Black Pepper Steak and Wings

Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Black Pepper Steak and Wings
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Open: 6:00p - 2:00a


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Isha S.
1.0 Stars

I feel kind of bad for suggesting this place to Looloo only to give it a dismal review, but eh. Hope they see this and try to make their establishment better.

So I'm looking for a place to have dinner one evening and decide to swing by this restaurant. They open kind of late, like 5 or 6 PM. When I went, they had just opened shop for the day and there was no one else around. The place actually looks kind of sleek and modern. The theme colors are red, black and white. Anyway, when I went in, there were people at the counter but they kind of ignored me so I found my own seat. Finally, one of the waitresses comes up to me and offers me their menu. I ask a couple of questions about the food but she seems really annoyed as she answered so I just hastily picked what to get. The place offers a lot
of stuff including soups and salads, appetizers, steaks, wings, ribs, pastas, sandwiches, etc. Basically, a bit of everything. They also offer cocktails and other drinks. So I had their bacon mushroom croquettas (120 pesos) and their T-bone steak (220 pesos) that I opted to have with mashed potatoes and mushroom cream sauce.

The croquettas come first and they're okay. Nothing really noteworthy. So as I wait for my main dish, I fiddle with my phone a bit and then realize that it's almost an hour since I ordered! I follow up and the waitress then asks me how I want my steak cooked. I thought I mentioned it earlier so why ask again? I politely re-told her I'd have it medium rare. She goes back into the kitchen. Another 15 minutes pass and I'm getting kind of impatient. My food arrives and the steak is small and...well done. Wuw nagtanong pa kayo ha. Actually, it was dry and tough, even the sauce could not save it. Waitress has gone wherever and I'm too tired to argue. I try to gnaw on the steak but I could barely finish it. Had to stand up and look for a staff member to ask for the check. Check took a bit of time to get to me as well. I paid what was needed and left. No one greeted me out or thanked me. Never again.

This wasn't really a good experience and the entire time I was there, no one else came in. Come to think of it, during the times I do pass by it when I go home after work, no one really seems to be in. Maybe they pick up speed as the night wears on? Whatever the case may be, I hope they work on both their service and their food if they want to attract and keep customers.

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