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Black Sheep
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Most Recent Reviews

Inna A.
5.0 Stars

Everything I had on their Friday Night Roast menu was delicious! I was too busy eating so I only took one photo. Huhu.

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

Back Again! Brought my dad for a quiet lunch. Was able to try more menu items:

- Truffled Kropek
- Fish of the Day
- Champorado

(We also ordered Two-Na and Salmon but I already talked about that in my previous review. Two very delicious dishes!)

So for the new stuff. The kropek was not so truffley. Needed a wee bit more flavor to make it special.
The fish of the day was delicious and fresh. That umami risotto was wonderful.
The Champorado was interesting, slightly confusing and quite sweet. Not sure I'd go for this again. First it has zero chocolate in it which threw me for a loop. Second there is a ginger flavor in this dish that came out stronger than everything else and overpowered it.i t's so different from Champorado. I would rename it to manage expectations.

Even with the hits and misses, I'm happy I went back. I enjoy coming here and Dad and I were able to bond a little bit.

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

WOW. Their food is wow.

But lemme give you the backstory - You see, my boyfriend and I had our first fancy date in the original Black Sheep. We were dating for 3 months and he took me here to impress me. it was good but we found it expensive. So when I heard the original closed and reopened down the block from me, I held off from visiting, unsure what to expect. But i was always super super curious. After all, I enjoyed my meal, even if my boyfriend did not enjoy paying for it.

Today I just figured, eff it. I'm going. By myself. Yolo. And so I went. Laptop in tow. Determined to work and eat.

Their food was terrific. I had: Two-Na, Salmon Char-Sui and the Famous Foie Long Bao. (Again, yolo) I had every intention to order Champorado for dessert but I was so darned full. So I'll save that for a future visit. The bill damage: Php1,000 less a P300 booky coupon. For that caliber of food, Worth it. So worth it. This was a top notch meal and the plates were beautiful.

It made me sad however that it was empty on a lunch hour. I think the biggest thing Black Sheep has going *against* it, is its reputation.. the original was associated with being expensive, overly fancy, slightly pretentious and intimidating. The new Black Sheep is none of that! Thank God. Now This will be a restaurant I will add into our dinner date rotation. But maybe KKB from time to time kasi matakaw ako. But kami na so no need to act all demure, right? Ilabas ang true self! hahaha. Or should I say Baa.. baaa.. baaaaa? (Or oink oink oink?)

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Patrick G.
4.0 Stars

Last Friday, we went to Black Sheep which is located at the Penthouse of W Building. The place was really nice and spacious and I can even see our office from their window.

We were planning to chill and have some drinks. Unfortunately, they don't have any available beer. They are not replenishing their inventory since the bar will be moving out of the Penthouse by Tuesday (June 30). They will be transferring to Makati. Their staff were really accommodating and they offered the best available drink which is a bottle of Ketel One for P2,500. It comes with 2 bottles of Red Bull and Cranberry.

We would definitely try to visit their new home in Makati.

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

I wanted a special birthday dinner for my special someone and this place did not disappoint. Since they had a fixed 5-course or 7-course menu, I asked if they could make a vegetarian course for little ol' me. Again, they did not disappoint. The food was amaaaaazing!

The 7-course menu I chose for my birthday celebrant consisted of:
"Kwatro Kantos" (their take on the infamous balut)
Today's catch (lapu-lapu and oyster)
Goto (squid, cauliflower, crab roe)
"Bahay Kubo"
"Batuan" bone marrow and heirloom rice from the Cordilleras
Wood Sorrel
Dessert of choice: Cigar

And my 5-course vegetarian menu included:
Potato & cauliflower with black truffle corn
Oyster mushroom with tapioca, mushroom broth, and heirloom tomato
Asparagus from Quezon in milky broth
Twice the serving of "Bahay Kubo"
Dessert of choice: (Deconstructed) banana tart

A special mention to the refreshing sugar cane wine that paired so well with the oyster mushroom dish they whipped up for me to mimic the taste of real oysters, and the signature "Bahay Kubo" that was simply a harmony of flavors and textures. They even prepared a special dessert plate with a personal message, a tangy chocolate macaron, a salted caramel filled truffle, and lots of cocoa nibs for the birthday celebrant! The place was dimly lit to enhance the whole fine dining experience, so as much as I wanted to share the awesome dishes through photos they come out too grainy and dark. Nonetheless, the experience was definitely a memorable one. 127864

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Rey T.
5.0 Stars

The hype surrounding Black Sheep is well-deserved. Some people call it our take on molecular gastronomy. But at its core Black Sheep is the expression of a chef's vision. Here, the chef tells you to trust him and he'll give you an unforgettable dining experience. That is why there is no a la carte menu. Its unsettling at first. We are used to going to restaurants and ordering what we like. Here at Black Sheep you are hostaged by the imagination of the chef. Which is good, very good. When you come here you should be prepared to let go of that power and let go of a considerable amount of money.

When we came the only choice we had was between a 5-course menu (P1,900, add P1,900 if you choose the steak) or the 4k+ seven-course menu. We chose the former with the Kitayama steak from Bukidnon.

We started with the amuse bouche of chicken and egg. Use the stick to eat the chicken meatball and then, as if you're eating balut slurp down the concoction of soy and ginger, cointreau and beer foam with salmon roe. I think most people eat this with eyes closed trying to focus their energies on their sense of taste. It's very good. The meatball is crunchy outside and soft and tasty inside.

Next up is the catch of the day which is steamed prawn dumpling served a la xiao long bao with coconut milk and peanut. It comes with deep fried prawn served like lumpia which you dip in a prawn head mayo. I love this course. When you bite into the dumpling a flurry of strong flavors rush into your mouth. They say its coconut and peanut but why do I taste toasted dilis 128516

What came next is the "bahay kubo". When it is served on your table it looks like soil with a tiny bean sprout in the middle. You are suppose to mix it together. "It" refers to dehydrated vegetables that are mentioned in the song Bahay Kubo. Its inventive and genius. Yummy!

The fourth course is suppose to be the main which is the steak. But while waiting for it our waiter gave us, compliments of the house, their version of Longsilog. Its actually ice cream with pork flakes and a thin layer of vinegar jelly at the bottom. Here you should close your eyes and it really does feel you are eating longsilog from you favorite Pares house.

The main course was my favorite. Kitayama steak cooked to perfection (mine's medium rare) slightly drizzled with beef au jus. The cubes of beef sit atop a mixture of mashed potato and squid ink. I love the steak. The first two spoons of the mashed potato was great but I stopped because it was distracting me from the steak. Great cuts of meat are a jealous bunch you know.

For dessert, I had mango, honeycomb and ginger. Not too sweet which is perfect to end a perfect meal!

By the way, they also gave us complimentary tocino roll. Yes, a soft roll with tocino bits!

The service here is very personalized. Our waiter, at least, was able to balance the need to be always there against being too intrusive. They put your name on the menu and they also give you a handwritten thank you note.

Oh I almost forgot, when you dine here you eat with a spectacular view of BGC in front of you.

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Lizanne S.
5.0 Stars

I rarely give a 5, but my experience at this place was worthy of it.

To start, the view was spectacular. Overlooking the Makati and BGC skylines, it definitely had a wow-factor. And the staff was kind enough to give us a table by the window. 128077

Service was prompt and efficient. Waiters were very knowledgeable about the food and how each dish was prepared. And they were quite attentive as well.

Now on to the dishes: Tonypet S and I both had the 5 course meal which consisted of Chicken n Egg (their amuse Bouche), Basi with oyster, Bahay Kubo salad, Kitayama Rib eye, and the Banana Tart.

We were both impressed with the concept and execution of the dishes! We've had quite our fair share of degustation dinners, but this is the first time we've actually had one that celebrates Pinoy ingredients. The Bahay Kubo salad, I think, was exceptional as it incorporates all the veggies of the song into one unique taste that's earthy, sweet, salty at the same time. There was a party in my tummy and I didn't want it to end. 128522

The Kitayama rib eye was also scrumptious, as I had it medium rare. If you're a carnivore, it really is worth the additional moolah. Had a taste of the eel, and I didn't really like it that much, so I'm glad I chose the Rib-eye.

Now on to dessert: see that thing in the photo? That's the Banana Tart with butter beer ice cream. Wild, no? The waiter poured butter beer ice cream over the tart, making the whole thing look like it came from a sci-fi flick. Liquid nitrogen in da haus! Woohoo! Even if my hubby and I were diabetics, kebs. Kain pa us!

We capped things off with our favorite single malt: The Glenrothes. Both Tonypet S and I love the fact that this place has an extensive collection of single malt whisky. We took our drinks by the bar, as it allowed smoking that night. That was a plus for my hubby, who enjoys his whisky with a cigarette.

We left the place full and tipsy, but that didn't stop the staff from giving us a birthday cake (it was my bday that day) and personal thank you note.

I must say, galing! No wonder CNN recently featured this fine establishment. Would love to come back someday! In the meantime, ipon ipon muna. 128523

  • No. of Comments: 2
Tei A.
4.0 Stars

Super liked the cozy ambience and it also overlooks the city. We already had dinner so we just had some cocktails. We're supposed to have their Praline but our order never came. Waited for more about 35mins so we canceled it already. They didnt inform us the waiting time when we ordered. Upon cancelling, waiter informed us that it's on the way out - DUH!

Will give it another chance, but maybe will just have cocktails again.

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

Place is really really nice! There's a cool VIP spot sort of hanging near the elevated DJ's booth. Definitely a date place as they serve food like Vask (molecular gastronomy). The view is also very nice at night. This place, however, was so dead last Halloween since everyone was at Raven haha

  • No. of Comments: 5
Apollo A.
1.0 Stars

Worst dessert I've ever tasted and the rest not that's overrated.

  • No. of Comments: 1
4.0 Stars

Complimentary Amuse Bouche
The petite white bun-looking finger food comes with coconut milk and tomato meringue (the white part) and has a filling of pork and chili paste with squid ink, ginger and green mango. The concept is that of a Bicol Express so expect it to have a hint of spiciness. It should be eaten once served since the white part melts quickly.

The middle one comes with lamb from Bukidnon and dried raw tuna from GenSan with pickled cucumber and homemade flat bread. On its side is a Cabayawa, a local lemon from Butuan City.

I couldn’t wait to start our meal, as I was so excited to see and taste the gastronomical and sensational dishes the restaurant had to offer us!

“Kwatro Kantos” – street food
The one in the bottle is a palate cleanser that may be used throughout the 7-course meal. The fresh calamansi is preserved for three months, combined with gin, which resulted to a sweet and salty taste.

Inside the two eggshells are chicken fillet balls marinated with soy garlic, glazed in dark beer and mandarin orange topped with salmon raw with salmon. The stick on the side that came along with it is a small quail egg and chicken skin with citrus powder.

The complexity of this appetizer results into only one comment for me: MARVELOUS!

Today’s Catch – sea and river
A sea grouper aged for five days and served with seaweed kamias and guava. It has a mild flavor and is associated with sinigang na bayabas, as stated by Jobert, our personal waiter.

Goto – sea and rivers
This dull-looking dish may surprise you by its taste. A sweet cauliflower congee with truffle and spread around it is its sauce, made with cauliflower cream and crab fat. Even with its light flavor, I could still remember how it tasted like and I consider this as one of my favorites among other dishes served.

“Bahay Kubo” Salad – garden
“Are you guys eating raw plants and soil?!”, you might say. I, myself, was surprised to see this in front of me but it became my favorite among the rest. The title of the dish is named after a Filipino song because all of the vegetables mentioned in the song is incorporated into this dish. The soil-looking part of the dish is a dehydrated eggplant with peanuts; the taste is similar to that of the ones put in the fresh lumpia. The mustasa was pickled while the pumpkin was sautéed and pureed. The restaurant’s creativity could really be seen in this dish, not only the skills and ideas they were able to put together but also, they provided the lyrics of the song, “Bahay Kubo”.

Kitayama Smoked Beef Brisket, bone marrow with Heirloom rice – farm
My brother’s favorite. The beef is a mixed-breed that came from Bukidnon. 75% Wagyu and 25% Australian Brahman beef and is cooked for 4 ½ hours. The smoked bone marrow came from Batuan while the heirloom rice came from Cordillera.

The beef was indeed tender but better mixed with the sauce as it gives more flavor to the beef. All I can say about the heirloom rice is that it’s spectacular! I don’t normally eat rice but this I was able to finish!

Wood Sorrel 
A sorbet kind of dish just to clean one’s palate. Despite the acid and sour taste, it was still unique.

Mango Napoleon – sweets
The concept is an imitation of a biscuit-like dessert in the Visayas region hence; they came up with a mango napoleon layered with mango films and a ganache on top. The viscous part on the plate is made up of spiced mango honeycomb and ginger. Edible flowers were also used as part of the plate presentation.

For dessert, we had two choices, as recommended by Jobert, I picked this over the other.

Banana Tart – sweets
My brother was the only one who ordered this and it appears like he showed us what we were missing out. People have been amazed with the liquid nitrogen creation. No wonder, the restaurant included the ingredient in one of their desserts. The banana tart is a hot dessert dish composed of banana almonds inside the tart. The one beside it is where the magic happens. Jobert prepared my brother’s dessert in front of us by mixing the edible chemical to the butter beer, where they used a Cerveza Negra and voila! An ice cream is made.

I prefer this over the Mango Napoleon since I always like a contrast with my food and this one is a combination of both hot and cold. The butter beer was surprisingly good!

Thinking that the 7-course meal ended there, we were surprised to know that there is still a last one, compliments from the restaurant.

A variety of sweets: white truffle polvoron with hazelnut, dulce de leche where the caramel inside is coated with dark chocolate, Bignay (local berries) and Malagos (local chocolate) macarons from Davao.

The drink, on the side, appeared to be vodka with coffee and should be paired with the sweets. The drink was good, something out of the ordinary with a strong taste of the coffee matching the toothsome munchies.

Our dinner was truly a satisfying, once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s no secret that the degustacion is expensive but I am glad to report that the quality didn’t suffer and they were able to whip up incredible and spectacular dishes for us. Truly an experience I wouldn’t forget.

Read the entire article on

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Jodi N.
4.0 Stars

A place fit for those people who like extravagance and with heavy pockets! (Unfortunately, I am not one of them.) Putting the expensiveness aside, Black Sheep is such an epic place to hang out. The view of the Metro is so spectacular and so will your bill be (Promise, that’s my last “Ang mahal sa black sheep” joke.). The resto-bar is beside the fairly new Raven Club. I don’t recall hearing anything but my friends are complaining that the loud noise from Raven is leaking to the more chill and quiet Black Sheep. If you want to try a luxurious hang out session with your friends or with your special someone while having some famous celebrities sit a table away from you and you want to stare but you try to resist and act cool just to not look like a starstruck lunatic, then Black Sheep is the way to go.

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Marinel L.
4.0 Stars

Tried this place for the first time yesterday and I was quite impressed. I Ioved the ambiance and the view. It would be a great venue for a valentine's dinner date or a wedding proposal. 128525

We ordered the 5 course meal for 1,900. Each dish had a unique taste and at first I thought I wouldn't get full but the "Bahay Kubo" salad, main course and dessert (shown on the photo) were quite filling.

What I also liked about this place is the service. Upon arrival, the girl at the reception asked for our names and gave us a hand written "Thank You" card after we paid the bill. Talk about personal touch! 128077 The waiters were also very attentive and explained each dish to us in detail.

Although I wouldn't exactly crave for their food or eat here often (because of the price and the limited menu), I have to give them props for the good dining experience that they gave me and my friends last night. It's definitely worth a try. 128512

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Violet B.
5.0 Stars

I did not want to review this place because I wanted it to be all mine. But I thought, hey, I better share the love!

Double date at Black Sheep actually started with low expectations. We wanted to try something new. Hubby said, how about that resto in the penthouse of the W? I said okay but was hesitant.

I heard it was fancy. Ehhh I hate fancy because I dislike it when they don't get it right. I don't like being disappointed, you know! I expected starched linens. I expected if to look like a formal wedding hall. Hmph.

We call for reservations. We wanted 6pm but we were told we can have a 6:30pm slot instead. How odd. They also asked for all our whole names. It was unusual so I didn't like it. They also informed us that there is no ala carte menu. What?! Grr. I had a bad feeling that this would be a wannabe, pompous place. We got dolled up and went anyway.

NOTE: The rest of this review will have "spoilers" of the Black Sheep experience. If you are intent on going and have deep pockets, do not continue reading this review and go and be surprised! It will be a great night!! So be forewarned, SPOILER ALERT!!!

Wow. Lemme tell you. I had no idea how beautiful and modern this resto is! No starched linen in sight! Huge open kitchen, and beautiful banquet seating that encloses you from the other diners and gives you a great view of the Makati skyline! Music was upbeat and modern lounge tracks. Wow, I felt like a star walking in!

No wonder they asked for our names, they print it on our menu placecards! How lovely!

That night we had choice of a Php 1,900 5-course meal or a Php 2,500 5-course meal. There is a 4,100 10-course chef's choice set too. The men in our group got the more expensive 5-course while us ladies got the cheaper 5-course.

They have a varied cocktail selection and everything we tried (we tried all and had doubles of our favorites) was very good.

The food came one by one (of course, lol) and I was not expecting the level of creativity put in each dish. I will not go into detail here because I would much rather you go and enjoy the ride yourself. Each dish has a gimmick and everything is not only fun but delicious. Your server will explain every dish as he serves them, and there will be a time he even MAKES ice cream tableside for you. Very impressive! Liquid nitrogen clouds everywhere!! I was dreading the set menu but ended up enjoying it immensely!

Bathrooms are modern and beautiful. Lipstick writing of birthday greetings for the night will be on the mirror walls.

They have a second floor too for private dining and a smoking lounge for later in the night. (They have a humidor and sell cigars too).

This was a wonderful night to remember and I praise all the kitchen staff of this fine restaurant. Chefs, I am proud of you! They did such a magnificent job and I hope they continue making people happy and feel like VIPs.

It's noteworthy to say that resto is not cheap. We spent more than 4.5k per person on average. Do not go here if you are on a budget because the prices will cloud your enjoyment. Why go if you cannot drink as much as you want, or even eat what you want? Know what I mean? But if you have the cash to indulge, then go make your reservations at Black Sheep now.

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Brooke M.
5.0 Stars

Katalina cocktail was top notch!

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Dorthee L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Dominique B.
4.0 Stars

I like the cocktail selection here. It's obvious that they put some thought into it. The bottle prices are fairly reasonable too. My only complaint would be the ventilation, it was pretty warm when I was there. Oh, and it's obviously not their fault but the black and white squares on the windows partially block the view.

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Arianne F.
3.0 Stars

Good vibes, soggy fries, and an excellent lemonade lemongrass cocktail that was yummy but didn't seem to have any alcohol in it. Beautiful view of BGC though.

Overpriced. Also I don't know if I'd trust the judgment of restaurateurs who don't know how to spell foie gras.

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Jess L.
5.0 Stars

Worth spending my birthday dinner here.

Great view
Good servers
They did even put a happy bday message in the restroom mirror (sweet)

The food is good except for the free range chicken it tasted weird with the confit - id rather have the kitamaya steak
Praline was good but cigar was better
The prawn trio was perfect with their mayo

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Andrea Y.
4.0 Stars

Prawns - this was really good! I liked the fried one best 128077
Today's Catch - soup and the eel was so-so
Kitayama Steak - really good! The steak was juicy and tender. The insides were perfectly pink! The squid ink mashed potatos were delicious as well
Chicken - requested to change the pork to chicken. It was flavorful and tender
Praline - Super chocolatey with a crunch! I love this!
Banana Tart - very unique! I didnt expect to like this dish as much as i did! Would order this again

Serving looks small but was super full at the end of dinner 128522

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