Black Canyon Coffee

2/F Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Riverfront Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila

Black Canyon Coffee
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Open: 7:00a - 10:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Charlzz C.
3.0 Stars

While looking for some different coffee shops or even a beverage joint,I saw some mall ads of Black Canyon coffee ,browsed the coffee menu mostly Thai inspired beverages ,did not bother to know more about background of the shop as the gates of the venue will open in less than 45 minutes.I quickly ordered the Thai milk tea,nice flavor I liked the quality of Thai tea, sweetness was just right ,but the big issue is the engulfment of ice ,it has crushed ice in it as well as tube ice,a double whammy of ice.A very few sips of tea and nothing, its all ice ,₱130 for an ice loaded beverage that's expensive.
Sayang.! Mabait pa naman staff.


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Sanie G.
5.0 Stars

quite, cozy, very accommodating and friendly staff. yung coffee nila may kasamang tea and Biscuit 128516 there is also wifi available for Free.

Super Loved, 10084

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Here's something different for another café stay

Here's a Thai themed cafe if you are especially craving for their rich red flavorful thai tea.

128204128525 Cha Thai Yen Glacier @180PhP
This is their thai milk tea frappe with vanilla ice cream on top. since my first order (with red beans) is not available, i ordered this. Yoo bad they do not have thai milk tea over ice lang. puro frappe. I love thai milk tea

128204 red velvet cake @120PhP a slice
They source out their cake kay Mrs. peppers.
I'd say it's sweet and does use food coloring and not BEETS. Awwww. Lol! But instead of using milk chocolate, they use white chocolate the base. More white chocolate as ganache on top.

They do have meals and i think it's priced fairly. Their matcha series is interesting but i suggest you try their thai teas.

The place here is really good. Spacious and quiet. I think the whole circuit makati suffers one common problem: mosquitos. Circuit got stagnant water kasi.

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Argen G.
5.0 Stars

The food is perfect, the vegetables are half cooked its good 128525128525128525

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

We used to frequent Black Canyon Coffee when they opened their first branch here in the South (first in the country), Southmall to be exact, but they already closed shop. So when I saw them at Circuit, we decided to have our late lunch there before watching a show at Spotlight Power Mac Center. When dining in, they asked us to take our preferred seats and someone was quick to take our orders. We had Pad Thai (solo) and Chicken Sandwich. For our drinks, i ordered a glass of Lemon Iced Tea and a glass of their Thai Milk Tea. Orders came before the 10 minute turn around time given. I love their Chicken Sandwich because of the lightly grilled chicken. The served it with a side of thick cut fries. It was generously served with cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. Their Pad Thai is equally good. Very generous serving. Squeeze some lime to give it that delicious tart taste. I was quite surprised by their iced tea too, because i was just expecting a powered/ ready mix tea. But theirs is the brewed kind. Very refreshing and pleasantly cool. The manager on duty even approached us and asked how was our food, to which i replied "very good." Service was top notch. Will visit again and will be expecting the same kind of warm reception. Recommended.

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

128525 that appetizing poster at the circuit entrance so me and my friend tried lunch here.. the staffs are extra nice and they have a cozy place, some couch for a relaxing afternoon coffee and tables for those who came in for that big gutom (just like us)
they have a wide array of menu, perfect for the hungry ones (rice meals, pasta, soups, salads and more) and a wide variety of drinks too!
the appetizing food at the poster was their pad thai, and they they never failed me, it was indeed flavorful, not spicy, and with generous serving! the 'for sharing' size could feed 3 or more (we couldn't finish so we took the left overs), the ribs they served was a bit hard to chew, uhm.. and the ice cream mocha chips.. tasted just like the ordinary coffee crumble with a wafer bar.. will skip the ribs and the desserts next time 9996🏻️

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Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

Good place
Reasonable price
Cool and comfy

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Einstein: "Painom ng iced tea please, ang init!128517"
*dami kasing kwento guys, lezzgo na*🙄🙄🙄

I have a soft spot for restaurants which are pet friendly... Though Circuit may welcome pets on their grounds, the restaurants don't allow them inside... So on a humid night, we were seated on the smoking area of Black Canyon Coffee to include Einstein in the conversation... The staff were okay with letting him sit on his own chair and to walk around "the pit"...

I wanted to try the Mexican Iced Coffee, but since it wasn't available, I opted not to drink caffeine anymore... I was about to go for a frappe when I realized that I already drank 3 smoothies that day... Bakit ba kasi ang init ng bonggang bongga?!

I was able to try Dastine S's Thai Iced Tea with milk, which had a little too much milk in it... I also tried Jenn N's Iced Green Tea latte with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... It was a bit bland and needed more green tea! But I liked their cheesecake a lot! Great texture and taste!128077

BCC was open until pretty late and they have their own restroom inside... Both pluses in my book! The only other resto that was open at that time was Social House nearby... In general, Circuit looks like a promising hangout in time!128077

Einstein: *borlogs*127771

Thanks titas!!! Carla M Dast and Jenn!127801

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