Blastfire Grill

Katipunan Ave. Ext., California Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Blastfire Grill
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Oh yeah, this grille just hit up the dumog levels and is able to expand! From at least 15 pax, it can now accommodate to thirty pax! This is great news for those working and living near the area cause they could now accommodate more. The ventilation is cooler because it got more--electric fans. Level up narin kasi because they now have the menu laminated and distributed to your table. No more falling in line!

Ate or kuya will now go to your table and get your orders. Make sure to have ate or kuya repeat your order because i already encountered mistakes made by ate or kuya. Nonetheless their very juicy and saucy barbecue chicken is still the best and yummy lunch especially during petsa de peligro dates.

Their menu did not only evolve physically but also content-wise. They now serve veggie dishes like seafood ampalaya. We have just tried this one and the ampalaya (bitter gourd) was fresh enough.

The CR was also transferred to a bigger and better place.

If you are planning to have a food trip near yarda, why not try and visit this eatery as well. The type of situation when you wish to visit yarda but you arrived at the place 12pm (which is too early, yarda opens 4pm) could be an opportunity to visit this place. After all, it's just a few blocks away.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

What can i say? May i categorize this as by the roadside karenderia-- the type of eatery in which you could really get cheap food for lunch. I could say the food here is clean. They only offer grilled chicken (either inasal Or BBQ), stuffed squid (comes in sizes) and pork BBQ.

Friends discovered this eatery one time they were prospecting clients around the area. The place, teems with customers around 12pm so it's best to go there around 11:30 or past 12:30. Customers are usually with car (this means talagang pinupuntahan siya) street parking of at most 5 cars. Seat capacity around 12-15 pax.

128204128525 chicken BBQ @75php
Choose either wing or thigh part. I always (3rd time) choose the thigh part and i could say it's what people usually choose too since leftovers are the wing part. Very tasty. The marinade is good. I recommend squeezing over the calamansi and pouring over the soy sauce. The inasal was super good as well. The rice that comes with it is almost the same as mang inasal's--mushy but really appetizing.

128204128525 pork BBQ @15php per stick
A variation of this is the spicy one @20pesos. So far on my third try of this, the meat is tender and not so much fatty. Well Marinated too.

Downfall of this eatery is that it's hot (since its roadside) and the presence of flies. For me it's a bit acceptable since it's roadside naman. Not air conditioned as well.

Yes to CR and wash area! A plus for this eatery.

I dunno if this place will ever be discovered by many people since it's not a hype place (going to novaliches) but sharing wont hurt. 128539128521

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