Bistro Ah-lyoh

121 Talisay St., Matina, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Bistro Ah-lyoh
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Most Recent Reviews

Lani S.
5.0 Stars

Bistro Ah-Iyoh's Aglio Olio is a steal. Although it's very simple, it was bursting with flavors.

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April G.
5.0 Stars

After the hustle and bustle, we made it to Bistro Ah-lyoh before closing time! Even the power outage can't stop us. Thanks to their ring light! Haha.

Best Agio E Olio indeed! It looks plain but when you taste it, it's full of flavor! The bits of garlic in it are not overpowering and has no strong after taste 128521

The other one is Pistou (medyo awkward moment nung minention ni ate girl so we checked the menu. Ganun pala talaga. Hehe! 9996🏼️) It's similar to Pesto although it lacks pine nuts (thanks Wikipedia for that info). Speechless ako and halos maiyak after I tasted it. Loved the texture of the herbs. Will order this one next time for myself. 128557128525128076🏼

Though the place is on the other side of my world (North girl went to South) I would love to come back here. Worth it for only P90 and P110 respectively! Ambiance is cozy, has a rustic and homey feels at the same time 128077🏼

  • No. of Comments: 3
Maan I.
4.0 Stars

What I hate about cream based pasta is when the sauce gets soupy and it ends up tasting too milky which overwhelms all the other ingredient. This is why I'm not a fan of cream based pasta because it's always a hit or miss. However, there are still a few restaurants that do meet my expectations for the creamy dish and Bistro Ahlyoh is one of them.

The whole dish was not submerged in cream. Instead, it was sticky which is what it should be; not some cream noodle soup kind of pasta. What I also liked about it was the fact that I could still taste the other ingredients like the tuna and the mushrooms.

It was also pretty hot that day and the watermelon shake really quenched my thirst and kept me cool.

The service was good the servers were friendly and quick to react. Aside from the food, the interior was amazing. It felt really cozy and at home that I ended up staying longer. I'm definitely coming back again for the other meals. Ugh! I WISH I COULD POST MORE PHOTOS!!!

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Karen M.
4.0 Stars

This is a very nice and cozy resto in south. Probably for those who are not good in directions, they will be lost looking for this place. But it doesn't matter because once you found it, it's pleasing to the eyes and you would love to stay there for the rest of the day. So relaxing and calm.

They serve good food as well. However, their service crew needs to know more about their dishes because customers may not know the name of the dish at least the crew must provide information about the dishes (ingredients, taste, best seller or not). Nevertheless, they have a very unique style of their dish.

Yup! This is a place to be if you want to eat, read, chill, chat with friends, and take photos. Nice interior and exterior! 128077128155

Food: 11088110881108811088
Service: 110881108811088
Design: 1108811088110881108811088
Price: 110881108811088


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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

Hey! 128075

Bae! Haha. 127829

Who remembers the taste of Waterfront Insular Pizza? Haha. Their pizza taste exactly the same! 127829 so yummy! When i first tasted it thats what popped into my mind! 128588 haha. The menu for their pizza, is buy1take1 for only 299php. 128512 What we ordered was their pepperoni pizza & the other one was plain cheese. 127829

The taste of the pizza was really good & the thinness of pizza was very thin haha. That's what i like. Yay! Haha. But, still there are more flavors to choose from, like buffalo wings pizza, ah-iyoh? (Idk what the flavor) is haha. & more. BUT, only the buy1take1 pizza pair is just a plain cheese still it's okay. 128076

Must visit this place! 127829128077128069

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Charlene C.
4.0 Stars

New finds! New restaurants again! 128513

Have a you notice lately there are a lot of new restaurants in davao?! Hahaha. Yes, a lot! Bistro ah-iyoh is located at ecoland matina, talisay st. So hard to find. Psh haha. You should take a taxi going here. 128514 By the way, the place has 2 floors. Haha.

So, what i ordered is their spareribs (100g) for 130) & for my friend (150g for 150php i guess) haha. The spareribs taste good but i'm not so convinced but still it's okay iust look at their servings it's so big. 128513 So worth your money & a full stomach, yayers 10084

The service was very unique because they would give you a bell incase you wanted to call their attention hahaha. The staff were accomadating too i guess, but not much 128522 & Also the place is very very cute! Vintage kinda modern style place. 10084 pretty also hahaha. By the way, i was there during lunch time zzz, it was so hot when we go there.. pssh.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Lani S.
5.0 Stars

They offer Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza at an affordable price. I liked the thin crispy crust. I loved their Aglio Olio Pasta. Super tasty & delicious. Very al dente and lots of garlic.
They really serve great food & I hope they never change the quality.

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