Black Island

Malajon Island, Busuanga, Palawan

Black Island
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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

127796 "Trust me, it's paradise." That quote is taken from the book by Alex Garland, The Beach, but it might as well be the perfect phrase to describe Coron Island as a whole. A perfect paradise example of Coron would be the Black Island Beach which was our next stop after our Calauit Safari Adventure.

127796 The Black Island was named so as the limestone formation looks black. This is makes a huge contrast to the absolutely white, powdery sand on the beach. It’s so white, it’s blinding. Upon arriving, we went around the island while waiting for our lunch to be served. There is an opening in the limestone formation that created a chamber with a cute lake inside. There was another cave but I was not really interested because I’m usually in caves as part of my work lol and the beach is calling.

127796 BUT before we went to the beach, our guides told us that our lunch is ready. There were 8 of us in the group, and the staff served a huge buffet of rainbow fish, crabs, liempo, ensaladang talong, and cucumber salad. I felt so sad to see the rainbow fish being served that I didn’t eat it. You’d think that the crabs will be finished first but the funny thing is, it’s just me and Oliver and another young couple who ate the crabs because the other guests are either allergic, had enough crabs from last night, and one was just too lazy to open a crab (I know!). So obviously, we were happy, high in spirits, and high in cholesterol haha!

127796 As for the beach itself, just wow. After some rest from eating, we frolicked on the sand until we were called by the guides. Have you ever noticed that no matter how hot the sun is, these type of warm, powdery sand are never hot to the touch?

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Jown P.
5.0 Stars

Where do I even begin on how majestic this island is!!!

It took us approximately 30 minutes to go here from Salvacion's pantalan. We had the place to ourselves on a Wednesday afternoon. The breeze was perfect for chilling and spending time with family. The island had this amazing cave you can go to. 2 caves even! And there's this body of water inside it and you can swim in it too! There's also this huge rock on the island you can climb and go cliff diving. Warning on the amount of jellyfish in this island tho. I got pretty praning while we were still in the boat because you can definitely see them.

There is no entrance fee but the tables cost i think 300 each? And if you plan to go on an overnight it would cost i think 1000 pesos. They don't have any "good bathrooms" so better be ready!

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

There is nothing black and dark about this island. 128521 Except maybe the dark rock formations that surrounds the inner portions of the island.

We had a stopover in this island for lunch, a bit pricey as the entrance fee costs about 100php per person and use of the cottage also came with a price (which I forgot how much 128517)

The white sandy beach covers the shoreline like blanket as it touches the pristine blue water. A a huge long portion from a shipwreck is lying near the shore as white clear fishes swim along it. 128032

As we go deeper into the island, 2 caves lies behind. Big and small. 128517 The big cave was used in a famous TV series abroad, Survivor Europe (can't recall which specific country was it 128517), we actually climbed in to explore what's inside. Huge and good acoustics the cave was, that my friends started playing and singing with their ukuleles 127908 ..2 bodies of water was also situated there - a small but deep one and a bigger but waist level water. 128166

Coron is just full of surprises 10084127796

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

After the animal encounter at Calauit Safari Park, our group cruised to Black Island or Malajon Island (thanks for the info Gwen I 128516). The island is located east of Busuanga and is an hour away from Calauit.

Approaching from the east, the island looks dead because of the dark colored limestone cliffs. However, the west side of the island has a different telltale.

Black Island's white sand beach got the island beaming. The water was crystal clear and is home to colorful coral gardens underneath. At the northwest end, tourists can swim above the shipwreck and feed the fishes.

The Black Island also has a cave that was once used in a reality show, the Slovenian Survivor. The cave houses a small pool where tourists can swim. According to our guide, the cave used to be so beautiful that it was named the Crystal Cave.

We decided to have our lunch here and our guides prepared crabs, fish, liempo, salted egg with kamatis, adobong manok, adobong pusit and some fruits. Eating delicious Filipino fare right next to a beautiful beach was fun. Somehow, we all felt like we're in Survivor Philippines. Yun lang pinagluto kami. 128513

We stayed at the island for 3 Hours. We were all advised to stay for only 2 Hours max but we we didn't want to leave. We all asked for an extra 1 hour to enjoy everything that the island has to offer.

If you plan to visit Coron soon, take the Calauit Tour by sea (this is on top of the Coron Island Tour). For P2500 per person, you get to visit the animals in Calauit, the Black Island and swim at Lusong Coral Garden - Gunboat. Sulit!

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