pangs!

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Bash G.
4.0 Stars

A pretty decent place to have lunch. There's a 2 course pre fix right about lunch and is around P200-P300. Although the place feels a bit hot during the afternoon at times, the campus ambience makes the place ideal to hold mini meetings or even work on presentations. The drinks are also nice and are quite affordable. A good place to hang out at.

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Trish M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Charlene N.
4.0 Stars

Too shy to show my face. Haha kiddin'.

If you want to stay somewhere private and escape the crowd. Visit this place. However, you would come across plenty of Enderun people!

They offer quick eats such as Apple Strudels, Salmon Sandwiches and even Filipino meals like tapas which you could easily pair with a cup of joe or even tea. I'm sure the food here is good just like in its brother, Resto 101!

We only had Green Tea and Peppermint Tea here. Yes, so boring, right? Pardon us for we just came from a semi Wildflour food coma.

The ambience here is the epitome of chill. Bamboo trees. Skylights. Dark-wood tables and chairs. Shady umbrellas. The only complain I have would be the humidity! I wish they blasted their AC more!

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Alecs R.
4.0 Stars

Another restaurant, cafe inside my school. When restaurant 101 is not open, Bistro 101 is the place to go to!

They are open from 7 am - 7 pm. I think? Anyway, from 7 am - 10 am they serve breakfast. They have Tapsilog, Longganisa, French Toast and I think they also have Pancakes. At 10 am - 2 pm they only serve drinks ranging from coffee to mocktails. 2 pm onwards they serve food such as Tuna Melt, Croque Madam (very delicious), Hamburger, fries (really yummy too) and a little more.

They serve alcoholiv beverages at 6 pm. They also act like an extension of the bar. Usually you'll see students here chilling or studying pr just having breakfast.

Their breakfast comes in a to go plastic if you need to take it away.

The tapa was delicious and the achara too. The rice was fluffy. I guess it just isn't the best tapa in the world. But if you aren't a fan of sweet tapa like me, this should be delightful!

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